10 Reasons to Get a Cat as a Pet

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Have you ever seen Dr. Evil in Austin powers stroking his vicious cat, Mr. Bigglesworth? Why do so many villains have cats as their companions and not dogs? Ever seen a villainous villain creating havoc with a trusty dog as a companion? No. Well very rarely would you see that. That’s because cats are better pets that any other animals, their endearing characteristics and the unconditional love that they give make them the most favorite pets. Give a cat love and attention, and you’ll have a companion for life. The best way would be to adopt one from your local animal shelter, that way you’ll not only be giving shelter and care to a homeless cat but you’ll also be having a lot of cuddly love at home. If you’re considering getting a pet, any pet, a hamster, a dog or any other exotic pet, I’d say go for a cat. They make your home and life much happier, they are low maintenance and they will never desert you. Even some of the most die-hard dog lovers have confessed to secretly loving a cat. Now I’ll try to convince you with a few reasons as to why you should get one of these cute and cuddly furry creatures.

10. They Purr

They Purr

Ever heard a cat purr? It’s the most relaxing and soothing sound. They’ll cheer you up instantly if you’re sad or lonely. If you’re down or depressed, a cat’s soft purr with make you smile and you’ll feel better. Even kids squeal with delight when they hear a cat’s purr. In fact, a cat’s purr is supposed to be healing and calming and it’s been found out that it can decrease symptoms of dysponea in humans. A cat’s purr creates vibrations within a range of 20 – 140 Hz which is therapeutic for many medical illnesses. They also promote the healing of bones and heal infection and swelling. A cat purring will tell you that it is content with its life. Feel its soft rumbling body for instant stress relief. Listen to a cat purr and it’ll calm your nerves. Need I say more?

9. They Love Unconditionally

They Love Unconditionally

Yes, like I said a cat will never desert you, in fact as you and your cat start getting old together, it’ll become more accustomed to your schedule. They come to know when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you have your meals and when it’s time to cuddle. If you treat it respect and love and care for it, it’ll stay with you till the end. Ever seen old women with a number of cats? We may think they’re eccentric, may be they are but that’s usually because cats are such great companions. And if you love them, they’ll reward you with a soft look or a tender nuzzle. They’ll always be there to give you company when you come tired from a day’s work to your cold lonely apartment. They can make you laugh; smile, happy and you’ll find yourself telling them about your day.

8. They’re Independent

They’re Independent

Cats are independent, they roam on their own and unlike dogs, you don’t have to take them out for a walk. They’re perfect companions for people who work in big cities, workaholics and those who don’t get enough time to maintain a pet. They don’t need constant supervision and though they may require some attention, they won’t constantly egg you on to play with them. Most cats don’t even feel sad or anxious if you leave them alone for a day. You can walk them if you want but it is certainly not a necessity or a part of their lifestyle. Even if the day’s sunny and bright, it won’t nag you for a walk.

7. They catch rodents

They catch rodents

What better reason to get a cat? A lot of people simply keep cats because they are natural insect repellents. If you don’t like those rats scurrying around or if the creepy crawlies give you the heebie jeebies then adopt a cat. They’re skilled hunters, they are intuitive, knowing perfectly well how to catch those pesky rodents. If spiders, lizards and beetles give you the creeps, get a cat. A cat can climb up the wall to dislodge a spider web, smack down a fly, well just about any other insect, a cat will get rid of them for you.

6. They are low maintenance

They are low maintenance

You don’t require a lot of space if you’re getting a cat, very low maintenance, even a single roomed apartment will do. You won’t even need to get them any toys, they are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves with just about anything, say a box or a sock or a drawer. Just let it sit near a window and it’ll sit perched on the sill as long as it wants to. Now with open spaces becoming less and less, a cat seems to be the best option .They keep themselves clean, they bathe themselves and you wouldn’t even need to house train a cat. As soon as it learns where the litter box is, one quick trip and it’s done for the day, provided you keep the litter box clean.

5. They smell great

They smell great

You must’ve seen a Cat keep licking itself, it’s because they like to keep themselves clean and because of this self-cleansing ritual, they emit no foul odor or stench. Sure you can have them groomed and shampooed and blow dried but they usually don’t require that because they naturally smell so good. Even dog owners will agree with me on this one. Even with the daily grooming sessions, a dog will never smell that good, while cats on the other hand, because of their cleanliness have that unmistakable cat scent.  Kittens smell even better. Try sniffing a cat once and you’ll know what I mean.

4. They don’t need house training

They don’t need house training

In addition to licking themselves clean and bathing themselves, another great cat quality is that you wouldn’t need to house train them. Once you show them where everything is, they’ll learn about it over time. They figure out about almost everything naturally. So don’t worry about coming home late at night and having to go outside in the cold so that the cat might do its business. You won’t need to brush them constantly or have them cleaned every day. Cats are usually thought of as aloof and solitary creatures but they can thrive just as well as any other pet in a home and family. Just don’t cage the poor creature.

3. They treat your guests nicely

They treat your guests nicely

One of the major annoyances I had when I was a kid, even now, was going to a neighbor’s place or to a friend’s home and as soon as I entered their dog would go into frenzy, barking and leaping at me. Of course, as a child I would get scared out of my wits, whilst my friend assured me that the dog was only getting excited at seeing a newcomer. They begin to race around the room, barking and demanding attention. Well, that’s not the case with cats. They see a guest; they simply meow and get on with their business. Sometimes they don’t even bother, they’ll just give a haughty humph and leave you be. They like to inspect new comers secretly, like from under the bed or from over the refrigerator. If it’s in the mood, the cat will acknowledge the guest but that’s that, no jumping, leaping or pawing from this furry creature, no licking you with excitement and no effusive greetings.

2. They are cuddly

They are cuddly

If the above reasons haven’t convinced you, then maybe this one would. Cats are soft, cuddly animals and no matter how much they clean themselves, they still require a good cuddle. They are such perfect couch companions. If you’re watching TV or a move, it will quietly sneak up with you, you won’t even notice. Any other pet might perch itself quite contently onto your lap, but a cat actually fits itself quite nicely in your lap. They spend most of their time sleeping and lazing around, so they’ll never make you feel guilty if you’re whiling away your time watching TV. It’ll simply look at you with indifference, make no judgments. Because they are so warm and cuddly, they are perfect for snuggling for those cold lonely nights

1. They are good for you

They are good for you

Well most of all, cats are good for your health. Simply petting a cat can lower your blood pressure. It triggers a relaxation process and makes you calm. Simply stroking one releases those feel good endorphins. It’s been shown that cats lower your stress level simply by keeping you content or being nearby, kind of like a married couple. When you have no one around to talk to, even if you do, they are such great conservationists, they’ll lend an ear, no interruptions, no opinions of their own, maybe a soft meow as a sign of understanding or a tender look. They are extremely loyal, give a cat your trust and it’s yours forever, like a treasure.



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