10 Kitchen Essentials you Must Have

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Don’t you get excited when moving into a new home, the first thing you do is rush into the new kitchen and get excited about setting it up? I remember my mum resorting to any measures available to get the kitchen goods she craved. I know the feeling, the new kitchen and all the plans about setting it up. For a lot of women a kitchen is a place to seek refuge and relax with a nice glass of wine .A well-stocked kitchen is not only very useful but attractive as well. Go into a good chef’s kitchen and you’ll find it stocked with an array of pots and pans, spoons and spatulas. Now, there are so many appliances you can have in your kitchen, the list is endless especially with the new electrical gadgets being released every day. They might be tempting but that doesn’t really mean you have to buy all of those. Everyone has their favorites according to their tastes and the time they spend in the kitchen. So basically the question is what are the essentials, the must haves that you just can’t do without? Those essentials that will prevent kitchen catastrophes and make sure you are well supplied for in case of a dinner party or a simple lunch.

10. Cooking Utensils

Cooking Utensils

This includes your basic cooking utensils such as a Whisk, Tongs, Grater, Cutting Board, Rolling Pins, Measuring cups and vegetable peeler. These are the must haves and you can buy them cheap at any local supermarket. You can go for a regular or a silicon whisk to blend your ingredients or to make that fluffy egg omelet. Coming to tongs, get two basic ones, a small and large one to handle anything that is too hot or messy to touch, especially while preparing salads. Get a regular grater for those fine strips of cheese and also a cutting board, wooden most preferably. If you’re an Indian food lover, then the rolling pin will prove an indispensable tool for you, while preparing chapattis and also in baking or rolling dough. Then comes the measuring cups and spoons which are also essential while preparing bread or just about any other kind of food. Get a decent vegetable peeler which will help you save time and you’ll also get those nice ribbons of zucchini, apple and a lot  other vegetables.

9. Well Stocked Pantry

Well Stocked Pantry

Now a well-stocked pantry can help you prevent just about any kitchen disasters. If you’ve run out of food items in the fridge you can always find them in your pantry provided you have it well stocked. You can use a cabinet in your kitchen and make sure it’s clean and dry. Your pantry should have all the basic cooking ingredients such as salt, sugar, flour, cooking oil and your favorite spices. You should also stock your pantry with your daily food staples, the food items that you consume regularly. Make a list of such items and put them in air tight colorful containers. Basic food staples such as rice, cereals, tea, beans lentils, vegetables should be kept in jars to keep them fresh and bug free. Also make sure to clean out your pantry regularly, you don’t want to find your food items infested with cockroaches. Think about it.

8. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Nobody likes a dirty kitchen it’s not only unattractive but highly unhygienic as well. Get rid of all the clutter and you’ll enjoy cooking in a clean and nice kitchen. Have some basic cleaning supplies in store such as disinfectants, towels, paper tissues and cloths. A kitchen towel is an essential and you can use it for everything, from handling hot pans to cleaning up a veggie mess. Paper tissues come in handy when you’re in a hurry. If you buy kitchen towels and cloths, get those super absorbent ones and go for dark color since light colored towels get dirty more quickly. Cooking can be messy so  buy a few aprons if you don’t like to mess your dress. You certainly don’t want any hot curries or soups drizzling on your new cloths .

7. Spoons and Ladles

Spoons and ladles

Well, I don’t need to tell you just how essential these kitchen tools are. You can have an assortment of wooden spoons for just about everything, stainless steel ones for those fancy dinner parties and teaspoons and tables spoons. These are absolutely necessary and you can find these super cheap anywhere. Then come ladles, get a few of these, anyone’s, big ones or smaller ones to scoop your soups and stews. Spatulas are another essential kitchen items. How will you flip your omelet or pancakes or fillets? Spatulas can be plastic or wooden or the silicone ones, especially while baking to remove the last of your cake or brownie mixture. Then there are forks, steel ones or plastic which are necessary if you’re a noodle or spaghetti lover as well as for eating salads or fruits and even cakes.

6. Electric Appliances

Electric Appliances

Don’t go for those expensive fancy appliances; just invest in a few decent reliable ones such as a basic toaster, microwave and an oven with a stove top or just the normal cooking range. I’m sure everyone loves hot crispy bread slathered with hot butter early in the morning so you’ll need a toaster for that, especially if you’re working and are in a hurry. Microwaves can be used to reheat leftovers, cold pizzas and you can also cook a few basic food stuffs if you’re short on time. You can also use microwave to defrost frozen chicken or melt butter or chocolate. Electric appliances make cooking easier and if you’re just a beginner get a few of these appliances.

5. Blender


If you love ice cold perfectly blended smoothies on hot summers then get a blender. You can get one with a powerful motor and again buy a reliable model, one with a strongly built jar made of glass. If you like entertaining guests or friends get a big blender because a small one will mean you’ll end up making everything in batches. Blenders can be used for making smoothies, frappachinos, frozen drinks, pureeing soups, mixing custards, chopping soft ingredients and making margaritas and pina coladas. If you like making soup often you can buy the newer immersion blender which is also very handy.

4. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

A fresh cup of coffee is a great way to start your day, don’t you think? This machine can be found in almost all kitchens and rightly so because they are so convenient. I mean who doesn’t love a freshly brewed cup of coffee early in the morning and I’ve even seen people, stumbling and half asleep in the morning, reaching for a cup. If you’re short on time you can always get a cup quickly. I’m sure a lot of us might get confused over a good coffee maker, seeing the number of models available in the market so get a trusty brand .Also make sure you clean it regularly like wiping off any coffee that might have dripped or spilled. Its care and maintenance should not be overlooked.

3. Good set of Knives

Good set of knives

I simply can’t stress this enough; having a good set of clean sharp knives is very important and essential for any kitchen from dicing apples to cutting up bread. The most important thing is how the knife sits and feels in your hand, it should be comfortable, the handle and weight is just as important as a sharp blade. You don’t want to end up getting hurt. I don’t mean you need to get a whole assortment of knives, just basic ones like the very cheap bread knife, a chef’s knife and a sharp sturdy knife for cutting up all your veggies and fruits. Make sure you have your knives sharpened regularly; I’ve seen knives that come with a sharpener because of course a blunt one won’t do you any good.

2. Bake ware

Bake ware

If you’re well settled in your kitchen and feel like you need to do more cooking then perhaps you should invest in a good set of bake ware. Believe me, baking is a great experience. You can bake desserts, straight from the oven hot breads, cakes and cookies. The most important things to buy would be a good set of mixing bowls, stainless steel or glass ones because plastic ones are not that sturdy. You’ll need them for just about everything from mixing flour, beating or blending cake batter and brownie mix. Make sure to get ones that can go into a microwave. You can also get two sets of cookie sheets, aluminum ones and if you love making cupcakes, you can get cupcake tins very cheap. Parchment papers are very handy for lining baking pans and cookie sheets for those perfect and delicious cookies.

1. Cookware


We all inherit a lot of cookware as wedding gifts, mom’s hand me downs but if you’re buying your own set of cookware, buy good quality ones, they’ll last you a life time. You’ll need two sauce pans , with lids for cooking vegetables and making sauces, a small and big one, then two nonstick frying pans, for cooking your eggs, again a small and big one and A cast iron skillet for everything else. I mother used to swear by her skillet for frying chicken and roasting meat. Then there is the stock pot with a round handle which I’m sure you’ll need on a regular basis for boiling, making soups and stews or pasta. If you like cooking for multiple people or friends, then buy a large sauté pan for sautéing potatoes or onions or bacon for company.



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