10 Most Important things you Learn in Business School

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A typical aam aadmi dreams his life as School→College→Grad School→B-School→Job→Death. If you ask today’s youth what they wish to pursue after graduation, unanimously everyone reverberates MBA. It is more like an obsession and a necessity rather than an interest that one opts for a business school. Still, i guess the art of managing and juggling life can be learnt pretty efficiently in a business school. The knack of convincing, the art of communication and the allure of your presentation can be surely practiced in B-schools. Definitely a smart personality with soft skills is an attractive feature to sweep anyone off your feet. Presenting a list of the Top 10 most important things you will learn in business schools.

10. Time management


Time is money as they say. If you do not believe fully in this, you will at least agree to the fact that efficient time planning will give you money. Time management is at the crux of any successful project. Be it a thesis or a presentation or a report to be submitted, you will need to plan your schedule effectively. Prepare a Gantt Chart to make sure you have sorted out your plan. Sorting things and planning an effective schedule is what learns in a competitive B-School environment. Managing time at death hour is one of the most important lessons one can get in a B-School.

9. Interaction with peers and higher authority


In any corporate office, you will come across the peers in your own hierarchy and your seniors in the upper hierarchy. Conventionally there is a kind of undocumented dogma related to the communication that takes place. There is a very thin line between the communication patterns over here. You can interact casually within your hierarchy but things are often formal between you are your seniors. There must be proper balance struck. Often the  grapevine communication must prevail within your own peers. Your seniors may not like the idea. Establishing a perfect balance between your peers and the members in the upper rung is what a B-School can probably teach you in a very proper way.

8. The way you present yourself


First impression is the last impression. Yes! This kind of holds true. The way you carry yourself matters a lot if you wish to cast a very positive and an impressionable vibe. It is not merely about designer clothing and overpriced suits but about how you look the best in. Judge yourself, have dress rehersals if you are a little low in confidence. See yourself and analyse as to how you will  look your best. Formal clothing is a dress code for the ages in the corporate world. In a b-school, you will surely enlighten the fashion freak in you. This is THE place where you will learn how to carry yourself in the best way. Observe, learn, dress up!

7. Concise presentation sills


Business is all about presentations, presentations and presentations. Many a times, you will be required to give presentations to your professor panel. The art of a good presentation is that it has to be to the point, concise, precise and care must be taken that it is not stretched beyond a limit. Digressing from the original topic is what must be avoided as far as possible. One should be clear in his speech. A slurred/ stammering speech is indicative of the fact that one is not prepared and is confused with respect to his content. A B-School trains you how to be professional in terms of communication and showmanship. An interactive session is what results in the best outcomes. Improving soft skills can be best done in a business school.

6. Keeping cool in gambling situations


The factor that distinguishes you from your peers is how you handle difficult situations under stress. Keeping calm under stressful times is what very few people can do. If you are a leader, you also need to ensure your subordinates are not freaked out. In a B-School you will obviously come across many intimidating incidents which will test your endurance. If you have a team, as a team everyone must not bother about consequences at that moment but must focus on getting the humongous task at hand done. A sign of a good leader is not freaking out under tough times and still in such crisis carrying his company ahead. A B-School will  prepare you to face such situations by throwing you in a vortex of stress building tasks.

5. Developing an analytical mindset


A good businessman, manager, leader have one thing is common which is an analytical mindset. An analytical mindset helps you figure out multiple possibilities and work on different angles to a problem. Learning in a business school is all about expanding your analytical horizons. The numerous tasks you need to undertake always require a certain propensity towards analysis. It is a niche of a leader/businessman to analytically  view any task at hand and put forth multiple cases with regards to the problem. A business school will sharpen your analytical prowess to a very professional level as in a business oriented environment, you will always be needed to think in that fashion.

4. Quick responsiveness


There is more than just solving a problem. The real challenge is how quickly and effectively the errors are diagnosed and rectified. The main idiosyncrasy of a management person is quick responsiveness. Your mind is trained in such a way that you act fast towards a problem redressal. B schools assignments and tasks need to you to provide fast inputs and respond to the erroneous details.

3. Juggling professional life with personal life


As a professional manager OR if you hold a top-notch managerial position like a CEO or a COO, you may find very less time for your personal work and your family/friends. The perfect equilibrium is struck when you balance out your professional work and your personal agendas. In today’s fast moving highly materialistic world, it rather becomes a big task to manage home and work. If you are guided with regards to the art of balancing, you are bound to cause less problems for yourself. A B-School prepares you to handle your life in a better way. It is like a final rehersal to your tiring future life. If striking a proper balance is grasped and learnt at this stage, it becomes rather easy to tackle life ahead. We are taught this right from school, but in this phase, it can be learnt best. Fortunately, a professional life will practically make you sound.

2. Communication Skills


Communication is an art which is one of the key principles focused on at any business school. If we take a survey, majority will agree communication skills is the most integral part on the business world. It is almost impossible to teach how to communicate albeit there are courses and workshop to overall groom you to handle the corporate world. The way you speak talks a lot about you. Body language is a key component as far as communicating is concerned. Maintaining proper eye contact is also one of the key components of communication. The business world, especially marketing and sales components rely heavily on communication. For sales people, their communication techniques are their bread and butter. Convincing a client to consider your product/software is the hallmark of an adroit negotiator. Everything ultimately boils down to how you talk. A business school is the ultimate place to practice and master the communication techniques. You are required to address a panel during interviews or give a presentation about your work, you stand out courtesy your soft skills. Business schools mould you in such a fashion.

1. Setting priorities


Business is all about setting priorities and organizing your work load. Just like communication skills is an art. Well, this art is based on judgement. Of all the activities, there many a times is a gradation of severity. Some tasks require more attention and time devotion. Some require less. Of all the things you learn in a business school, perhaps this is the most important. Because unless you master the knack of setting priorities, it is not possible to implement the other assets. A business school kind of makes you set your goals so that your task is achieved in the most efficacious way.


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