10 Qualities of a Teacher that Students Like the Most

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A teacher is a person who provides us with knowledge about different things and thus increases our awareness about the outside world. Nowadays, we can have access to all this knowledge through internet and other means but these sources of knowledge will not provide us with real life experiences and practical knowledge that only a teacher can give us. Moreover, theoretical knowledge will only provide us with formulas and laws but the practical knowledge which we will get that will help us to make better decisions in life can only be provided by a teacher. We spend almost eight to ten hours under the supervision of our teacher and that is a lot of time. What we learn during those eight to ten hours is an important part of our life as it molds us into what we are. Teachers are those who play the role of our parents for those eight to ten hours when we are in school. Our parents in a way grant them our responsibility. Teacher plays several roles in our lives such as a tutor, a guide, a friend, a counselor and many more. We look up to them when we are in trouble regarding studies or even when we are having issues at school. There are some ideal qualities that are required to a good teacher, but it is not necessary that students will like an ideal teacher. Student’s perspective of a good teacher is a little different from the ideal one. This article will list those qualities that a student wants in his or her teacher.


teaching should be interactive

When lectures are long, students usually does not pay attention and this might affect them in their studies if they miss an important topic. This usually happens when a teacher does not interact with students. Some students even fall asleep during long lectures because of this. It is very important for a teacher to communicate with students during a lecture so that they can pay attention and thus do not miss any topic. Lecture should be more like a discussion, so that everyone can talk about their views and at the time can learn something new.


friendly behaviour

Though it is very important for a teacher to maintain discipline and this is correct also if we see from teacher’s point of view but sometimes lot restrictions can make things even worse. There are some things that can only be made to understand in a calm and polite manner. When a teacher is friendly with his or her students, they will feel free to share anything with their teacher. This can be beneficial as the teacher can guide them as a friend and thus can help them in taking right decisions. Moreover, it is very much seen that teenagers usually listens to their friends more as compared to any other person and if they will see a friend in their teacher, they will be able to get right advice as the teacher will be more experienced than people of their age and thus students can make right decisions.


be a guide

Whenever a student comes with a problem, he or she usually looks up to either his or her parents or his or her teacher. If the problem is related to his career then his parents can help him out. But if the problem is related to school issues, then he looks up to his teacher for the support and guidance. The teacher should be able to provide guidance to his students whenever they need it.


shold understand student point of view

Usually, teachers do not understand student’s point of, mostly due to generation gap. It is very important for a teacher to understand what a student thinks, what he wants and what’s his point of view towards any situation. If a teacher will have knowledge about all of this, he or she can counsel or guide the student accordingly, so that the student will do something fruitful and can achieve great success in his life.


have a good sense of humor

Students like it when teaching is made fun. Boring and dull classes make the students restless. It is very necessary that a teacher should possess a good sense of humor, so that he or she can add an element of fun in his or her teaching and thus can prevent the students from sleeping. Also, students like it when teachers spend a lecture, talking about their experiences and sharing their memories, as it will provide them a break from studies and also will refresh them.


should give less homework

No student likes homework and that is a fact. But that does not mean that a teacher should not give homework. Homework is important, as it helps us to revise the topics which we have learnt in our class. If a teacher will not give homework, then obviously, students will not bother to revise what they have studied and thus they will get a lot of burden over their shoulders during the exams. But, extra workload can make a student all the more restless and dull since it is said that “All work and no play, will make Jack a dull boy.” So, students like a teacher, who gives them homework according to their stamina and does not impose extra workload on them.


should not take suprise tests

There is not a single student who likes surprise tests. Tests are conducted, so that a student can have a revision of all that he has studied. If a student will have knowledge about the test in advance, he or she can prepare for it and in this way his or her revision will also be done. Surprise tests have no such advantage, as the student will be giving the test without any preparation and revision and moreover, if the test of that topic had been taken, it means that the test of that particular topic will not be taken again and thus student will never get a chance to revise that topic again until exams. So, students prefer the teacher who avoids surprise tests.


should not be partial

No one likes to be treated in a bad way. A teacher should never be partial towards any student and should not take out his or her personal grudges for a student by affecting the student’s marks. A teacher should always be fair for all of his students and should treat them equally. Even if a teacher likes a particular student more or opposite of that, he or she should not allot marks according to this basis. Thus, a good teacher is the one who is not partial and keeps his personal and professional lives apart from each other.


cool mimded and patient

Students usually do not like it when their teachers insult them in front of their class without understanding their problem. It is necessary that a teacher should be able to distinguish between an excuse and a genuine problem and then act accordingly. A teacher should thus be patient and cool minded and should not should and insult his or her students without knowing the actual reason.


should be lenient

Students usually prefer those teachers who are lenient whether regarding marks, attendance, or anything. Teachers having lenient nature are usually the favorite ones of every student. A teacher should not be extra strict or harsh toward students as they will then not be able to open up to such teachers and thus will not be able to ask queries and take advice from the teacher. Extra leniency is also not preferable as it may make the students extra frank which is also not a good thing to happen. So, a teacher should maintain a balance and should not be either extra strict or extra lenient.


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