10 Must Have Gadgets for Students

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We live in a world that has achieved impeccable levels of progress in science and technology. Compared to the world a century ago, today’s global community has evolved considerably in providing us many comforts to go on with our daily lives. We have electronic gadgets that have provided us with benefits like data transfer and social communications with friends and relatives worlds apart. Under times of stress we can listen to good music popping out of our ear phones. Come leisure, we have a plethora of apps downloadable from the internet, plenty of e-books packed up on e-shelves, etc. One can have go walking enjoying the serene weather listening to favorite songs from the walk-man.  With internet access being available to more and more people in the present times through LAN and WiFi, people can share anything from messages to movies, from voice calls to face-to-face chats and what not. Students especially benefit from these gadgets as education today is taking a new turn with the advent of technology. Smart classes, online video lectures, sharing of study material all stand testimony to the wide range of advantages offered to the student community by gadgets that further aid the education process and keep them ahead of the times. Below are the 10 must have gadgets for students for study and leisure.

10. Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

For the geeks around there who would love to jolt down equation upon equations and get all those questions right, here is what awaits them in a world of their own, the scientific calculator. Powered by about 47 functions, the scientific calculator can solve almost all of the college level problems and is widely used by the student community to get their answers right. It reduces the occurrence of human errors from creeping into their solutions and is at the same time, easy to handle and affordable enough. It caters to almost any practical problem, no wonder it is the right hand of any student during exams.

9. Headphones

Busy traffic on the way back home from school/college? Feeling bored and out of place as you get lost in the city of boredom? Here’s the trick. Get yourself your headphones and listen to the beats playing in rhythm to your mood. Headphones offer comfortable positioning of the microphones that provide a smooth playing of music without hurting your ears. It also cancels out the external noise that causes distraction and subsequently inconvenience. All you need to have is a music loaded device and you will not know time flying by.

8. Ipod


One of the best gadgets to listen to music from, this compact device should be on your favourite list. Some of them even have games on them and that should act as a stress buster as well. With voice recording also installed, the Ipod has underwent many a upgrade featuring.  For people who find themselves comfortable when listening to music while work, an Ipod is the ideal device to watch out for.

7. Kindle


Truly one of the best gadgets for the voracious readers to be lost in the world of books, Kindle is a world renowned product of Amazon.com that masters in the layout and manufacture of e-book reader. Not only could one dip into the digital media offered by the company one could also download and shop for various interesting magazines and blogs. The Kindle has underwent constant upgradation in response to its reach among the masses. With WiFi enabled and impressive note making and highlighting features, the Kindle makes for a good gadget in times of travel as it would be difficult to handle so many books all in your back pack!

6. Ipad


The Ipad is undeniably a cool gadget to be hanging around with.  The Ipad is seen as the best book reader, which is a huge potential market for the device. Although, listening to music and watching movies on Ipad was limited in its earlier versions, with new updated versions being released, such activities are gaining a surge of momentum among the masses.  It has the unique ability to maximise the gaming experience of pastime gamers. It also allows for sharing of media among friends and could be a great source of study for group study. Its compact size also allows you to carry it around in your back pack.

5. Digital Camera

Digital Camera

You are on a school trip to beautiful gardens and places of tourism. You are on a field trip and wish to capture the memories for a lifetime to remember. A digital camera with its good picture quality and composition is what you should be looking for. A digital camera boasts of its performance, optical zoom, battery life and storage and is often perceived as the best companion when you are on travel.  To get the most of the once in a lifetime moments, a digital camera is the apt gadget you should be camping with.

4. Printer


Probably, the most important gadget that one is reminded of in his/her school career is a printer. Be it an assignment or a project, the best way to get the right figures pasted on the report sheets is the printer. A good quality affordable printer is an asset to a student’s arena of educational emphasis. It also gives the student the exposure to search for information independently and decide which one fits right thus inculcating in him/her a sense of responsibility and decision making. Also good quality pictures help them to understand things at a deeper level.

3. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

The USB flash drive is one of those inventions that has revolutionized the modern age of technology. Before the flash drive came into existence storage was primarily done in Floppy disks and CDs that were difficult to handle owing to their bulkiness and delicate model. Also they were not portable as they could easily get damaged.  A lot of space was required to fit the electronic components required to run such disks.  The flash drive also promises a great deal of storage particularly important for students to save all their valuable information intact.  With their increased popularity, they are available in a great deal of storage in the markets. Its small, compact and portable design combined with reliability and storage clearly marks it as one of the most important gadget to look for.

2. Laptop


Gone are those days when education could be served to the community in a hall by a teacher holding a chalk in front of the blackboard, gone are those times when radio and television were the only source of listening to songs or watching one’s favourite serials/movies. A mini version of yesterday’s PC, a laptop is a versatile gadget that attracts people from all walks of life, thanks to a host of features it has in store of each one of us.  With internet access, both LAN and wireless, the laptop has evolved to be the ultimate gadget for online learning and data transfer  thus catering to all the needs of a student. Gamers also find laptops a convenient platform to put their fingers at the ready. With different kinds of softwares installed, students have an exposure to various creative fields. Its portability is a major advantage.

1. Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Evidently and unarguably the most important gadget in the world today, every student must have a personal mobile phone that caters to all their contacts and access to important people. It is a common delight to be found in everybody’s pockets. Nowadays, smartphones are a trend owing to their touch screens and numerous other features that are catchy enough. Mobile phones are also an important security measure while venturing out late nights or while on a trip or faraway place. It is an important tool to keep informed of one’s location.  Features like the SMS also help in exchanging valuable information briefly and concisely. Bluetooth helps friends share games and documents.  And all this comes at an affordable cost with great offers from the various service providers. A mobile phone therefore, is definitely the one thing a student must possess.


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