10 Interesting Facts about Justin Bieber

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Even if you don’t admit it, he did take the internet by storm when he posted his first video “Baby” which turned out to be a major hit with the mass of fangirling teenage girls. Love him, hate, the desire to kiss him, the desire to export him to Mars, you simply can’t ignore Justin Bieber.

He’s everywhere: whether it’s in the form of cruel, mocking internet memes calling on him for his feminine voice or he’s on twitter, living the life of a young, rich celebrity where everything he says and does is under close scrutiny.

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of him myself. I’ve heard his songs yes, and even though his initial few songs sported a “girly voice”, I did think it had a little something something to it. I might not approve of his renowned celebrity tantrums or life choices, but then again who’s perfect?

My only request of the haters out there is to stop revolutionizing him. We’re all human, we make mistakes too and it’s becoming a cruel internet trend to jump on the “How sadistically obnoxious and twistedly humorous could your taunts get?” bandwagon.

For all you Beliebers, anti-Beliebers and just indifferent people (like myself) out there, these are several things about the star that may interest you:

#10: He has a protective mother 

Pattie Mallette, stunning mother of Justin Bieber’s said she can’t endure his fans sexually explicit desires being posted to her twitter. With good reason too, that a mother shouldn’t have to hear what several women would like to do to her son.

She keeps pleading with them to stop informing her that her son makes them “horny”. Her tweet read:

”Dear Sweet Beliebers, Please stop telling me my son makes you horny. It’s NOT something a mom wants to hear.

Love Mom #ThingsYouDontTellMom. (sic)”

Pattie is equally zesty and grateful towards his young fans, many of which are teenage girls and continues to be supportive of them.

#9: He identifies as Christian and is fully immersed in his faith of the religion

He believes he has a relationship with Jesus and says he talks to him often. He expresses his gratitude for his talent and work being recognized as all of God’s doing.

He openly appreciates the concept of wholehearted forgiveness in the Christian faith.

#8: He has two step-sisters

He comes from a “broken” family only per se; Pattie Mallette and his father have remained on formal terms in mutual agreement that it would be beneficial to their child.

His father remarried and he now has two step-sisters. Both families are on good terms.

#7: He has several tattoos

He sports an owl tattoo, a tattoo with the word “Believe” sprawled across boldly on his left arm, a crown and Roman numerals on his chest and a bird on his hip.

To boast his religious enthusiasm, he even has tattoos of Jesus on his ribcage and left calf.

#6: Someone that was believed to be his impersonator had a hard time securing his own identity

People failed to imagine that there would exist another Justin Bieber, as in a person with the same name, as the Canadian superstar. Well, they were wrong.

In Jacksonville, Florida, lives Justin Bieber a 35-year old resident that has reported difficulties with being himself ever since the singer/songwriter Justin Bieber rose to fame. He literally has a hard time being himself.

He was banned from a popular social networking website when people were under the impression that he was using a fake name. He was also banned from Ping, iTunes’ new social network for music.

He gets up to 10 letters of fan mail everyday and 10 calls under the mistaken impression he is THE Justin Bieber.

#5: He was sued for child support

A woman named Mariah Yeater attempted to sue Justin Bieber for money over him being the alleged father of her three-month old son.

Her narration of the report was that Bieber lost his virginity to her backstage in one of her concerts.

To wrap it up, Bieber denied these allegations and offered to take a paternity test to prove his innocence, and counter-sue her if the allegations happened to be incorrect.

Needless to say, she dropped the case.

#4: His fans fluctuate depending on his hairdos

Bieber actually GAINED 40,000 followers the day after cutting his hair, according to Twitholic!

His hair has reached a bid of $12,000 on Ebay, with all of the proceeds going to charity. His hair doesn’t come cheap. Pay up, people. 

#3: “Baby” is the most liked and disliked video on facebook

This is where the battle between the Beliebers and anti-Beliebers comes into play while neutral indifferent people like myself grab popcorn to watch what unveils.

It’s currently the most viewed video with over 668 million views.

Currently, anti-Beliebers are in the lead (because hate trumps love) with 2 million dislikes.

#2: He’s not just a pretty face, but a sharp mind too

He can solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes, for those that downplayed Justin Bieber’s intelligence.

#1: Daniel Radcliffe thought Justin Bieber was a girl

While the anti-Beliebers are out there smirking at this, it’s necessary to justify this was because the first time, he only heard him singing and thought he was a woman.

Most of us don’t blame him.



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