10 Important Tips you need to know about Subtle Facial Make-Up

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Makeup is almost every woman’s most favorite thing. Most of the women love to dress up and wear makeup. But these days many of them don’t like to wear heavy makeup as they believe it causes skin damages and causes difficulty to take it off. Above all most of us do not have enough time to spend on makeup in today’s busy life. During this crisis, a subtle make is the best option to go for. The whole idea of subtle makeup is to keep the makeup as minimal as possible yet look classy and simple and natural. Not only it makes us look natural but also saves our time. So here are 10 things that you need to know about subtle facial makeup:-

10. Exfoliate.

Before you begin to apply any makeup on your face it is very important that you first exfoliate the dead skin cells away from your face. The process is very simple: wet a clean washcloth in lukewarm water and squeeze out the extra water from it. Take little bit of the cleanser on the washcloth. Now fold the washcloth and begin rubbing it small circular motions and apply pressure with your hand. Then move down to the cheeks and repeat the same process on your cheeks too. Rub it on the base of the nose where a lot of oil actually accumulates and then move down to your cheeks. After this process rinse your face with cool water as you have applied a cleanser. Finally pat the skin dry gently with a soft towel.


09. Moisturize.

Moisturizers not only add moisture to the face but also protect the skin by forming a veneer that retains the already present water. It soothes the stressed skin and helps in clearing up acne. You can apply different moisturizers available these days in shops. Or you can try some simple homemade methods to moisturize your face like 1. Applying a mixture of body lotion and water and using a soft cloth apply it all over your face 2. A mixture of a cup of butter milk, half an avocado, two table spoon of honey and a dash of olive oil (Preferably for dry skin) 3. A mixture of olive oil, lemon and salt scrubs 4. Honey 5. Olive oil 6. Aloe Vera, etc.

08. Foundation.

First choose a foundation that is apt for your complexion and skin. It’s always better to use a foundation that gives full coverage. And take a dense, flat top brush to apply the foundation. Take some amount of foundation onto the palm of your hand and dip the brush into it to load it up. Start from the center of your nose considering it to be the center of a star. Draw each star point by tracing the brush in a line from the center to your forehead, then back again from the center to your left cheek, then from the center to your jaw, the from the center to your chin etc. Now use the same brush to blend and distribute what you have already applied to include the rest of your skin. Do not apply on the neck rather just take it under the jaw line to avoid any lines of demarcation.

07. Concealer.

Concealer is that one thing that can drastically change your appearance. If it is used correctly concealer can ever brighten a tried face. Many of us are scared to use concealer as we do not know the proper method to apply concealer. So, here are few steps to apply concealer:-

I. Apply some dots of concealer under the eyes close to the lashes, near the corners of the eyes. You can either use your finger or a small-headed brush.

II. Tap in the concealer using the pad of your finger (Always tap do not rub) and blend it well.

III. Apply the concealer on other spot on the face and tap in. Use another coat if you need extra coverage.

IV. Finally dust fine, loose powder over your face to set concealer.

06. Eye Shadow.

Before applying eye shadow the most important that you need to do is apply eye shadow primer. Eye shadow primer is the secret to keep the shadow in its place for long hours and smudge free. For a subtle look choose a light shade or a color that matches your eye lid. Sweep the color across the lid up to your brow bone with a brush with a long, doomed head; sweep it back and forth like a wiper to blur lines. To add a little drama, smoke the outer corner of the lower lash line with a smudge brush (using a different shade of color). Do not move away from the lashes for this step, stay close to the lashes.


05. kohl/kajal.

Kajal or kohl is that one thing that dramatically changes your look and it’s definitely one of the must haves in any woman’s vanity bag. If you don’t want your eyes to look very dramatic or exaggerated then use a thin kajal pencil. Draw a thin line with the pencil on the upper lid and in the lower eyelid draw only half a line. It creates a mind blowing effect.


04. Mascara.

For all those who are worried about thin lashes here’s your solution-mascara. Mascara is a key component in making your eyes stands out. Apply the mascara primer on your eyelashes first as it adheres well and enhances the look then apply the mascara with its applicator. While applying mascara on the upper lashes, place the applicator brush or wand horizontally on the base of your eyelashes and gently comb, glide and pull towards the eyelashes tip. To create balance, apply on the lower lashes too. After applying brush your eyelashes with a small comb in order to get rid of any clumps. Mascara it gives a voluminous effect to your eyelashes and also adds thickness and length.



03. Lip balm.

Lip balm works wonder on your lips. It moisturizes your lips and also protects your lips. Using lip balms containing SPF s are very beneficial for your lips. You can use flavored lip balms as they also give little color to your lips. Applying lip balm before applying lipstick is invariably good for your lips.


02. Lipstick:

For a subtle look choose any neutral color or lighter shade of red or pink or any light shade of your choice (choosing the correct shade for your lips is very important). Start from the center of your top lip to one corner. Repeat this process on the other side of your top lip too and outline the bottom. It is always better to use a lip brush as it gives more precise method of application. Using baby talcum powder on your lips before applying lipstick enhances its longevity.


01. Lip gloss:

For the final touch, apply some lip gloss. It will give a chic look to your lips and also adds volume to your lip color. Do not choose a very shiny lip gloss but rather the shade that will suit your lipstick as it will help even out a sheer lipstick.


With these few tips you are ready to rock any event with this simple yet elegant look.


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