10 Inventions that we Regret

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Invention for me is a synonym for innovation. According to oxford dictionary invention is termed as a procedure of crafting something, which is new and naivete.This is the supreme development of mankind. After the technological advancements in the century, it is the man who has to be given the solitary credit of sprouting so many ingenious and resourceful things. With an aid of inventions, we are availing such facilities which were beyond our incredulous belief. Wright Brothers first successful airplanes, Konrad Zuse’s first programmable computer, inculcation of photography by Jacques-Mandé Daguerre,James Watt’s steam engine, Thomas Edison’s creation of electric light bulb, Macmillan’s pedal driven bicycle, Alexander Graham Bell’s means of direct communication all over the world i.e. Telephone and similarly many such inventions that acted as a ramp in the progress and expansion of the human race. However as two sides of the same coin are different, in the same way many inventions turned out be perilous, incongruous and trash and that is why today we regret those inventions.

10. Mobile Phones: –


From an industrialist to a tea hawker, everyone in today’s fast pace life possesses a cell phone. Some for their requirements and some for their recreations. Without a cell phone we can’t imagine our lives. But prior to its invention mankind used to survive even without the usage of a cell phone. Yes. In the recent news a doctor narrated how continuous and stretched usage of a cell phone can make a person deaf gradually because of the harmful emissions from it i.e. slow death. Again another big reason to regret its invention is the MMS scandals that we are encountering everyday (Delhi MMS Scandal). Because of the unjust mobile recordings many women are apprehensive to even report this heinous and soiled crime to the police. Mumbai photojournalist’s molestation case being filmed in the cell phone strengthens my point of regretting it again.

9. Social Networking Sites: –

Facebook, twitter, orkut, myLife,my space,Ask.fm,LinkedIn and many more. All these names are familiar to almost all of us especially youngsters and teenagers. I am not at all criticizing these social networking sites in particular but emphasizing on the actuality that the above mentioned websites instead of yielding larger productivity munch of our prized and precious time. If we calculate roughly then the users at least contribute one hour or more on an average every day for networking and socializing. This not only kills our precious time but also diminishes the working and productivity of brain. That particular time can be utilized to do something constructive and fruitful which can add to our knowledge and make us learned. Often complains are registered under cyber laws for the inappropriate use of somebody else’s name, address, work profile, photographs etc.Cyber crimes are on a peak these days. Fake profiles are being made, obscene photographs and remarks are posted on somebody else’s name. What is the aftermath? It ultimately defames the person, kills the privacy and leads him/her to public humiliation.

8. Motor-Vehicle:-

Car and congestion go together. In today’s growing economy most of the families own a car.Infact; many possess more than one car at the same time. It not only leads to various kinds of pollution (air-pollution, noise pollution) but also reduces our physical activities such as walking, jogging and accelerates our dependence more and more on cars. Another invention of Ratan Tata i.e. Tata Nano car, it is responsible for worsening and deteriorating the situation more .Since the price of this small car is economical and affordable therefore public today is buying this small car and adding to the congestion. Earlier roads used to be spacious and traffic used to nominal because there was a lesser number of cars.However, the case is different now. We can observe bulk of cars which finally results into congestion and unavoidable accidents and deaths.


7. Fast food: –

With the busy life schedule, people opted for the consumption of fast food and junk food.Earlier it was developed for saving time particularly and to please the taste buds. But today they intake it as a part of their meals whether it is breakfast,lunch,dinner etc.The most consumed fast food is burger. One of the supreme disadvantages of fast food is, it leads to obesity. It also contains Trans fat which ultimately results into heart diseases. Other ingredients present in the fast foods might increment blood pressure and other heart related ailments.

6. Television:-

Television also termed as an “Idiot Box” is another dark invention of human kind. You all must have had observed, while eating you always tend to watch television. This leads to gain in weight of an individual. With the incursion of programs in television, children are engrossed in watching television rather than playing outdoor games. Not to forget the violent crime and rape scenes projected on TV which might influence the vulnerable minds of youngsters. Daily soaps, reality shows, music hunt and many more kills our precious time that could have been utilized in reading a good book or playing a good sport.

5. Lipstick:-

Lipstick was invented in ancient Mesopotamian time preferably by women. Earlier women used natural things to develop lipstick. But in today’s world lipstick is manufactured using lead, nickel, copper, chromium, arsenic and cobalt. Hence, when we apply lipstick it might happen that some of the harmful ingredients go through our lips into our stomach. Another shortcoming of lipstick is –it leads to whale hunting. An ingredient (whale blubber) is used in lipstick which ultimately results into reduction of international whale population and making it endangered specie.

4. AK-47:-

AK-47 is the most used weapon amongst the terrorists. The Russian inventor General Mikhail Kalashnikov regrets his invention and says that now most of the criminals, thugs, gangsters, drug addicts use his invention to violate the laws. The rifle was invented for the sole reason of safeguarding its people. However; many unwanted elements are now making its frequent use and leading to unrest in the society.

3. Air Conditioner: –

Environment is getting contaminated. Who is to be blamed? We have become so much customary to comfort that imagining a day without an air conditioner becomes a nightmare for us. Air Conditioner might be user friendly but undoubtedly it is not eco-friendly. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is emitted through AC’s and the consequences are very treacherous. It creates a hole in the ozone layer which leads to UV rays penetration in the environment.UV rays are really harmful for humans and can cause most frightful and dreadful disease i.e. cancer.

2. Chemical Weapons: –

We all are aware of the chemical attacks in Syria which claimed the lives of 1300(approximate).Government of Bashar-Al-Assad is still unanswerable, that why such a dreadful action was taken which ultimately resulted into genocide in Syria. Chemical weapons if used properly can be a means of many constructive activities. However, they are used for the mass destruction in today’s advancing times. We regret the invention of chemical weapons since they are used to perish off human lives whenever the situation of ruling government demands.

1. Nuclear Bomb: –

Dreadful bombings by US in the two cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) of Japan, which claimed lives of many and the repercussions of the same are still in the bloods of newborns even today. It all happened because of the invention of Nuclear Weapon. In today’s scenario most of the developed and developing countries have secured nuclear weapons for their interests. In case of any neighbor havoc or disputes, the same countries might use the hazardous weapons to super impose their power on the other. For eg. Israel, Pakistan and North Korea are continuously scaring their neighboring countries of incurring hazardous nuclear attacks on them.


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