10 Magical Artefacts we Wish were Real

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As a child, we were always fascinated by magic and its perks. Nevertheless we dreamt of magic islands full of candies and chocolates where there would be no one to stop us from gorging on for our sweet tooth. But alas they were all fantasies which never came true but we never stopped dreaming. Did we?

As being an adult, now we don’t fancy chocolates and fairies but we do yearn for some magical artifacts to be real so we could get hands on it. The list goes endless but there are some which everyone would swear for.

10.Electromagnetic shrink ray:

Imagine us being small enough to sneak through the door slit and move out and grew normal and have fun with friends. Isn’t it super exciting? There is lots of time when we thought to be smaller than we actually are and could go out without letting anyone noticing us. This electromagnetic shrink ray from Honey I shrunk the kids is a perfect solution to all celebrities out there sneaking from the paparazzi to let them alone. Being a star is so tiresome and this could bring relief.

9.Fountain of youth:

Who does not wants to have life till eternity? There would be some disagreeing with me as to who will crave for an old, wretched life full of wrinkles. Well there it is, the fountain of youth which can pave off any wrinkles showing up. This magical stuff is portrayed in many movies but I wondered about it after watching Captain Jack Sparrow in a quest to find it in The Pirates of Caribbean-The Stranger Tides.

8.Talking animals and things:

We really do hats off for the Disney Team to make our childhood memorable. It gifted life to the lifeless things. May be it the dancing broom or the talking animals, all were there to enthrall us with their silly acts. Won’t we love to possess the dancing broom sweeping clean all the room of its own? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know about the thoughts of your pet and sharing him your worries?

7.Time turner:

When it comes to managing time, we are all a mess. To leave us in perils, time flows according to its wish. But there is the time turner in Harry Potter Series which is capable of transporting us to the past and present. We can all travel back in time and mend our mistakes; we could complete assignments and get spared from the scolding. Then there are umpteen things to sort out from the past, which has left us in deep regret ad guilt.

6.Ring of Gyges:

Lord of Rings has its share of talk when it presented us with the invisibility ring which was cursed. But past unveils another ring- The Ring of Gyges which is not corrupted and grants the wearer the boon of being invisible as he wishes. Imagine we being invisible could bunk classes, go for secret outings and what not! We could sit on any plane and travel anywhere without getting noticed. Lovely it would be. Just wear it and get invisible.

5.The magical wand:

Just a mere swing of the wand and few chanting! Poof! Magic happens. This wand has left every one yearning to possess it. It endows the keeper with magical journey with no creases on his forehead any more. Let it be the latest bike you wished for or the jewelry you fancied for a long. It no longer is out of reach. All smiles!

4.Skatert Samobranka:

Imagine you are starving and there is no food to stop you from going grumpy towards your bedroom. But wait! There is this magical table cloth which on being unfurled presents you with the exquisite delicacies to tickle your taste buds. And no more washing dishes at peak of the night. Just fold it and all will vanish just as they never existed.

3.Faerie rings:

Gone are the days when couples could read each other’s mind and love was at the epitome thanks to the two bodies, one soul concept. Heck that! There are rarely such things like speaking minds but these rings can help evoke perfect telepathy or communication with minds. The bearer of the rings in The City of Lost Souls could communicate with each other with its help. If it were real could make life much easier to live in.

2.Magic carpet:

The cool breeze blowing through the manes, path free from all boulders unlike the city roads decimated by the unruly traffic snarls and a silvery smooth comfort at your service! Won’t you love to have this experience? The magic carpet is what I am talking about. It showed up in the stories of One Thousand and One Nights and swayed off our feet to the high skies. With this carpet we would have reached every possible destination free of cost and in no time leaving us enthralled.

1.Wish granting Genie in a lamp:

We all wish for one thing or the other to God and speak in a lowly tone as to appease him that there exists no other greatest devotee than him. And then we promise to have no more wishes. But to speak the truth, human desires are endless. If God cannot hear them every time, why not have a part time Genie like those of Aladdin’s and let him become our savior. Just a little sliding your finger and the Great Genie is there to obey every word of yours. But beware its limited to only three wishes! But that’s enough to excite us, isn’t it?



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