10 Important Life Lessons we can learn from our Grandparents

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Grandparents in every family are referred to as those strong roots that are capable of holding together everyone and strengthening the bonds, hence playing a vital role. They are of utmost value to each and every member (not mentioning those inconsiderate families who fail to realise the stature and significance of their elders), but the most cherished relation that we find in every home is that between grandparents and their grand children, who share a bonding that is so unique and unmatched. The significance that they have is irreplaceable and the love that they give is incomparable. Moreover, apart from being a source of unconditional affection, grandparents pass on to us lessons for life, that they have gained from their long life journey. Those are the things that can be given by none, as their advice and lessons are as exclusive as they themselves are. Here we go discussing ten life lessons that we inherit from our grandparents.

10. Skills mastered by themselves, therefore RARE

All of our grandparents have some special skills that they have developed during their age of learning and are unique in a very special way of their own. The way we come across some unusual methods and techniques in quest of a shorter or simpler way to accomplish some tasks, our grandparents too have their own experiences of such situations, thus mastering some special skills and techniques. Well, as they say, experience remains the best teacher ever, is the case applicable with grandparents, who have plenty of it, i.e. experience. These are passed on to us and we can apply the same to get our jobs done easily.

9. Mental Stability

Since the days have changed and today, not just one but both parents are working in majority of the cases, grandparents are the ones who spend more time with children rather than their parents. Thus, they have a closer look on a child’s day to day activity and their mind set. They can perceive the mental level of a child very accurately and can also judge whether their line of thoughts is proceeding in a proper direction or not. Grandparents help children develop mental stability, which provides them the ability to think and react in a proper manner. A growing and developing mind may at times lead in a wrong direction, which is brought back on path by grandparents.

8. Games that we would have never discovered had our grandparents not been there to teach us

Mobiles, tablets, video games and many more products of technological revolution have grabbed today’s kids in their clutches in a way so firm, that it is really a tough job making them think of any other outdoor or recreational game. Here again, grandparents come to rescue! They, in their own peculiar way introduce children to the games that their parents have grown up playing and successfully manage to fascinate them towards the same. They not only teach us playing some wonderful, fun-filled games, but make us realize the importance of outdoor games in a way we understand well.

7. An insight to our own family

In present scenario, where the dominance is that of nuclear families and adding to it, the rush and shortage of time leaves the kids unfamiliar to their own family members and ancestors. It often happens while browsing through old family pictures that the children come across certain faces that they fail to recognize. That is the situation where grandparents familiarize them with their ancestors and other members from the family whom we seldom get a chance to meet. Not just telling who’s who, grandparents also illustrate their introduction to family members with various memorable anecdotes that helps children getting a close look of their family. Children get to know where their parents actually hail from and what exactly their childhood has been like.

6. Values and Ethics; grandparents being the epitome of the same

Having strong values and ethics is the first step towards building of an excellent character and this starting is done by grandparents. They instill their grandchildren with high moral values and ethics not just through lengthy lectures, but through various life events that they have been through. This teaches us the worth of these, thus instigating in us an inclination to apply them in every sphere of our life. Children learn best from example, and who else but our grandparents set the best possible example for us, making us follow their footsteps.

5. The knack to face failures and stand straight again

In a constant strive to achieve the top position in every field and the rising competition, failure is bound to come, at least once. But, the will to not let that over power our determination to succeed is given to us by our grandparents, in most of the cases. They, with their lots and lots of love, work as a strong support system for children and give them that emotional support which helps them get over that failure. They teach us how not to lose hope in any of our ventures at any stage of life, howsoever large the problem may be.

4. Few wonderful recipes that might not be known to your mother as well!

Apart from serious issues, grandparents impart lessons that add flavor and zing to our lives. They at times teach us some kitchen tricks that can leave our mothers astonished, in a positive way obviously! Specially grandmothers, who are aces at kitchen and an encyclopedia in themselves, often share with us some exciting recipes that are less time consuming and  effortless, that we can put to application to avoid starving if stuck in adverse circumstances and also to surprise our mothers, by treating them with some really good food, that too self prepared, adding more taste to it.

3. To love unconditionally

It’s from our grandparents that we learn loving people without any expectations and being honest in every relationship that we build, at any stage of life. Since children spent ample of time with their grandparents while parents are off to work, they get unbounded love and affection from them and hence learn to pass on the same to whoever they come across further.

2.  Being independent

The greatest lesson of life is being self dependent and self sufficient and this has to be infused in children right from their starting years. Since grandparents play a pivotal role in the upbringing of a child, this most important chapter of life is explained best by them. They walk ahead of us showing how to pave way for ourselves, but won’t make way for you. Instead, they’ll teach us how to do it independently.

1. Art of living

And, most important lesson for life, which our grandparents leave for us, is how to live. Small lessons that accumulate to make a big difference in the way we live and spend our life are taught by none other than our grandparents. Little things like sharing, being considerate, listening to others, maintaining patience and a lot more. Grandparents carve out our personality and make us a fine human being, a man of substance. Their advises, their bedtime stories, anecdotes and their sweet scolding fill us with the basic concepts of leading a quality life. Grandparents define for us our lifestyle.


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