10 reasons why being a Doctor is Great

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Becoming a doctor is not easy. Years and years of study and training and a lot of hard work is required if you want a career in medicine. You will also have to prepare yourself for a life full of difficulties, challenges and responsibilities; after all saving the lives of the patients and making sure they are completely cured and healthy is no child’s play. There will be times when you are going to ask yourself that is it really worth it? Well of course it is! A doctor’s life is not an easy one but it is certainly rewarding. Here are ten reasons why being a doctor is great!

10. Interacting with strangers- no big deal!

Being a doctor means that you have to meet and interact with several people everyday be it your patients, the patient’s family members or your colleagues. This definitely sharpens your social skills. Interacting with strangers is not really a problem for you if you are a doctor.

9 .You can take good care of your family as well as yourself

Being a doctor makes it easier for you to take care of you family’s health as well as your own health. You are a health care expert and know what is best for your family. You know the right preventive measures against diseases and you know the right treatments as well. Chances are that most of the time you may not even have to consult any other doctor! Even if you have to consult other specialists, your knowledge will certainly come to your rescue.

8. Various options to choose from

If you thought being a doctor only means you will have to diagnose and treat patients all day, you are highly mistaken.    Doctors have a long list of opportunities available for them. DOs and MDs get a number of options such as consulting, clinical research, hospital administration, public policy, public health and more. Orthopedics, cardiologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, pediatrician, gynecologist – this profession offers you a long list of options and you can choose to specialize in any field you like.

7.  Stability

Recession, scary word, isn’t it ? However, if you are a doctor, there is no need for you to worry. Chances are that you are never going to be out of job. Although recession has certianly affected healthcare, a doctor is not going to stay out of job for long.  The ups and downs of economy won’t really hit you that hard.

6. Challenging and Interesting

There are a number of reasons why being a doctor can never get boring. Doctors get the chance to work with most amazing and advanced technology available today. Cool, eh? For a doctor, no two days can be the same. They diagnose new patient’s everyday and each patient is a new challenge. Being a doctor can be anything but monotonous.

5. You are IMPORTANT

Dear doctors everywhere……………we love you!!!!  You are extremely important to the society. You have the power to make a difference and bring a change in your community.  As they say, “health is wealth’ and you help us take care of it. A world without doctors is unimaginable. So if you are a doctor, you should be proud of yourself

4. Respect

If you are a doctor, rest assured that you will be regarded highly no matter where you go.  This is a noble profession. Being a doctor makes you highly influential and so when you talk, people will listen. Qualities such as smart and intelligent are often associated with a doctor. People are going to respect you be it your relatives, friends or strangers. Doctors are considered to be accomplished and bright.

3. Trust

People share their most intimate details and extremely sensitive information with their doctors. They place their complete trust in the doctor and follow his/her advice religiously in hopes of being cured. The patient has faith in the skills and ability of the doctor.  It is certainly an honor to be trusted to this extent. This is an important reason is why being a doctor is simply great

2. A good salary!

This profession is undoubtedly one of the highest paying professions in the world. Building a career in medical field definitely requires a lot of patience, hard work and time but it is definitely worth it.  Other than a great salary, there are several other perks of working in a good hospital. Be it social success or economic success, a doctor has it all.

1. You make a difference!

From common cold to deadly diseases, we need a doctor for EVERYTHING. Doctors serve humanity in the best possible way. Their profession gives them a chance to make this world a better place. Being a doctor gives you an opportunity to save lives and help people when they are in the greatest need. There are a number of people who are living better and healthier lives just because a doctor came to their rescue when they got sick or injured. Surgeons and physicians have a dozen reasons to feel good about themselves. It is definitely a rewarding profession.


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