10 Life Occasions When you are Bound to Cry

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Crying displays a person’s emotional side. People cry when they are either really happy or hurt. It is also a medium to relieve ourselves from a prolonged stress or over pressure due to certain odd situations. People generally relate the act of crying with being sad but also at the time of utter ecstasy, tears automatically pour down from one’s eyes. This implies that whatever emotionally touches a person’s heart, voluntarily or sometimes involuntarily comes out through eyes in the form of tears. Sometimes people cannot express what they feel through words, here again tears become a medium to convey one’s feelings and emotions. It is generally said that people feel relaxed after crying. Crying is usually related to showing weakness of a person which is a myth. Rather it is an outpouring of what a person feels but cannot speak.
10. Heart touching scenes of stage shows or cinema

Stage plays and cinema have always succeeded to make, the lovers of art, cry. The performers sometimes play their part so well that the audience and spectators start to feel the same what they are experiencing. They relate with the actors to such an extent that they get emotionally bound up with the situation that actor is going through. Tragedies especially gain people’s emotional attention. As we see the last scene of Shakespearean tragedy ‘Othello’ which is so painful and heart touching that it involuntarily brings out tears out of spectator’s eyes. Also the emotional scenes of movies like ‘Titanic’ in which the death of Jack compelled people to cry out.
9. Financial Loss

In today’s modern world, money seeks one of the most important places in a person’s life. It is only money which buys almost all the luxuries of life, for which a person works throughout his life. And when this money happens to be lost anyhow, the person is left with so much pressure and distress. His desires, dreams and future plans seem to be shattered and crying becomes the last option. Money is important for everyone whether the person is rich or poor and the loss of money equally affects them, irrespective of their status. People who face bankruptcy or who lose their shares in business find themselves ruined whereas for poor, even a small loss of some thousands make tremendous difference to their lives. This situation is also so pathetic for them that they can’t help crying.
8. Parting from your loved ones

Parting from the people whom you are attached to leaves you with heavy heart which could be released only after crying. There is not a single person who wants to be away from the one he/she loves. Isolation leads to loneliness. Physical distance between people is a reason to their frustration and emotional trauma. Occasions when people move away from each other like when a child leaves his/her house and heads towards hostel or boarding, when a daughter leaves her parents’ house after marriage, when a friend is going abroad for job or studies people feel an insecurity and at the same time a fear of loneliness which shows up with the outcome of tears. Also the person who leaves his/her place full of sweet memories, people with whom he/she is attached gives him/her no option other than crying. People may show themselves strong but occasions like this anyhow reveal their weakness through tears.
7. Witnessing others’ pain

A person gets emotionally touched not only when he/she experiences his/her own pain but also sometimes pains of others drain him/her from the inside out. People tend to feel plight of others which leaves them with tears. Sometimes only a view is enough to bring your tears out. Whenever you observe poor people dragging their lives, living in slums, struggling day and night to earn two meals a day, a different kind of pain is felt in heart and you cannot help crying out. Also after sensing the loneliness of aged people who despite having their family are thrown into old age homes and the orphans who do not have anyone in the whole world to call their own, tears cannot be resisted. These tears come seeing the pain of others and also to ask God’s blessings for those unfortunates.
6. Going through a terrible accident

Not only emotional pain does result in crying but also physical pain evokes the outcome of tears. We come across a number of accidents at home or streets where the victim is hurt badly. The injuries and wounds on the body fail to stop running eyes. The pain of broken limbs, jaws and head or other internal injuries leave a person with nothing else than crying. Sometimes accidents result in making a person physically disabled for whole life which becomes a reason to cry out for future and family.
5. Tears of joy

When some event, moment or someone’s speech touches your heart whether it be hurting or so much pleasing that tears come out of your eyes. Examples of the later situation could be seen in our daily lives. If a person is trying to achieve something be it a post, job or an award or after a long period of consistent struggle he/she gets it, tears accompany with the outburst of happiness. As we have seen in reality shows that when a person is declared a winner he/she starts crying out of ecstasy. Not only this, but, also getting an entirely unexpected surprise becomes a reason of crying. For instance, a mother starts crying after seeing her son after a long gap of time, who has come to meet her from a distant land without letting her know.
4. Breaking of trust

It is generally said that relations are made on trust. Trust once broken is very hard to reconstruct. When a person whom you trust a lot ends up in breaking it, you feel heartbroken and the only option you are left with, is crying your heart out to release the aggression and pain. Sometimes even telling a single lie is sufficient to break one’s trust. In all the relations, be it, mother-child, husband-wife, girlfriend-boyfriend and other corporate relations, trust on each other is an important element. Unless you trust a person you would not believe on him/her. And hence, when this trust breaks, a person only cries on the broken pieces of relation.


3. Giving birth to a child

When a woman is pregnant she goes through a difficult phase many a times and ultimately, during the birth of child, the pain becomes unbearable which automatically comes through tears. A mother cannot help crying during the process when she gives birth to her baby. But these tears are an amalgam of pain and happiness, as it becomes a matter of physical pain and emotional or mental happiness with the coming of a new member in the family.
2. End of a relationship

Relationships made on emotional basis connect two persons spiritually as well. Especially when it comes to a boyfriend-girlfriend or a husband-wife relation and when it breaks up because of uneven circumstances or misunderstandings people feel heartbroken. This results in an emotional imbalance which ultimately results in crying. They think about their past, memories they shared and the present situation which breaks them within inside and people end up in crying. With this they snatch out their apprehension and aggression so as to feel light. It is believed that people have to cry out their tears, to make room for a heart full of happiness.
1.Demise of a dear one

Though death is the ultimate truth of life, yet to accept this fact when it comes to someone you love is very difficult. To understand that the person who was so close to you has left the world is indigestible. The news of the decease of a dear one comes out as a shock which breaks with tears. The very thought of the person’s eternal absence breaks down his/her kin’s to shed tears. This is an extreme situation when a person can no longer hold his/her emotions and strength and ends up in crying.


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