10 Qualities that Every Woman Looks for in her Man

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It is every woman’s dream to be with the man of her dreams, her charming prince who will one day come and take her away in his majestic, galloping horse. She starts dreaming about him right from when she is very young. A woman’s romantic fantasies have no bound. Every woman’s choice may differ, but there is one thing common: every woman wants true love. Every woman wants to marry a tall, dark and handsome man. She wants that strong man who can protect her as well as be gentle towards her. They want to be in the arms of a man who can make her feel safe and comfortable.  Inherently, women feel the need to be protected and loved. Their father are the first man they admire and they care for their brothers, but it’s their husband whom they totally fall for!

Do you want to marry the girl you have fallen head over heels in love with? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? Do you want to be the man she dreams of? Then you must have the essential qualities that a woman looks for in her man. This article lists them out. Well, a woman’s mind is not that hard to read after all, as legend has it. It’s not very difficult to please her, unless you try! You don’t have to conquer the moon to conquer her. The way to her heart is straightforward!  Read on to unlock a woman’s mind!

10. Respect her parents and friends


Respect your woman’s parents. They have given life to her. They have brought her up and made her what she is today. It is because of their upbringing that she is so refined and classy. Accept them whole heartedly and treat them like your parents. Help them whenever possible. Also, get to know her friends and be nice to them. Try to get along well with her friends. You can know a lot more about your woman through her friends, for they will know everything about her. They will usually help you out if you have any misunderstanding with her.

9. Listen to her


Whenever she talks to you, listen to her! Do not think that she is cribbing and complaining all the time! She talks to you of her problems not with the intent to blame everything, but because she trusts you and wants to confide in you. Give some solace to her. Try to talk to her. This will lessen her worries. She worries about things because she cares a lot more than you know. Women don’t like it when men ignore them and don’t pay attention to what they are talking. They feel ignored.

8. Do not be too possessive


Let her be the social butterfly that she is. Don’t constrict her space. Not giving each other enough space in a relationship is very unhealthy. To keep it easy and smooth, do not restrict her too much. And for God’s sake, don’t stalk her and keep track of every place she goes to, every person she meets and everyone she talks to. Not that it is none of your business, but you must learn not to be too possessive. It will make her worry and feel like you don’t trust her, even though she is very sincere and devoted to you. She can handle things by herself. Only if it’s important, will she talk to you about it. She just does not want to bother you over trivial matters.


7. Involve her in your life


Make your woman a big part of your life. Involve her completely in your life. Try to take her out often. Spend more time with her, so that you will get to know her better. You will also learn how to forgive her mistakes and take better care of her. Share your problems with her. Tell her about your day and ask how hers was. Share your interests, hobbies and activities with her. Let her know of your likes and dislikes. Talk to her as often as possible.  Make her a part of your family, friends and your social circle.

6. Respect her for what she is


Respect your woman. Respect her for how she looks. Respect her for her work. Respect her for all her achievements so far. Respect her for the respect she has for you. A woman takes a lot of pain to ensure she keeps the people who matter to her, happy. She juggles between work and home and makes sure everything is perfect. And the person who can make her happy is her man. Reciprocate to her tokens of love, however miniscule. Do not ridicule her for her mistakes and do not rebuke her. Do not rake up past issues and upset her.

5. Chivalry. Nice guys always finish first!


Being chivalrous can be such a turn on for women. Time and again, chivalry has topped the surveys in being the most desirable quality in men. Pull out chair for her to sit before you do, escort her everywhere you go, pay the bills, carry her bag if it is too heavy for her and open doors for her. It is not too much to ask for, right? Haven’t you seen these at the movies?  It is said that a man should treat his wife the way he treats his mother. Women adore chivalrous men.

4. Encourage her


A great quality of a man is to encourage his woman to follow her dreams. Assure her of her abilities. Be present with her during success or failure. Console her if it does not happen. Celebrate with her if she touches her dream. Assist her and make it easier for her, during this journey to success. Appreciate her for her valiant efforts. Advice her and explain to her where she may have gone wrong. Be a great friend, a philosopher and a guide to her, for she looks up to you.

3. Be honest with her


She wants to know every detail about you. She does not mean to pry. She is just afraid of losing you because she loves you too much. Reassure her. Tell her everything about your life. Your past and your present. Tell her of all the important people in your life. Be totally honest. Never try to cheat. Trust, once broken, can never be fixed again. Mistrust will become the reason for the downfall of the relationship. Whatever the problem is, sit down and talk to her, for communication is the key to a successful relationship.

2. Be there for her always

be there

Be there for her whenever she needs you. Lend your shoulder for her to rest her head on. She finds a lot of comfort there. Give her a hug and tell her that everything is going to be alright. Be there in whatever major step she takes. Give her your time. It will strengthen your bond with her. She would want to call you up and talk to you because it will make her feel good. Do not hang up. All her worries will vanish like dust if you are by her side. She needs your presence and companionship.

1. Shower her with care and love


Love her. Care for her. Show how much of love and affection you have for her. Express your emotions. Know her likes and dislikes. Try to find out what makes her happy. Understand her completely. Pamper her with your love, and you will get the same from her. The three magical words: “I Love You”, tell them often to her. She’ll be delighted to here these words from her man. Be with her in her good and bad times, so she will know for sure that you are the one. Blessed is a woman who finds the man who truly loves her.


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  1. kofybean

    April 18, 2014 1:45 am

    This article is a waste. The true way to get any woman you want is
    1. Be famous
    2. Don’t be ugly
    3. Be tall.

    The proof is everywhere that’s a fool proof strategy.

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