10 Mango Varieties & Types

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Mango, the king of all fruits is crowned as the best fruit of all times. Mango is even the national fruit of Pakistan, India and Philippines and in fact India is the largest producer of mango . Also, the mango tree on which mango is grown is the national tree of Bangladesh. Because of its seasonal nature it is grown from March to October but still it does not lose its position and is thus the most awaited fruit . It is generally sweet in taste and is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. It can be used to make pickles, milk shakes, desserts, ice creams, smoothies, pies, juices and a lot more different edible items. Not only this, the leaves and the fruit of mango is even used ritually for decorations at public celebrations, ceremonies and even weddings in different culture. All the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, sugar, dietary fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium and many other important minerals are found in mango which provides it anti-oxidant properties which in turn helps to protect us from various diseases. But as it is said that anything consumed in excess proves to be harmful, the same goes with mango. There are around thousand varieties of mango are available all over the world which includes Ataulfo, Haden, Keitt, Kent, Edward, Palmer, Manila, Kesar and many more mouth watering delicacies. This article consists of the top ten varieties among the all the thousand ones which are the best in flavor and richness.



Harvest Time – June and September

Keitt is considered as one of the most superior mango because of its taste and its other beneficial properties. It first originated in the southern parts of Florida and is grown mostly in Miami. Because of its disease resistant quality it can shipped all around the world. It is cultivated from end of July to mid or end of October. Usually it is green in color and has red blushes over it. When it comes to texture it contains minimal fiber but as per the taste it is by far the most superior quality mango. Many other added advantages like long cultivation season, high yield, ripening time and productivity  make this variety of mango one of the most popular among all other types.



Harvest Time – Mid June to July

Kesar is primarily grown in India and mostly in the state of Gujarat. It is usually small in size and has a round shape. It is the second most exported item because of its terrific sweetness. Though when it comes to appearance, it is dull and has patches of yellow color on it but when it is about the inside texture then it is really smooth and also have a nice fragrance with intense yellow flesh. The soft patches and compressed areas make this variety of mangoes really popular and favorite of most of the people around the world.


madame francique

Harvest Time – September and October

Madame Francique is also one of the top varieties of mangoes which is cultivated in Haiti and is famous by the name of Dessert Mango because of its traditional use in desserts. June and July is the ripening season of Madame Francique. This variety comes in varying colors which may be either light green or orange or slightly yellow. The rich, sweet and spicy taste of this mango makes it all the more best selling. The tree on which this mango is grown is one of the most popular trees of Haiti and that is why this mango variety is considered the best Caribbean variety of mangoes.



Harvest Time – June and July

Sindhri which is also the national fruit of Pakistan is grown in Sindh, Pakistan. This mango is sharply elongated in shape and has a pointed curve. Because of its extreme sweetness and flavor it is also known as Honey Mango. The flesh of this mango is really soft and melts very quickly and due to this reason it cannot be stored for long and have to be eaten within 2 – 3 days whenever purchased. When it comes to appearance, it is uniform in color and does not possess any spots.



Harvest Time – Late May to early October

Glenn, because of its sweet, tangy, rich, silky and peachy flavor is able to hold its position among the top varieties of mangoes of the world. It is mainly grown in Florida and is a little red or pink in color. Features like its disease tolerance ability, sweet and exotic aroma and most importantly its taste makes it favorite of a large amount of population. It is available from late May to June.


nam doc mai

Harvest Time – Late May to early October

Nam Dok Mai which s referred to as the Golden Mango because of its golden yellow color. It has a fibreless texture and sweet, juicy and aromatic flavor. It is mostly grown in Thailand in the month of June and July and is in fact the most eaten mango there. Because of the exceptional eating quality and its visual aspect it is able to secure its position in the top varieties of mangoes and is also one among the best known mangoes which are grown in deserts.



Harvest Time – July to September

Chaunsa which is grown in Multan districts of Punjab in Pakistan is the fourth most popular breed of mango as it has a unique fragrance and extremely delicious taste. The flesh of this mango contains minimal amount of fiber and is exceptionally soft. This variety can be grown from early June to early September. It is pale yellow in color and is usually considered as a delight for all mango lovers.


badami mango

Harvest Time – May to July

Badami mango is grown in southern parts of India in the months of May, June and July and is exported all around the world. It is eaten both raw and is also consumed in the form of mango shakes. Because of its quality to fight diseases more effectively it is able to retain its freshness for longer time periods and is thus easily stored and exported. It has a soft flesh and it is often said that it when eaten cold then it is extraordinarily delicious. Also, its pale yellow color makes it all the more elegant and beautiful in looking.



Harvest Time – July and August

Valencia Pride is an excellent variety of mango found in South Florida. The tree on which this mango is grown delivered the first mango in the year 1941. This variety is usually large in size and is pinkish and reddish in color with shades of yellow in it. This fibreless variety of mango appears like S shape mango. The inside flesh of this mango is melting, mild, sweet, juicy and firm and also has a strong pleasant odour. The planting technique which is applied for this variety is mainly dooryard planting as its production is consistent in nature and also since it has a good eating quality.



Harvest Time – May to July

Alphonso is the most exquisite variety of mango and is the best when it comes to flavor, appearance and richness. Though it has a very limited season from the end of March to May but it is still exported in bulk quantities. It is the most expensive variety of mango which is grown in the western parts of India mainly in the parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat because of the favorable climatic conditions availing in those regions. Alphonso variety is so unique in itself that even by planting the seed of Alphonso, the tree that will be grown will not bear Alphonso variety but will be fruited by a different variety of mango. A completely different technique is acquired to grow Alphonso which makes it all the more costly and rare and thus the best of all types of mangoes.


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