10 Reasons why America is a big Superpower

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The undoubted ruler of the planet earth today is the United States of America, and why not, it has everything in the world required for being the super most power. USA had emerged as the sole world power after the mighty USSR collapsed in 1990. Pre 1990, USA and USSR were the two countries that had broken the world into two big pieces. As history has witnessed, different empires or countries have extended global influence over the earth and its resources during different times. Though emerging economies like India and China are potent threats, still one does not see USA’s influence getting any lesser in the coming days. USA is at the top whether we look at the economy factor or the defense factor. Nobody dares to mess with this super power; instead every country wants to maintain healthy relations with USA seeking to develop along the lines of the big giant. But what special things have always kept USA at the top? Though the reasons are many, listed below are the top 10 things that favor America’s supremacy over each and every country of the world:

10. Brilliant minds:

brilliant minds

USA has climbed the development ladder to the very top because of the brilliant minds which have contributed to its national growth. Brilliant minds may not mean American minds. There are millions of people who are not American by origin working in USA for US based companies. Intelligent minds especially from Asia find USA as the place which offers a better lifestyle, earning opportunities, security and other benefits to its employees. And there is pure truth in that. America has lured young people round the globe to work for it because of the excellent working conditions it provides. No surprises, America is the hub for most technological advances in various sectors, thanks to the millions of people of different nationalities working for it.

9. No internal problems and good governance:

good governance

We never hear of demonstrations and protests within the US. The people seem to be quite satisfied with the government. The government of United States of America should be praised for the good governance example it has set. There have been times when America has been hit by economic downs but the government has taken care to recover well within time, much to the pleasure of its citizens. The strong judicial system and the federal structure have maintained smooth functioning of USA’s internal matters. There are no threats to internal security of USA, which lets it concentrate on and examine global influence. Terrorism has struck US lately, but the authorities have taken stringent actions to make sure it does not traumatize the people of America anymore.

8. Optimum use of past opportunities:


America’s trade and economy have flourished since the times of the World Wars. During both the first and second world war, America emerged as major manufacturing centre and its exports to the deficient European countries boosted. Later, they never declined but extended to other parts of the world. Also, US has made and followed excellent strategies, thanks to its charismatic leaders like Lincoln, Clinton, Bush and now Barrack Obama. The capitalistic ideology took America to financial prowess. America did not let slip away any opportunities to develop further. With time even the enemies got friendly with America, like Russia. America has made no major decision blunders and its leadership has secured America a top place.

7. Control over natural resources:

control over natural resources

USA is a large country with tonnes of valuable resources required to boost the manufacturing sector, Silicon Valley being the best example of it. Silicon Valley is the home to all major innovations in the Information Technology field. Moreover, it has become allies with major countries like Canada and Australia which themselves are host to a variety of resources. America has also controlled free oil flow in the middle Asian countries and no country can counter its influence in that region.

6. Highest stake in United Nations:


The United Nations is the world’s umbrella organization which seeks to promote world peace and cooperation. The United Nations gets the largest donations from the USA and hence seeks to maintain America’s superiority above other member countries. The main financial agencies of the UN including the IMF and the World Bank are storehouse of American dollars which is the reason for America enjoying maximum patronage from them. The American influence can be seen in the value given to its say in all international matters, as well as, many top posts in these organizations are held by Americans.

5. Intelligence Agency of America:


The premiere CIA, Central Intelligence Agency of America has been instrumental in raising the status of USA to the topmost level. It operates under the commands coming in from the Director of National Intelligence. It has been collecting secret information regarding various foreign institutions and also the activities of emerging or hostile powers, against the USA. Its main purpose is the security of American people and the policymakers of America have kept into consideration the confidential information provided by the CIA to ensure a safe future for their citizens. The Directorate of Support, the Directorate of Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology and the National Clandestine Service constitute the four arms of the CIA which make it one of the most powerful intelligence agencies of the world.

4. Allies:


America has gained popular support globally and most of the countries are allies with America in regard with some sector or the other. The top allies for America have been Canada, UK, Germany, France and the Gulf countries. However, America is also friends with the top powers that may challenge its supremacy at some point in future which include China, Russia and India. The major sectors of collaborations have been defense, education, trade, intelligence and science and technology. Having allies has been very beneficial to USA in terms of increasing their dominance worldwide.

3. Everything under the name of democracy:


The USA has never let any evil image to be portrayed to its citizens or people round the globe.  Even if US has engaged in privacy encroachments, control over weak countries, killing and arresting of people, they have every time placed it under the covers of democracy, peace building and security of all. It has come out with strategies based on the principle of human rights, freedom and equality, and has not allowed anti-US sentiment to flourish. Therefore there have been lesser questions on the activities of American agencies and their intrusion is often assumed to be for the collective good.

2. Defense:


Undoubtedly, USA has the best defense system in the world where the strength lies in the use of technology for batter security. American forces possess ultra modern arms and weaponry. The nuclear arms have been newer and better additions. Recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars were an exhibition of the military might of the giant. Apart from keeping their defense up to date, USA has also been making keen efforts to ensure nuclear disarmament among the smaller countries. The largest defense factor adds heavily towards America’s dominance.

1. Economic stability of USA:


The US economy is the most stable in the world, owing this stability to their currency dollar which is used for all major transactions between different countries.  All major economic policies are made by different governments in the world keeping in mind the American prospects. Any downfall in the US economy hits the world rather hard. The capitalistic free trade economic regime of America has bloomed over the years and has credited to the dollar bank of US. Americans are largest producers as well as consumers and American companies are operating in all the countries of the world who have opened their gates to globalization. America is therefore the global economy leader and hence the most dominant of all countries.




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