10 Newly Discovered Animal Species 2013

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Our Earth is combination of numerous living species. This is strange but the true fact is that the natural world that has already been fully explored is nothing but just a magical illusion. They are so many changes around us , we see new things and we do miss the existing things sometimes. This is all because of science, in fact science is constantly discovering new breeds of animals in the environment. Take it rain forest , ice lands, oceans or deserts, there are always new living creatures that are discovered from the scientists every now and then. We should never forget that this world is a home for so many other living creatures.

Agree or not there is always a kind of fascination and anxiety towards the unknown creatures. These creatures are discovered with a lot of research and effort by so many great scientists and zoologists. It is also because of the tremendous advances in the technology as most of our planet has been quite thoroughly examined every second through many satellites and high technical instruments. However there are some more mysteries to be revealed and some more places to be discovered, which are home to some new creatures that science is yet to encounter.

Zoologists say, The count of 2 million unique species have been documented so far and it is also estimated that there are ten more million species which are yet to be found. In recent discoveries some creatures are minute and some are gigantic.  Now let us check out the top 10 animal breeds that are discovered recently.

10) Pinocchio Frog:

Pinocchio frog

This is a new kind of frog found in the remote Fuja Mountains of Indonesia. Pinocchio frog is a strange little creature which was discovered suddenly and accidentally. The abnormal presence of nose on the front of its face  is the most strange and distinct feature of this frog. The strange nose-like thing is only restricted to the males and interestingly it becomes erect and straight when they make some calls, gestures or when they are back to their usual normal position. The purpose of this frog along with its unique feature of playing with nose is not known. The zoologists are digging their brains to know about this tiny little harmless breed with some  different features and abilities compared to a normal frog.

9) Goliath Bird Eating Spider:

Goliath bird eating Spider

You read it correct the name is clear. It is the bird eating Spider (it eats bird) not vice verse . The birthplace of this frog is Guyana. It is spider which eats vertebrates  reptiles, birds, snakes. Snake isn’t surprising? It maximum height grows  till 6 ounces . It is a relief for us that we are too large to be a source of food for this spider to eat. This is one among the species of tarantula.  Though these creatures are snake eaters they have weak venom , unlike snakes so  if in case it bites us there is not much danger to us as its swelling is small and we will end up with a little pain for a few hours. But the tiny, sharp and sparky tiny hair of this spider is the biggest threat for humans the sad part is that  they are invisible, they smoothly float  through the air and we never know it might affect our eyes and even skin.

8) Obama fish:

Obama fish

“Osama fish”, take your pardon its Obama fish and let us make you clear its not the presidents fish, but a marine citizen of North America. The name it got was topical it was the time for Obama is US and that is how this fish shared its name with the white house owner. These are basically called as darters  and they are well known for their ability to adapt themselves into or under the rocks, can rapidly move in water wave and they can easily mold themselves with marine conditions.

7) Rinjani Scops owl:

Rinjani scops owl

When researchers went on for something to discover and found this new one .They went on the normal outing and found this fearsome eyed bird accidentally in the forest of Indonesia. It is a new owl breed which exclusively restricted to this place only and not found elsewhere in the world. For the first time it was identified in the year 2003, but due to some limitations and unclear data the discovery of this owl was not official. After 10 long years of verification they finally published its discovery. The number count of this breed is pretty good. .

6) Red-bearded Titi:

Read bearded titi


Isn’t this creature scary? Yes it is . This is a breed which comes under monkey species . The features are scary, especially the eyes are wide open all the time. It was discovered 2 years back. Unfortunately these species have come under critically endangered species with a very less surviving population in hundreds. It shares  a lot of characteristics  with humans.It has a lot of observation capacity.  They mate for their life just like humans. The male titi takes care of its younger ones and they prefer to stay in dark forests only. The food habits of this titi is not known, It might be a carnivorous but zoologists have not concluded on its food habits. It is very difficult to find out because they are almost endangered.

5) Donkey-Spiti:

Donkey spiti

It is time for an Indian breed. This breed claims Himalayas as its origin. Generally donkeys are known for its patience and also known as transport animal. Hence this breed is also not an exception from it as it is used as a medium of transportation. Especially to the high altitudes as it has the power to withstand the low oxygen level. They have a lot of appetite and can withstand for long time without consuming its food  The money is made in such a way that it bears and withstands sudden climatic conditions. It is a harmless animal and mostly used by the local people  for their livelihood in the form of transportation.

4) Walter’s Duiker:


Having height of 40 cm ( 16 inches) and weighing around 4 to 6 kilograms , these are the body figures of this creature duiker. The breed is from West Africa and it is rarely found but not endangered. It has a very small stature. Its legs are longer than its other parts. The body of this creature has distortion measurements which in turn can be taken as  its unique features. This is an herbivorous animal which survives on plants, fruits, grass , grains etc. It is undoubtedly not a harmful breed.

3) Cattle-Pulikulam

Cattle Pulikulam

One more Indian breed comes in Top 10 . It comes from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The look is similar just like normal one! But it is different from older breeds when it comes to the strength and life span. As a part of custom and tradition of local people these pulikulams are used for the games like bull race which is locally termed as “Jallu kattu” . The food is normal and it is a herbivorous animal. These species are  disease resistant which survive in all  wet and hot conditions. It has more strength, power, resistance and long living capacity compared to their other fellow breeds.

2) Sneezing Monkey:

Sneezing monkey

Sneezing monkey is the common name of this species. This monkey was discovered in Mynamar and as expected it is also under the group of endangered species. It has a boycott nose it  is the first to be found till now with this type of physical feature. It is a combination of black and white. Now coming to the title part this money has an interesting feature that is it sneezes when it rains. Though it tries to avoid dripping in rain, it sneezes continuously when it rains. When it rains as a first step it covers its nose under its legs with a tight binding . After that it starts sneezing  Local people who live there had listened to its sneezing sound from the trees when it rained.

1)      Rare singing dog :

Rare singing dog

Firstly, it appeared 23 years back . Then it never appeared again. So all the seen people and the scientists decided that this is an extinct species. But recently it again caught the eyes of so many people. Now this is well found species in New Guinea. It sings very loudly and it is definitely not a sound of dog . The sound it something different and localities first thought it would be some ghost conquered dog. But after looking at that breed closely. They concluded that this is a new dog species .It sings every now and then and now local people are used to it.

Conclusion: Despite so many dangerous threats, scientists still courageously fight to discover something in all the ways they can. It is very proud and interesting to know about the discovery and livelihood of these new living creatures. The creator, almighty is the creator of this world and he is the one who leads all living creatures. Let us wish for some more breeds to get discover and make them realize that  we are just like them and welcome them to this vast world of blue and green.


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