10 Habits to keep your Teeth Healthy

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A radiant smile makes you look confident and gorgeous. Your smile actually defines your personality. However, generally we overlook this significant part of our bodies, i.e. our teeth which have a glowing effect on our smiles. In fact, most of the people are so negligent towards their dental hygiene that they do not take it seriously until and unless they actually experience painful cavities and other dental disorders. This small amount of negligence can cost you millions of rupees and hundreds of visits to the dentist. It is better if we take the onus upon ourselves to make our teeth healthy and glowing. Here are a few simple tips to keep your radiant smile intact!


10. Never skip Check ups

We often go to our family doctors for health advice but we forget to knock the doors of our nearest dentist for check-up. Routine dental check-ups are vital for our dental health and should never be skipped. Go to your dentist after every six months to get your dental check-up done. Do not delay it if you really wish to save your teeth at the right time. Also, see your dentist if you notice even a slight cavity or have other dental problems like sensitivity, bleeding gums or dental pain. Do not neglect any dental disorder that you face.


9. Protect your tooth enamel

Teeth are vital organ of your body which ae meant for chewing food. They need to be protected at each and every stage of your life. You cannot do without them. Therefore, it is advised that one should not use their teeth to open bottles and tear packets. Also, some people have the habit of chewing on pencil lead, stone, dust and chalk which is seriously very harmful for your tooth enamel. Avoid eating hot and cold food items together. Also, do not bite on hard food items such as candy or ice, as it could lead to a fracture or cracks in your tooth enamel.


8. Use alcohol free mouthwash

Use of alcoholic mouthwash increases oral cancer risk. Therefore, do not just pick up any mouthwash off the shop’s shelf; instead do your research and look for what the mouthwash contains. Most of the mouthwashes have too much alcohol, it is advised that you pick up a mouthwash which is alcohol free. Alcohol increases oral cancer risk and dries out your mouth tissue, exposing you to bacteria.


7. Have a cup of black tea everyday

Black tea contains certain compounds that kill bacteria which are responsible for causing gum diseases. However, the benefits of black tea bear fruit if it is consumed without sugar. Sugar usually causes build-up of oral plague that leads to bleeding gums and tooth decay. Black tea is best consumed without sugar or with an artificial sweetener that does not cause harm to your oral hygiene. Sugar in any form, even if refined should be avoided as far as possible.


6. Do not be harsh on your teeth

Most of us think that the harder we brush, the cleaner our teeth and gums will be. However, the reality is completely opposite. If you use force to brush your teeth, you will end up damaging your own tooth enamel. Therefore, the gentler you are while brushing your teeth, the better it is. Never brush in a back and forth manner, always use circular motion to brush your teeth. Also, place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle against your gums while brushing. Do not use the same toothbrush for a long time as the bristles might get hardened and you might end up damaging your gums. It is advised that you change your toothbrush after every 3 months.


5. Brush your teeth twice daily.

Most of us just brush once a day making our teeth prone to bacteria at night. One must brush twice daily, once in the morning and once before hitting the bed at night. Trust me, it will not take much of your time. Just two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night, and the job is done! Brushing twice regularly helps your teeth prevent plague. Incorporate this habit in your busy schedule and see it’s after effects.


4. Have citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C which prevents bleeding of gums. Citrus fruits such as amla and oranges must be taken in proportionate quantities. Also, carrots contain Vitamin A which strengthens tooth enamel. Oranges also contain calcium that helps build stronger teeth and bones. Rubbing your teeth with the white portion of orange peel helps in reducing yellowness to a great extent. Try it!


3. Coffee enhances dental health

Chewing roasted coffee beans enhances your dental health by leaps and bounds. It helps you battle severe toothache and also fights bad breath. Bad breath is a common problem which many of us face at some or the other stage of our lives. It should be countered tactfully and should never be ignored. Bad breath sends out an equally bad signal to the people with whom you communicate.


2. Herbs keep teeth white

Chewing on herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mint helps keep teeth white and also fights bad breath. Mint candies and mint gums are also available to fight oral odours.


1. Always eat right

Avoid foods that cause harm to your teeth and make it a habit to brush twice regularly. Avoid chocolates, paan, smoke or tobacco. All such foods stain your teeth. Also cut down on gummy candies that stick to your teeth. Acidic drinks are a big no as they lead to pits and cavities. Mind what you eat and enjoy white, glowing teeth with a radiant smile!







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