10 once in a Lifetime Travel Destinations

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Earth is a giant collection of innumerable places where some are really known and others are still trying to be a part of the eyes the world. Be it the known beauty of Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Taj Mahal as the symbol of love in India, every place is unique in itself. Who wouldn’t like to go and explore the world? Traveling is one word that usually brings a smile on everyone’s face. So, here I bring to you a list of travel destinations that promises you a true experience of adventure and memories. Every city is one of its kinds and its beauty will definitely leave you awe-struck.

10. Barcelona


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Barcelona is football, but it offers much more than just football. Watch the colorful street performers dance, sip sangria in Las Ramblas at a café, and visit Gaudí’s fairytale architecture where everything including the rooftops is something to get amazed at. The aquarium at Port Vell in Barcelona is popular and pretty especially for the kids and young ones. For a perfect stroll and beautiful view, go to Montjuïic. Be a part of the Flamenco Fling, dance your way for a street party and sip a cocktail for a perfect day in Barcelona.

9. Queenstown – NewZealand


Queenstown is a beautiful town located in the South Island of New Zealand. The town is on the edge of Lake Wakatipu, offers tourist attraction throughout the year and is bordered by Southern Alps. On the opposite side of the lake is Remarkables, toothed range of mountains which provides with the most extraordinary scenic view. The Lord of the rings trilogy was filmed in this area and it offers all sorts of adventure including bungee jumping, water rafting, kayaking, skiing and a lot more. Queenstown is famous for its cruise in Milford Sound, which is part of Fjordland National Park.

8. Marrakech, Morocco

marrakech morocco

Marrakech, one of the most important cities of Morocco, is a marvelous place full of museums, shopping streets, palaces, gardens and mosques. Find the traditional Almohad style minaret of Koutoubia Mosque with is visible from all over the place and inner peace at Jardin Majorelle. Visit tannery district to experience most pungent and medieval Marrakech where the tanners work in industries to cure animal hides using foul liquid. Another beautiful creation is a house owned by veteran Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint, which has an enthralling collection of arts and crafts from Southern Morocco.

7. Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro

Everyone who visits this place tend to fall in love with the gorgeous jewel of Brazil. From the dance, music, feasting fun at Rio’s Carnaval parties to the statue of Christ and breathtaking view of la Cidade Maravilhosa, the city is amongst the most beautiful cities of the world.  A visit to Christ the Redeemer statue which is a symbol of City and Rio’s religiosity using Corcovado Train is a must. Ipanema beach, a stretch with great umbrellas, fashionable shopping places, amazing crowd to watch and sidewalk cafes has a lot to offer. There are tons of things to explore in the city, some internationally known and others less famous.

6. Sydney, Australia


Also known as Harbor City, Sydney in Australia is one of the biggest, oldest and historic cities. Full of histories, beaches, food, oceans, culture, traditions, art and life, it is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Visit the Sydney Tower Eye to get a take-the-breath-away view of the entire city. Be a part of the street performances on Circular Quay and experience the light rail service and other monorails operating in the city. Wander around the streets, buy a souvenir, enjoy the museum of contemporary art and walk to the Sydney City Center. Don’t forget to visit Sydney Opera House which looks like a sailboat floating in a harbor peacefully. Sydney also offers variety of Australian Flavor food and contemporary dishes.

5. Tokyo


Tokyo is a perfect blend of modern living along with old- fashioned manners with a lot of crowd, yummy food and superb mass transit system. To see the liveliest side of Tokyo, do not miss Tsukiji Market the world’s largest fish market. Wake up early morning to experience the fish auction in the world’s busiest market. Visit Shinto Shrine, a serene, calm and austere place unlike other places of worship. Sample it all by making a visit to the serene garden, a walk down the Sumida River and the giant tower with a sky deck. Don’t forget to fill your tummy with noodles, sushi, udon and wagashi (Japanese sweets).

4. Venice


With the waterfront palazzos, finger-licking restaurants, classical performances, palaces and churches and the romantic environment with operas, Venice is amongst the few top travel destinations of the world. Exploring all these and traveling down the Grand Canal will make you will like sailing through an art gallery or a painting. Make sure you visit Campanile, the city’s tallest building to take a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The view is breath-taking from the top of the 325ft building. A visit to Venice is incomplete without a stroll down the Gondola, picturesque waterways. Enjoy Vivaldi in Venice, wear a mask and attend the most famous masked ball festival, Carnevale, feel the contemporary art scene and cool yourself with some yummy gelatos and live each and every moment in Rome if you plan to travel there.

3. Cape Town

cape town

The Cape Town has so much to offer! It has the most diverse population of sharks so if you go there make sure that you dive into the water full of sharks. Another thing that should not be missed is Cape Point. A ride in the Flying Dutchman Funicular gives the most spectacular panoramic sight. Don’t go away without a memento from one of the shops to have it as a Cape Point Certificate. A full day sighting to this place in Africa guarantees you some of the most wonderful memories to treasure forever. Chapman’s Peak is a way between Cape Town and the South Peninsula and offers local and foreign tourist’s innumerable things to do. Also, explore the continents unique flavors and have some bite at the Food Shop in the city.

2. Paris


Paris definitely promises you a perfect experience of leisure, romance, fun, adventure and liveliness. From lingering over hot chocolate in a café, shopping at the global fashion hub, strolling down the narrow streets to admiring the phenomenal beauty of icons like Eiffel Tower, Paris is a true blend of exquisite food and marveling icons like Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. If you visit Paris, there are certain things that cannot be missed. Disneyland is a theme park where all age groups long to go once in a lifetime. Another thing that defines Paris is Eiffel tower, which is 32 meters high and is Paris’ tallest structure. It is the most spectacular thing especially in the night time when it glitters like a huge Christmas tree.

1. Rome


The amazingly designed city has a huge collection of masterpieces to see and tons of things to do. It will simply leave you amazed and confused as to what to visit and what not. It can’t be explored in a day or two as the city is a massive collection of historic sites, mesmerizing museums, open-air markets and tasty dishes. Be awestruck at the beauty of Colosseum, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, have a coffee at the sidewalk café, hog over some yummy pastas and some of the best meals. A visit to Colosseum is must in Rome. The well preserved amphitheatre is largest in the world built by Roman Empire and is the heart of Rome. The Trevi Foundation, the largest baroque foundation, is yet another masterpiece where it is believed that if a visitor tosses a coin in the fountain, they would definitely come back to Rome one day. If you plan a trip to Rome, do not miss any of these.


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