10 Places in the World known as Love Proposal Sites

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Well we all need a good proposal story to brag about in front of our friends and family because this story which will be told and retold over the years. You want to capture that moment and keep it safe in your memories and want to keep reliving it in your thoughts. Asking a woman to marry you is the most important thing in a man’s life. You should be aware of the perfect timing, perfect location and most of all you yourself should be sure about this big decision. Some women like to keep it private, some like it in front of the crowd with people applauding. It all depends on how your women want it  because this is the day you really want to make her feel special and ‘The Right One’. The most important thing is that you plan it. If you really want to make your proposal a remember-able moment for her, you can plan a holiday in Paris at Eiffel tower which is the most common of all or Phuket, watching the beautiful sunset with the champagne and bending down on one knee. So here is a list of the best places to pop the question.


10. Santorini, Greece

The Greek Island of Santorini is like heaven on Earth and is The most romantic spots for a memorable proposal. This island was made by the volcanic eruption which left a lagoon with a volcano in the centre, and is surrounded by towering cliffs known as ‘caldera’. This area benefits us from mesmerizing sunsets, black volcanic sands, traditional white houses, view of the blue Aegean sea makes this place a perfect spot to propose and make unending promises. There is another spot in Santorini known as the ancient village of Akrotini which is just ‘perfect’ for a proposal. You can take a small fishing boat ride at the Red Beach, famous for its black and red rocks and stop at a quiet and alone place and ask the question, which will be just as romantic as in movies.


9. Phuket, Thailand

There is no way one can ignore the beautiful sunsets on a tropical beach and the lull of the waves when you are asking someone to marry you! If you are planning to propose in Phuket, any corner would do as it is so beautiful everywhere. If you are not the shy type, you can choose Chinese Junk Boats that tour the Bay. If you choose the sunset trips, you can pop the question at a candlelit dinner with red roses and a bottle of wine which is extremely romantic. If you want to keep it private, you can head to Rang Hill viewpoint in the moonlight while overlooking the city, which can be a very theatrical setting for a proposal.


8. Pont Des Arts, France

Paris is said to be a place of ‘love’. A place to find love and fall in love and Eiffel Tower is the most common among all the proposal sites. You will see dozens of guys proposing at the Eiffel Tower. If you are looking for something different, Paris has a lot to offer. Pont Des Arts is a bridge which crosses the Sein River. It can be a very romantic site for a proposal as couples take the attaching padlocks with their first name written and then throw the key into the river as a romantic gesture. This key is said to represent the ‘committed love’ of the couples. It is the same bridge where Big get together with Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City. It is a perfect proposal place.


7. Disney Land, Florida

If you or your girl is a big believer of fairytales or happy endings, then proposal at Disney land can be a divine and memorable experience after all Disney land is said to be a place where all your dreams come true and there are tons of isolated nooks and corners where you can propose your girl. If you want to make your girl feel like a princess, propose her in front of Cinderella’s castle or the nightly fireworks. Another breath taking proposal can be at a giant balloon 400 feet above Downtown Disney where you have nothing but the beautiful sky and your beloved.

6. London Eye, London

This place is very famous for marriage proposals. It is quiet expensive but a very romantic place to pop the question. It is a giant wheel on the bank of river Thames in London. It is a 135 metre tall wheel which helps to see the spectacular view of London. A proposal here can actually convey a meaning to your beloved that you can possibly  go to any extent to prove your love. You can secure your private ‘cupid capsule’ where you will be served flowers and champagne and you will get some privacy. So you can bend on one knee, 135 metres above the Parliament House and have a lifetime romantic experience.


5. The Trevi Fountain, Rome

It is the most famous and remarkably beautiful fountain in all of Rome. It is the largest fountain in the city, 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide and one of the most famous one too. The sound of the running water, the imposing façade and the exquisite sculptures sets a magnificent setting for a proposal. If you want to avoid the crowd, try to pop the question early morning or late at night. The fountain is illuminated, so the view is magical at night. Even the ‘Piazza Navona’ is the best known place of Rome having beautiful fountains and buildings. You can also get a beautiful portrait of your girlfriend from the street artists and bend down on one knee and can pop the question.


4. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is scary but romantic for a proposal. It is astonishing and terrifying at the same time. It has a wild beauty which is like a painting created by God. Asking a woman to marry you while standing 4000 feet above nothing but the Earth’s deepest pothole can turn really good for you. Some bride-to-be will even say ‘yes’ for the fear of falling. But The Grand Canyon proposal can prove to be a great way to take the relationship to new heights.


3. Verona, Italy

The city of Verona, is said to be the home of the lovers Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. People from all around the world come to make a wedding proposal in Verona under the unforgettable Juliet’s balcony, in the courtyard of her house. It is considered a romantic gesture and people pop the questions so as to have a love story as unforgettable and everlasting as Romeo and Juliet. The renaissance flavor of the city created by Shakespeare years ago, still attract couples even today.


2. Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls was once known as the ‘honeymoon capital of the world’. But as the time is changing, the natural splendor of the falls gives a romantic opportunity to couples and can be the perfect site for the person who has a marriage proposal in mind. The thundering water of Niagara Falls, the beauty of nature and the love in air can definitely get you a ‘Yes’. You can also pop out the question while riding along the scenic Niagara Parkaway on the side of the Falls.


1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The one of the best places to express your love to your beloved is Neuschwanstein Castle. It is one of the breathtaking sights in Germany. The castle is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forest and the castle sits atop an impressive mountain range. It has huge towers and spires and is located on the highest point of the Pallat River Gorge. It was built by Ludwig II, it is the embodiment of 19th century romanticism.  It is one of the perfect place to propose.


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    March 13, 2014 5:29 pm

    Being myself a marriage proposal planner in Paris, I can confirm that the Pont des Arts is located in the most magical and beautiful place of Paris. But too many men propose while walking on the bridge. One evening, I even saw two men getting on their knee at the same time! Very embarrassing for the ladies…
    Other solutions are possible to propose at Pont des Arts while being very creative and original. For example, I created a scenario offering a dinner-cruise on Seine river: when the private boat stops at Pont des Arts, suddenly, 1000 red roses fall from the bridge! In that way, the proposal is done near the beautiful Pont des Arts, and we keep the surprise elegant and intimate.
    Nicolas, Founder of http://www.proposeinparis.com

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