10 Reasons for an Early Start

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Had a lazy start to the day? Feeling lethargic? Want to lose weight? But can not do it? Here’s a solution to your problems once and for all. You have read and heard people talk about it. Yes it’s getting up early. “Early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well we will only discuss about the latter half of the quote. An early riser is definitely way ahead of a lazier in almost everything. Getting up early modifies your life in a better way. Not only you can jump start the day with a new energy but can get really creative if you can implement some of the points in this article. Here are ten reasons why you should get up timely in the morning and have an early start.

10. Fresh start

We all sometimes plan that we are going to sleep late on Sunday mornings and we do that too. Getting up late, only when the sunlight peeps through the window chimes. Not the 8 a.m. sunlight but a 10 a.m. one! But after sleeping for more than eight hours of sleep we fell lethargic, lazy and uninspired. Yeah it happens with all of us. It does not matter how many hours you sleep but what matters is how many hours of quality sleep you get. There are successful people around the world who work all day long and get may be just around four to six hours of sleep but they still do great through the day. So give yourself an excuse and give yourself an early start to jump start your day.


9. Lose some weight

Feeling shy to go to shop or just stand in front of the mirror because of your weight? Well an early morning start is all you need. You might think that you do hit the gym three to four times a week. But no, this is not enough when you really want to lose weight. Going to the gym or aerobics will just be a pin prick if you are not regular in your regime. We know its tiring in the gym and are sometimes even monotonous to follow the same workout plan which eventually decreases the amount of vigour with what you need to. Try getting up early in the morning put on a pair of sneakers and go for a brisk walk or may be a jog. Start at your own pace and you’ll sure enjoy the cool mornings the natural ambience rather than that of the gym with the air conditioners. Do it regularly for two weeks and you’ll definitely get the desired results.


8. Photography time

Always wanted that little photographer in you to come out and rise? Well here’s your chance. Photographers around the globe say that early morning is the best time to shoot nature. The sun is just at the horizon, giving little but sharp orange light. It’s indeed the best time. So get ready to make your friends go wow on your photography skills. getting up early and taking a walk with a camera around your neck will not only make you habitual of getting up early but it will also give you more confidence to do new things, go for more adventures and do new tasks.


7. “I don’t have time for…”

Tired of making excuses about something you always wanted to do? Stop running away from it. Here’s what you can do. Tonight set your alarm clock just thirty minutes earlier the regular time and follow it for sure. Now you have extra thirty minutes for whatever you wanted to do. You can actually do whatever you wanted to do but never had the time for it. Be it reviewing the new software you bought, reading a book you always wanted to or even write your own book. Everyone gets 24 hours a day, what matter is how you use it to rise above the rest. Like Bill Gates said, “If you won’t see dreams someone else will hire you to fulfil their own.”


6. Late for work?

“Sorry Boss, I was stuck in traffic,” “My housekeeper was late for work.”  We all know these lame excuses are not the truth. Make an effort next morning and get up few minutes early and you will have sufficient time to reach work without any rush. Trying getting up early and you will be calmer. You’ll remember you need to take for work and never miss anything again in the morning chaos. You will walk out of the house without any stresses. This will even give your boss an eye upon. Set an example for everyone at your workplace. And as we all know no one likes to wait. So, get on work on time, get up early.


5. Skipping breakfast

Another morning you left for work without having breakfast. Breakfast should be taken as it is the most important meal of the day. The old Chinese saying, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” holds true as old as this quote itself is. It’s time to make some changes and manage this chaos. It’s even unhealthy to escape breakfast and rush for work. If you’re on a diet and think of skipping a breakfast then please don’t do it. Research shows that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more in the next meals and end up eating more. So make an early start to your day and eat well and never skip your meals again.


4. To be Motivated

Getting up early increases your concentration power and keeps you motivated towards your work. In the morning, after quality sleep you are full of energy and you have enough time to plan your things, which helps you to do your tasks with focus and does not distract your mind. If you start your day in chaos, you remain confused all day and affects your ability to work.


3. Less Stress

Getting up just a few minutes early in the morning and using that time for meditation or prayer can help you to have a stress-free day. We all have many problems in our life related to work or personal issues. A little time devoted to ourselves helps in improving the decision-making ability and helps in handling the difficult situations wisely. So wake up early, find a quiet spot in the house, where you can hear your own thoughts and plan your day to avoid chaos and stress.


2. Better Performance

Studying at night and sleeping all day does not help you to get better grades because nights are meant for sleeping and denying the body to sleep disturbs the mechanism of your brain. Your mind gets all groggy and you tend to forget things or get confused. In the morning, your body and mind is fresh and if you wake an hour early to study, it sharpens your memory and helps you to remember things. Even researches tells us, the students who woke up early and balanced their routine have scored better grades than those who study at night. So getting up early in one of the major factor for your better performance.


1. Change your world

Waking up a few minutes early changes your world in many aspects. Thirty minutes, just thirty minutes can even bring the change! Getting up thirty minutes can make all the differences to your life. Imagine getting up just thirty minutes early and doing any of the above things. Don’t you think you would be able to reach more people, do things having more time in hand and do whatever you’ve always wanted. I bet you do. That’s the high point. I know it is difficult to form a new habit but it’s just a matter of time that you’ll be able to form it and excel in what you’ve wanted. An early riser is sure to succeed to in life.




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