10 Reasons to Master & Learn a Different language

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Communication is essential for each and every activity of life and Language is the soul of communication. Our emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions, and every stance could be expressed by either writing, speaking, or in any way conveying it to our fellow mates, which is possible only when we have a code i.e.  Language. Language is of much more importance than we can express in words.  English is regarded as the universal language. But not more than 30% of the total world population speaks English. The other most popular languages of the world are Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali, French, German, and Arabic. Even in our own country, India, though Hindi is recognized as the national language, there are twenty two languages recognized as official languages by the constitution, and it is the highest in the world. Learning another language can happen to a person in two ways. Some people may select to learn a new language while some may be forced to learn another language, due to circumstances. Anyhow, learning a new language is always a great thing. Below are 10 reasons to learn a different language –

10. A Good Thing to Learn From Travelling

a good thing to learn from traveling

A trip is always a lesson to life. Be it a small or long one, every trip teaches us something or the other. Similarly, if we go travelling, we can learn a lot of new things from it. Language is one of them. Whichever new place we travel to, we can learn the jargon used there and thus keep adding to our knowledge bag. Understanding and learning completely and correctly, every detail of a language on a trip, is certainly not possible, but even a rough overview and a brief idea, of a new language is sufficient if on every trip we make it a point to observe, listen and learn the key to communication. This is also helpful as many languages share some similarities, thus, learning one language, can help us learn another. And this way, as a chain of learning, one can develop his linguistic skills in an efficient manner.

9.  Become A Better Traveler

become a better traveler

Today ofcourse in the highly evolved world, it is not a problem to travel to another place without knowing the native language. But if one learns the language of where he goes for a journey, it is a terrific experience to travel there. It results to more enjoyment and greater involvement in that place. The traveler can connect better with the local people and adapt to the native culture of that place. Communication becomes easier. It is very beneficial if a person goes to another place for a long period of time, since then he does not feel a stranger, but a native of that new place. Also, for a traveler, learning the language of a new place has a twofold benefit as it helps the traveler appear like a friend rather than a stranger to the natives, and the natives feel attached to their guest.

8. Self Development

self development

Gaining new things is always a ladder to developing one’s own self. As we learn new languages, we ultimately add to our personality new blocks of knowledge. Being a linguist is always a good sign. It enhances our persona by an addition to all our virtues and therefore leads to self development. It develops our creativity, reasoning, reading skills, the ability to deal with changes and capability to learn new things. In these various ways, self development is therefore, a very significant benefit of learning a new language.

7. Globalizing World  

globalising world

“Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture”. With the developments like, free global economy, technology, international interconnectedness, international dependence, Internet, Migration, telecommunication, the world is now one single nation. People from diverse cultures are now more connected and together than ever before. In such a world it is not only a good thing to do but almost a necessity to know different languages. It is important to be a polyglot to accommodate better in such a world. It is also a trend of the modern world. Cosmopolitanism requires it. To live in a world with diverse culture and people, and survive with them, it is essential to learn some bits of their culture atleast. This is almost a part of international integration. So, with the new world that is emerging, learning a new language becomes crucial.

6. Better Jobs Prospects

better job prospects

It is a sign of thoughtfulness when applying for a job. A resume with knowledge of multiple languages is most likely given preference over others. Also, with the wider world, i.e. the single globalized world, a different language on a person’s resume opens up opportunities for him to take up job in a foreign land. It fetches an international appeal to a job seeker. Also, today, teaching, translation, tourism, call centers are sectors that have opened up and expanded to immense prospects for people with familiarity of multiple languages. Thus, learning a new language is a boon for getting jobs, in the modern world.

5. Protect International Business Interest

protect international business interest

The fundamental motive of a business is profit, and it is possible only when the business sells. Today we live in a Global Economy, and to sell here we need to understand our overseas customers. Learning their language is always beneficial in understanding them better. It helps us understand their values and culture and hence their demands and requirements can be assessed by the seller in an improved manner. So, learning a different language is highly significant to protect international business interest.

4. Wisdom


Learning never ends. It is always a fortunate thing. Gaining something new is always a good idea. A new language is a wonderful thing to get. Knowing a diverse language enhances a person’s intellect. Language is a priceless gem in the pitcher of knowledge. The wisdom gained by learning a different language is inevitable. And with greater virtues, self confidence and self reliance gets a boost.

3. Enhanced Reading Skills

enhanced reading skills

Reading is the best way to learn. Like knowledge is never ending, so is its source, reading. The world is full of reading materials. Books and materials are available in every language, and every language has translations too. But the original material is certainly more fruitful and interesting. If a person has knowledge of another language, his reading skills are automatically elevated.  An exposure to new languages, opens up doors to newer readings, and thus, to more knowledge. A person, who can read multiple languages, undoubtedly has the strength to gain more knowledge than the one who can read only one language. Ergo, we can conclude that an exposure to multiple languages has multiple benefits. It is also a necessity of the new, global and competitive world. It is a key to better expressions and creativity. It empowers a person’s intellect. And it makes traveling over the world better and acquaints a person to other cultures and the diversities of his own culture too.

 2. Explore And Understand Own Culture Better  

explore and understand own culture

As already stated above, our own country, India, has 22 officially recognized languages apart from our national language Hindi. And yet, as we move over the map of India, every region has its unique language. India is the country not only with the maximum number of languages that are officially recognized by the constitution, but also the country with maximum number of languages spoken. Learning a new language acquaints us even better with the vast cultural domain of our country. Every culture in India has an indigenous language. And learning different languages from our own culture, can serve marvelously to the spirit of Nationalism.

1. Explore And Understand New Cultures 

explore and understand new cultures

The world is a diverse place. There are more than six thousand languages spoken all over the world. After every few miles we travel on the globe, a new culture is practiced. Plus, almost every culture has an exclusive language. With so much of variety in the world of languages, how can it be a bad idea to learn a new one? Other than our own culture it is always great to learn facts about a new culture. With a new language, one can interact with new people, and thus understand and explore another culture. It can’t be denied that learning of various cultures is always a good move. It helps us develop respect for the diverse cultures that prevail in human society and likewise brings us closer to mankind.


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