10 Reasons to Say No to those Health Supplements

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‘Health’ is something we should never compromise with because good health can help you achieve your goals. A very famous phrase reads, ‘health is wealth’ explains us everything. Good health is the key to success. You can achieve almost everything when you are fit! You are energized and always ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. A healthy person has a balanced and fit body and is free from all the illnesses and diseases. Eating food with high quality of nutrients keeps you healthy. Healthy food helps you grow naturally and develop changes in the body. If your body does not grow naturally and you have a stunted height or a weak body, you become insecure and you get attracted towards supplements or sometimes even the doctors prescribe certain drugs or supplements to meet the deficiencies of the body, but having these drugs is not always a very good idea. They are not always as healthy or nutritious as they sound. Consuming supplements can lead to many side effects like liver damage, kidney failure, joints, eyes disorder or may even lead to grave and incurable damage like cancer problem. We can see saw many advertisements on TV that promise people to gain or lose weight and people who wish to do so get attracted toward these advertisements and buy them without even thinking of the consequences of these products. Always remember you should not take supplements or any medication just because zero size figure of a girl or heavy muscles of a guy looks good on TV rather go for a lean and healthy body and try to go for  natural products as possible because in the long run these medications may have severe side effects on your body.


Lets elaborate 10 reasons why we should not use health supplements.


10.    High Blood Pressure

All the supplements come with side-effects. If on one side they provide you benefits, then on the other side they have a negative impact. If we take medications or supplements like antidepressants for your mood swings and anxiety attacks or if a woman takes birth control pills, they are likely to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be very harmful for the arteries and blood vessels and they can burst too and it can also damage many organs of our body. So its better to eat healthy rather than depending of supplements.


9.  Liver Damage

Boys eat supplements to build healthy and muscular body and girls take them for losing weight to attain a perfect figure. They only focus on the heavy muscles or a zero figure which they can get after taking supplements but they ignore the bad effects which these unnatural drugs are causing to their body. These body building and the weight loss supplements cause great damage to the liver. Using these drugs can cause damage to your liver within months of their consumption. Body building drugs are more risky for men as they can cause jaundice. Weight loss drugs can cause irritation and burning sensation in liver which can eventually lead to liver failure and liver is the most important organ of the body so if liver fails to do its function, we die.


8.  Affects Birth Control

Certain medications, antibiotics and other supplements can make the birth control pill less effective. Our bodies react differently with different drugs and they may interact with the other supplements and can minimize their effect. Antibiotics, HIV medications, antidepressants for medical illnesses, diabetes medications have the impact on birth control pills and they counteract with the effect of birth control pills by decreasing the effect of these pills which can lead to unwanted pregnancies.


7. Kidney failure

Nowadays people in their young age develop kidney problems. It is not only because of their drinking habits or smoking but because of the supplements they eat, to get extra protein for their body. All the young boys take protein shakes and steroids to get biceps. But these unnatural drugs cause damage to kidneys. Kidneys go in a stress mode when extra protein is provided to them as the work of the kidneys is to breakdown the proteins and with extra protein, the work is doubled leaving the kidney’s stressed. Stressed kidneys are not able to function properly and lead to kidney failure or many other related diseases.


6.  Heart Attacks

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for our body. We all need it for strong bones. We can get calcium from food like dairy products but we still lack it in our body and go for pills. Calcium pills can be good for bones but it can be risky for heart. Calcium supplements should be taken with other nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium which helps to maintain the balance of the body. If calcium is in excess, it reaches the coronary arteries which can lead to heart attack. Even calcium supplements with vitamins are also not that safe, so it is better to eat food rich of calcium rather than taking supplements which cause damage rather than providing benefits.


5. Risk of Cancer

Yes it’s true, food supplements does not reduce the risk of cancer even though the companies promises it does! Researchers said there was no good evidence that supplement pills and capsules reduced the risk of cancer in healthy individuals. In fact they pointed out that antioxidants such as beta carotene, and vitamins C  might even have some effects that promote cancer. So the antibiotics we think are removing cancer can be the one to promote it.


4. Addison’s Disease

Corticosteroid medications are used for the treatment of asthma, allergies and many other conditions. They also treat conditions such as Addison’s disease, which do not produce required steroids in the body. But like all other supplements, corticosteroid has some of the following side effects: Elevated pressure in the eyes (glaucoma), Fluid retention, Increased blood pressure, Mood swings, Weight gain, Clouding of the lens in one or both eyes (cataracts), High blood sugar, which can trigger or worsen diabetes, Increased risk of infections, Thinning bones (osteoporosis) and fractures, Suppressed adrenal gland hormone production, Thin skin and easy bruising.


3.  Anosmia

Common drugs like Vasotec which are used in the treatment of heart failure; to control high blood pressure. The common side effects by this drug are as follows: patients may suffer problems with all five senses; however, the common among these is an inability to smell! You read that right! It can also cause ringing in the ears, blurred vision, severe stomach pains, flu, vomiting, nausea and dry eyes. These side effects are often seen as minor, but can cause severe damage to the body.


2.  Weight loss

Obesity has reached record-highs in today’s time, and there are many who would literally do almost anything and everything, just to go down a single dress-size. However, as many know, there is almost always a catch. And the catch for “Alli (a weight lose drug)” takes the cake. Side effects of “Alli” range from uncontrollable bowel movements- to- loose stools, mood swings, severe pain in stomach, etcetra. The loose stools may gets worse to the “oily-spotting”. That sure is a lovely image. And the research states this side effect as a “minor” problem. However, this problem can be solved by minimizing the intake of fats. Which raises the question: Why even take “Alli” in the first place??


  1. Erectile-Dysfunction

Everyone has seen the Viagra commercial, which states that an erection that last several hours is a possibility. But, Zoloft? Zoloft is a drug used for the treatment of depression, anxiety as well as mood based- disorders. Beside Zoloft drug can lead to erection problem and the person is not able to have a suitable erection or may be no erection at all and if this condition continues, it may lead to erectile-dysfunction. It can also cause depressed thoughts which in the end remind us that ‘How does Zoloft combat depression?’


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