10 Reasons To Do Charity

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Charity is the act of helping the needy by providing them with sources that can be useful for them. It can be food, clothing, shelter, education, money or anything else that can be of aid to them. Charity is one of the most generous acts. The greatest thing about charity is that it doesn’t always need to be big. It is undefined. Every person is free to perform the act of philanthropy as per his wishes. Even the slightest act of philanthropy has the same regard as any other bigger act. But it is one of the toughest tasks to do. It requires altruism, thoughtfulness and empathy. These are the kindest virtues of a man. To attain them is difficult. But if a man assumes his obligations, learns about his role to humanity and realizes how lucky he is to have what he has, he can easily be motivated to perform charity. Every religion, be it Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, or other, mentions charity as an essential act of mankind in its holy books. For instance, the Hindu belief of “Karma”, that ensures a man must do good deeds, and the Sikh practice of Langar, that believes in feeding people for free, reflect how religion has always been associated with Charity. All one needs to be charitable is motivation and understanding to work for the betterment of others. And most importantly, to do charity one needs a vision to identify why to do charity? Below are Ten Reasons To Do Charity –

10. A Feel Good Thing

A feel good thing

A basic reason for being charitable is the feeling it gives. A donation, even the smallest ones makes a person feel good all day long. The feeling of giving a smile to anyone’s gloomy face is the highest moral thing one can achieve.  Try donating just five rupees, early in the morning to a beggar, and see the magic. You will feel great the whole day. A little act of generosity gives a lot. The returns are much greater than the inputs. Therefore, charity is a great thing to do, for the feeling it gives in return. Also, for the blessings one receives from the needy one helps, contributes to make charity an abundantly amazing thing. The after charity feeling is one strong reason to be charitable.

9. Increases awareness of social problems

increases awarness to social problems

Our society has numerous problems. One chief root of all these problems is poverty. Poverty can be helped with charity. If every person makes it a duty to donate something of his earnings, it can lead to a miraculous change in the society. This way a person comes closer to the social issues too. And as one gets to know more and more of social problems, he is ultimately stirred to work for it. So, for this reason also charity is inevitably a brilliant idea.

8. Inspire others

inspires others

Imitation is an inescapable part of man’s nature. Every man is derived naturally to follow what he sees around the world. It applies to both, good and bad things, charity being a good thing. If a man donates, the others notice it and are sooner or later inspired to follow. This way charity stimulates goodness and humanity among people.

7. Adds meaning to life

adds meaning to life

Charity ofcourse is a virtuous task. As we do more and more good things, we become nobler. Charity by bringing nobility in this manner, leads one towards a meaningful life. By enhancing a person’s virtues and adding gems of worthiness to a man’s living, charity pumps in meaning to life. Until a person has done anything remarkable, his life is incomplete. Every person wants to achieve. But even after achieving a good social and financial status many people find their life hollow. The reason for this being a lack of emotional and moral achievement. Charity serves this goal of man’s life excellently and thus adds meaning to it.

6. A celebrity feeling

a celebrity feeling

There are a number of celebrities who are known for their charitable acts. Infact donations are often related to celebrities. It is by many people considered to be a deal of famous figures. So, when a person donates, they ultimately feel important. Infact they actually become important with their act of giving. When donating, a person is contributing to the betterment of a larger section of people. This way, they play a role in shaping up the lives of others, and someone who can be looked up to, consequently making them a celebrity.

5. Contribution to reduce the societal gap

Contribution to reduce the societal gap

Another major reason to do charity is that it helps contribute to reduce the social and economical gaps in the society. With every person’s charity atleast a small change is made in the social strata.   Each man’s contribution is equally valuable and important in bringing a change to the society. A charity not only makes a social change but is also a symbol of mental growth among people. If a person does charity it is a mark of their supposition of their responsibilities to the society, for that reason leading to the road of improvement.

4. Spirituality


What could be more spiritual than feeding a hungry stomach, clothing a shivering body, providing shelter to the homeless or lending money to the poor? Charity is a path to a person’s spiritual journey. It enhances the mind and soul. A good deed gives mental, spiritual and emotional satisfaction. It helps a person overcome the burdens of their mistakes. It helps a person become a better human being. All these sensations direct to spirituality, therefore making charity a spiritual journey.

3. Everyone is born equal

Everyone is born equal

God has not made any man superior or inferior. God has not made any discrimination. It is we human beings who have made laws of inequality and established discriminatory ideas in the world. God has made us all equals. We are all his creations. It is everyone’s duty to realize this and act accordingly. We are no one to make these differences. All these artificially made difference, come to an end when a person indulges in charity. It reflects their understanding of the greater meaning of human life, a deep faith in equality and their approach to the differences prevailing in society. It is necessary to realize that we all are equal, the variations are created by us, and it is us itself who can bring solutions to the existing situations of inequality.

2. Basic moral duty – Kindness

Basic moral duty of man – Kindness

Kindness is priceless. It comes for free. And goes for free. It is invaluable. It can’t be weighed. It is an unmatched virtue and a basic moral duty of every man. We are human beings because we have reason. And if this reason can’t be put to empathy, it is a total waste. It is meaningless. Every person’s basic duty is to be a nice human being. Understanding other’s problems, their circumstances, and relating to them, realizing someone’s pain and helping them out are what kindness is. Kindness is giving. Kindness is being gallant. Kindness is being gentle. Every human being comes with some moral and social responsibilities and to carry out these responsibilities kindness plays an unavoidable role.

1. Closer to God

closer to god

Praying daily, performing a hundred rituals, following customs, is not enough for a one to be truly religious. But practicing the basic ideas of a religion is religion in true sense. And every religion teaches one common thing, i.e. humanity. Every religion calls for humanity. Like, Hinduism believes in Karma, charity is an unmatchable way to head towards Karma. Charity is a great way to move towards being a good human being and getting close to mankind. By contribution to mankind, we make a contribution to god, and that is how we become closer to god, with charity. Charity is a magnanimous act. It is unselfish, kind, gentle and considerate. All these are qualities that enhances a man’s religious connect. So, the biggest reason to do charity is to come closer to god, as nothing can be greater than this.



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