10 illuminati Symbols and Everything we know about them

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For some of the readers who have never heard about it, you must be wondering what it is about. Not to worry, I am one among you. Well being frank enough nobody can completely unfold this mystery of ‘illuminati’ since it is a ‘secret society’ or you might call it a ‘secret religion’ which talks of theories which are highly controversial and those who claim to know about it basically develop their own notions and perceptions. And if you are already familiar with this then you must be some avid reader of Dan Brown’s novels, for e.g. ‘Da Vinci Code’ which talks about this whole concept of illuminati and satanic cult in some or the other way. Before we get into details, let us have an overview of what does it actually signify. Illuminati originates from the word ‘illuminate’ which means ‘to enlighten’. It is a secret organization which was formed in 1776 to plan the fate of the world. It is a 12 member panel which includes all elite people, and though it has been existing since long but people started becoming aware of this powerful satanic global cult group in the recent past. However,the confusion still persists. Is it connected to some devil worship? Does it have a basis in reality? Well, I am not the correct person to answer this since opinions about this vary all across the globe and some intensely believe into it whereas some don’t. Now comes the concept of illuminati symbols. These symbols are considered to be highly powerful, and they are hidden in plain sight. It is present all around us in historical monuments, television and media. The real or illusionary threat of secret worldwide conspiracy is hidden in these symbols. Let’s have a look at top ten illuminati symbols and their significance in the modern world.


nazi salute

Was Hitler an illuminati follower? We don’t know exactly, but the Nazi salute is also used in Olympic Games ceremonies and is equally controversial in that aspect. How do we link it to ‘illuminati’? The Nazi salute has originated from the ancient “Roman” salute. Hitler was backed by illuminati bankers to push U.S. into the Second World War so that they could earn benefits from the war. Such companies, for e.g. General Motors, General Electric and Standard Oil are illuminati run and reaped the benefits of the world war by feeding Hitler’s war machines but actually they were all American branches. Hence it became a ‘conspiracy theory’.



The owl represents Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and also the powerful pagan lord of the underworld. How do illuminati societies associate themselves with it? Well, they use this symbol to showcase their power and convey the message that they are the ‘wise rulers of this planet’. Have you ever looked closely on a U.S. 1 dollar note? If not then do notice that on one corner of the bill there is this owl symbol which is an indication of ‘illuminati power’. Bohemian Grove, a compound which hosts the secret gathering of the most powerful people in the world also has a ‘owl’ as its mascot. This secret gathering takes place once in a year for two weeks. Certain important portions of Washington D.C. also have this owl symbol. Interesting, isn’t it? Justin Beiber’s owl tattoo has also spread rumors of him being associated with the secret society.



The illuminati have raised obelisk in major power centers of the world. It is associated with the Egyptian God, Ra. However in certain cultures obelisk is a symbol of patriarchal control. The Washington monument, the Cleopatra needles in New York and London and the Vaticano obelisk are some of the world’s powerful monuments located in prime locations which have this obelisk symbol. Some thinkers have found out that the obelisk looked from top looks like a dot in the circle and is one prominent illuminati symbol.


eternal flame

Flame gives light, light is a symbol of illumination and illumination signifies enlightenment. The eternal flame thus symbolizes destruction of old world order and establishment of the new. The Statue of Liberty holds the eternal flame which according to the illuminati society signifies destruction. But why do we call it ‘the eternal flame’? Well, the flame also takes a form of the belief sometimes, generally in the case of assassination of some leader by the brotherhood of the illuminati society. They use the flame as a symbol to signify the illuminated ones. Few contemporary examples are the death of Princess Diana, President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The Statue of Liberty according to the illuminati society is goddess Semiramis, whore of Babylon and the flame in her hand is like the sun rays signifying enlightenment.


number of the beast

This is an Anti-Christ symbol which signifies the power of the helm who will be taking up once the new world order is created. It is also known as ‘the mark of the beast’ which is corporate by illuminated musicians who symbolize illuminati. Even we use it as a very common hand symbol, but we never realize the ideology behind it. As I said earlier, these symbols are present around, sometimes within us. The only thing is that they have hidden meanings which we generally fail to notice; in fact we don’t even bother to think about them. Whenever you make that gesture of folding your forefinger and thumb, joining them and leaving the remaining three fingers slightly straight, you are actually making three continuous sixes and signifying ‘Illuminati elite’. So now you get the hidden mystery behind little things. Isn’t it getting interesting? An entire new world of the satanic cult and tickling religious imagination.


devil horn

The illuminati society basically includes deists and atheists. Atheist is someone who does not believe in God. Then who is a deist? A deist is a person who believes that God created the world and then abandoned it. The hand sign of devil’s horn symbolizes ‘Satan’ which is a powerful mythological figure in the illuminati society. Many illuminati researchers believe Helen Keller, was an occultist, which means a person who believes in the supernatural power and the possibility that things can be brought under human control. She is believed to assist illuminati by making the sign of devil’s horn or ‘Satan’. What it actually means is ‘I Love You’ and the hand symbol, signifies love for the ‘Satan’. Look at the picture above, George W. Bush was believed to be a member of the illuminati society.


What does Pentagram signify? It signifies illuminati and the practice as well as promotion of black magic. Well pentagram is actually a protection charm against the demons. Its meaning changes when you reverse it. It comes up with its own distinctive meaning as a ‘sign of evil’. In the words of Levi Eliphas, a French occultist, “A reverse pentagon with two points projecting upwards is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces, because it overturns the proper order of things and also demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. It is basically the goat of lust attacking the heaven with its horns”. Look at the picture carefully. The centre of the pentagram shows an animal like figure. That is ‘the goat of lust’.



There are varied interpretations of the fact why ‘pyramid’ is such an important figure of illuminati. The top pointed portion of the pyramid signifies the elite people who are the members of this secret society. The middle portion symbolizes the various layers of the society and bottom base includes the common mass that the elites rule upon. Hence it is a top to down command structure of the illuminati with all its important members at the top. Several famous monuments like Supreme Court of Israel, George Washington Masonic National Memorial Library are the places where you can see this symbol.


skull and bones

At one of the famous educational institutions in the world, The Yale University you can see a painting of skulls with the quote “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all is the same in death”. Skulls and bone signify death and mortality. It makes one reflect on one’s own mortality. Ever looked at those danger signs in high volt machines? How does it look like? A symbol of skulls and bones, signifying death, mortality and danger.



The most widely recognized illuminati symbol is the all seeing Eye. Behind every American dollar note, you see this symbol signifying the eyes of Lucifer who sees everything happening all around the world. Originated in Egypt, it was a symbol of royal power. In the Satanic culture, it signifies the Devil’s Eye watching Satan’s followers. Also known as the ‘Eye of Providence’, is associated with illuminati and has been documented in artwork and several cultures in history. It is actually the ‘human eye’ which holds all power to mould the world. Known as ‘udjat’, it features a human eye in a triangle having all power of vision to view the world.

So did the world of illuminati fascinate you? Now it completely depends on one’s personal generalization on this whole concept, be it good or bad. Illuminati also has certain components known as Weishaupt and Bravarian. Many researchers believe that everything prior to them is nothing but heated controversy with no authentic historical proof. However references to the secret society are found in a wide variety of media, music and movies. They convey messages to us. Even if this entire thing is a mere element of human imagination, then we must realize how vast human imagination can be. Our mind itself takes us to different worlds.


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