10 Reasons Traveling is Important for Self-Growth

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An intimidating but exciting adventure is to spontaneously travel something outside of your own life. Leave it all behind and take a detour to someplace exotic. Live in someplace exotic for a few years before you’re on the move again. Yes, people all over the world are becoming more globally connected and aware.

They have begun seeking opportunities outside of their own countries to grasp this concept better; it puts them on the forefront and at a privilege that their colleagues and friends who have had the same routines all their lives might not. Yes, they leave a lot behind. They have to detach from emotion and remind themselves every now and then when they’re frustrated about why they took the journey in the first place.

In the process, something within them changes. There is a spark, a confidence, self-worth of some sort that is found with exploring frontiers beyond your home. You begin to realize that maybe traveling isn’t just about the surface process of packing bags, living a luxurious few days in a hotel and strolling along a beach and posting photos on Facebook.

Somewhere along the way, you change as a person. Your new atmosphere and environment alter your perspective on life. Having traveled and lived in multiple countries in the 19 years I have lived, I have quite a bit to contribute on the topic on self-growth attainment while moving around:

#10: You learn resilience

An important trait most people learn later in life because they are too familiar with their surroundings, resilience is your ability to be able to bounce back to the person you were despite the emotional, turbulent circumstances.

This is a tricky situation where sensitive people are lost and wondering who they want to become and forget who they were before this massive change took place. Traveling teaches you everything is temporary-your existence, your state, your conditions, happiness and sadness.

You gain mental strength and find peace with yourself, not allowing external forces to make or break you.

#9: Versatility is key

The ability to go to a different country and be blown away by their festivities you didn’t have in your own country or be surrounded by people of a certain religion that people in your country were intolerant to. You realize to be versatile that you need to be patient, open-minded, explorative and non-judgmental.

There may be people with extremely different values, morals and virtues than you but to be able to put the differences aside and celebrate your oneness is something traveling teaches you.

Travelers live by the motto “When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

#8: You escape comfort and embrace independence

A reason people are afraid of traveling is the fear that they won’t make it. That that sudden change will suddenly crack them and they will be alone and helpless. Traveling to a different city sometimes, let along a different country intimidates people. Indeed, it is not for the faint-hearted.

When you escape the shield of your home, family and friends, you enter a world of unfamiliarity: scary yet strangely liberating. To be able to find a mode of travel, convert your currency, find reliable grocery and repair services while starting a new job and making new friends are not small tasks.

They’re milestones to be proud of, one’s that ensure you know how to survive in the big bad world.

#7: You broaden your horizons

Versatility and adaptability is one thing, you learn to see things from other people’s perspectives. When you are forever molded by the principles in your own home, you realize when you set foot outside (or abroad) that people don’t agree with your habits or everything you have to say.

You are forced to endure their point of views without ridiculing them and sure enough you see a tit-for-tat situation where you can reach a compromise. There is nothing more wholesome than being able to maintain your own values without belittling somebody else’s.

#6: Your planning skills are an ace

After maybe losing and retrieving your passport twice and almost getting mugged in a shady street, you realize you need to step up your own game and beat the odds.

Once you start small with the simple official documents carefully stowed away and labeled in a folder and owning an actual phone book where you store business cards and pamphlets to important events, your life begins to unfold in the good habit of planning you acquired.

There is nobody to do it for you and you realize to keep up with life, you need to do it yourself. There are no guardian angels.

#5: You have great stories to tell

You become a storyteller. When you travel and your perspective broadens, you automatically become a more charismatic person, one that’s respected and admired for your bravery.

You are the center of attention, where people can come to you with their weirdest problems and not be judged because you’ve “been there done that” or witnessed it before.

#4: Your knowledge expands

Your wisdom of people, places and things are neatly memorized in your brain for whenever someone refers a foreign name to you and you don’t want to be gaping at them, looking clueless.

There is no doubt that the best kind of knowledge is obtained not from books, but from experience and exploration.

#3: You respect ethical boundaries

Jokes that maybe once seemed okay and appropriate begin to seem reckless and insensitive for the emotional baggage they carry outside of the place you were in.

You learn that people’s sense of humor in places is different and become attentive to their needs and demands. You begin to think of the world as your abode where things revolve around you. You realize there’s more to things than you see and comprehend.

#2: You grow socially

And quite literally, this even means you have friends all over the world. Something indeed to be proud of! You master the art of conversation in different languages and accents.

You’re like Hannah Montana, changing avatars for different sets of people!

#1: You’ve achieved balance

A level of harmony and ecstasy combined occurs to you that you didn’t have. Probably the result of new friends, wonderful memories and a lifetime of getting in touch with yourself.


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