10 Reasons Children Hate going to School

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It is not uncommon to find tiny tots refusing to let go of their parents’ arms outside a red-bricked building called school. Just as prevalent are the instances of teenagers staying back at home, feigning illness or upon other cleverly-devised pretexts. Another chunk of students, although fewer in number are those found indulging in the demonic pleasure of ‘bunking’ classes.

The crux, if studied carefully, is an aversion to school. And although like numerous other mysteries of a student’s mind, this detestation remains highly inexplicable, especially since students are found longing for their school days within months of having passed out, here’s an attempt to explain the reasons why children hate going to school:

10. Celebrations:

Children find it highly ‘uncool’ if you are attending school on your birthdays, or when you have a family function or for that matter a festival peculiar to your community which eludes a mention in the list of holidays listed in the almanac. So, with birthdays at the top of the index of these special days, even parents are happier to give preference to the presence of children at home over attendance at school. This norm modifies slightly, as children, though not changing their preference still, change their place of attendance from home to “hanging out with friends”. One thing remains constant, and that is, the desire to bunk school.

9. Deadly Routine

Children loathe the school routine, from waking up in the wee hours of the morning to brushing their teeth while still half asleep, to managing through their daily ablutions somehow, to gulping down their throat the glass of milk, to having a greasy breakfast, to the prayer assembly which is equivalent to baking in the scorching sun in summers or chilling in the winds in the winters, to spending hours in a dingy classroom only interspersed with a few breaks for library, sports, music classes, or lunch.

8. School ambiance:

If seen from the perspective of infrastructural facilities, if a school building is dull and dingy, or if the desks are not suitably built, or for that matter, there are scanty equipment’s and/or opportunities available for recreation or skill-development, it has been proven through research that a child will refrain from going to school and ever achieving the coveted record of 100% attendance. So, these act as baits to tempt a child into attending school. More often than not, a child does not feel like going to school unless he/she knows that there are better prospects awaiting him/her, the lack of which is a put-off.

7. The weight they carry


A child’s enthusiasm to attend school is often bogged down by the weight of their bags. It has been reiterated time and again that the weight of school bags should not exceed one-tenth the weight of the child. Teachers, children believe, derive sadistic pleasure by asking them to bring truckloads of books. And intentionally separate the notebooks, textbooks, home task book, workbooks, et al. So, the burden of books, not to mention the projects, or additional stuff that may need to be carried to school, not only breaks the shoulders (which may eventually lead to health concerns too, thereby doubling the troubles) but also act as a major hindrance in a child’s path to school. To mitigate severe situations, a student may seek solace in taking fewer books than required, and the consequences that follow in the form of teachers scolding and chiding does no good either.

7. Unimpressive Time-table:


This reason varies according to the day of the week. There is always one depressing day for the kid which has attributes of what one may call a weekly speed-breaker. So while the child may be regularly attending school, he may falter on this particular day of the week, every week of the month. The identifying features of such a day include lack of a sports period, two continuous lectures of a teacher they dread, or multiple periods of the subject they loathe, among others.

5. Uniform

The school uniform which is a tool to bring ‘uniformity’ in kids does that, but ironically, not in the anticipated way. It does bring uniformity, but for nothing more than attracting unanimous detestation. The whole set of clothes, complete with a tie and belt, leaves the children with a feeling of being ‘packed’. Whether you believe it or not, children are far more likely to attend school if they be allowed to come in sneakers and knickers.

4. Bullying

This is one serious issue to be dealt with. Usual in little kids, it becomes the primary reason for absenteeism. Children who are bullied by their classmates find it difficult to cope with the time periods when they have a break, or in the teacher’s absence. The fear in their fragile minds is aggravated overtime because they also then suffer from lack of self-confidence, which prevents them from enjoying classes, thus leaving little choice but to skip school every now and then. So on one hand friends become the reason to attend school, on the other a bully, a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people becomes the reason behind missing it.

3. Tests and homework

This is ridiculously obvious. Whenever children have a test, half their preparation time is wasted in thinking of excuses to somehow, anyhow miss school THAT day. Same is the case for the last day allotted for submission of assignments, worksheets, etc. The magnitude of preparation, patience and time invested in preparation notwithstanding, skipping school still glows like the best alternative.

No matter how audacious or unabashed a student is, there is a crippling anxiety in going to school with incomplete home-task. This is when the acting abilities of feigning an illness come in handy. And the fear of punishments already gets pits in the stomach, so faking a stomach ache becomes easier and authentic.

2. Teachers, and their teachings

There can be nothing more rejuvenating to attend the class of an enthusiastic, optimistic teacher. Nothing could be more excruciating than being coerced to sit in the lecture of a teacher who does everything to bring you down, lower your self-esteem, or is generally cranky/ eccentric.

And if s/he teaches a subject that is equally blood-sucking, there goes all the desire to go to school straight into the garbage dump. Teachers spend a major chunk of the school hours with students, and if s/he turns out to be uninspiring or discouraging, then it’s an apparently legitimate reason for skipping school.

1. Early to bed and early to rise:

The most agonising task of the day is waking up. Add to that the early hours of dawn when school begins, and you have just the perfect cause for distress among school-children. Your home being far from school only makes matters worse. In order that you wake up in time to look somewhere near the epitome of a disciplined, ideal student, children leave no stone unturned in adjusting multiple alarms, getting goaded by parents, and finally wake up only when a plethora of alarms have echoed through the house and multiple snoozes have been taken support of, much to their parents’ grief. To avoid this tumult at the pleasant hours of dawn, children avoid going to the sacred temple of education. And the ensuing turmoil makes this reason the most relied-upon cause to skip a day at school.


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