10 Reasons why Children Hate their Teachers

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My English teacher shouts too much in the class, I hate her… My Maths teacher is a real thug, I don’t like him… These are the common dialects parents often get to hear from their children. Younger kids often do not complain about their teachers but as they grow up most of them develop redundancy towards their teachers. The reason behind this hatred may vary, but the result is same, children start losing interest in studies.

Parenting is a tough job indeed. To protect your child’s interest in studies you need to help him/her with the problem. And in order to help, you need to understand the problem first. Here I would like to advice one thing that while getting into the depths never ever overreact in front of your child, even if you find out that your kid is being bullied. First thing you need to do is help him/her to soothe and calm down. To help you in getting to the roots of problem we have researched some issues which compel children to hate their teacher.

Here are 10 reasons why children hate their teachers:


10. Generation Gap

There is no doubt to the fact that the generation gap do exists between the teacher and students. This gap, large or small can be a gap of experiences, knowledge, and belief and its size remains directly proportional to the nature and extent of conflict. Children find it really hard to meet the expectation of older teachers and hence they end up tending more towards younger teacher. The huge gap between older teachers and children sometime leads to diminished understanding towards students’ behavior, lifestyle and belief as the younger generation is quite frank which is often seen as wild and violent when viewed from preceding generation’s perspective. Thus, this severe indifference between teacher and student to slowly takes the shape of hatred within the heart of children.


9. Frequent Reprimands

‘Why Do you come to School, when you don’t Like to Study’, ‘Why don’t you show this talent in studies, You will Grow’. The most common lines used by teachers to criticise. Whether you are a child or a grown up, you would never ever like criticism, neglecting the exceptional cases. Yet some teachers are into habit of criticising students for their every small and big mistake, harshly. This severe censure often goes unnoticed and is unintentional from teacher’s perspective yet it deeply affects children. And when this formal harsh criticism takes up a frequent cycle of occurrence, children are provoked and they end up developing a hatred towards the teachers.


8. Teachers often Exaggerate!

If you are an adult reader you must be aware of the figure of speech, hyperbole which uses intentional exaggeration in order to flaunt superiority. Teachers often do this blunder. They keep on blabbering and boasting about the new topic they are going to take up or an upcoming test or the marks they have given. Although this is totally a naïve attempt to develop little fear among children so that they would get pumped up to put their best but children often feel anxious with this and develop a negative feel for the teacher.


7. Teachers are Strict

‘Speak Loudly else I need to give you Breakfast – (Rolling Stick)’, some teachers often pretend to be strict towards the children. A strict teacher is very tough on children. Detention, sit ups, extra work, rework, canning, scolding, kneel down, hands up etc are the different weapons used by such teacher to tame students which is among the most frustrating, irritating, as well as agitating scene for children. Some teacher love to use this weapon often in order to take out there interest by developing terror. But the strictness imposed results in hatred for teachers. Children who get strict teachers have to keep a high standard in order to prevent themselves. Even if such teachers have good intention, the students fail to understand and appreciate them, because of their tender age. and they start hating them, and cursing them behind their back.


6. Monotonous Routine followed by teachers

Some teachers do not like to talk, laugh or interact with their class. They prefer to teach, teach and teach. As soon as they enter the class uttering ‘Sit down class and take out Chapter No.4, Page 101’. They repeat the same chores every day, and just stick to their job.  By following same monotonous routine everyday children get bored and they start to dislike the respective teacher. This dislike slowly takes form of hatred.


5. Superiority complex

Rare to perceive in teachers yet superiority complex is the most difficult behavior for children to handle, when exhibited by their teacher. Some good teachers often develop superiority complex and hence they always keep on criticizing children. This mean behavior is hard for children to handle as they are too young to cope up with such social evils and hence they slowly develop reluctance toward their teacher and end up disliking and subsequently hating them.


4. Biased Nature

All the teachers are biased, in fact not only teachers we all are biased. This is a universal flaw of human personality. The only difference is some are more biased and some are less. And the more biased category of teachers is quite hard for students to handle. Some teachers pick on their favorites and targets in class. They praise their favourite and criticize their targets, no matter what they do. Children often complain to their parents that ‘my teacher always picks on me, I hate her’. It is not just an excuse or a self made perception. Some teachers often do this, knowingly due to some personal reason or unknowingly out of their nature. This strengthens the roots of dislike for the so called teacher within children which slowly shifts to hatred.


3. The Tests and Exams..

Test and exams haunt children like nightmares. Children never want to take test but teacher always love to give test. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment a teacher gets by seeing positive result of the class for the test he has given cannot be described in words. Devoted teachers longs for this feeling. Hence they persistently keep on giving tests, which is in simple words a headache for children and the end up cursing the cause of the headache, their teacher.


2. The Personality Clash!

Same pole repels each other; a very basic rule of physics governs our lives as well. Two people with same nature often find hard to survive together. Yet it seems easier to adjust someone with same habits but practically it turns out to be a disaster. And the same disaster takes place when an egotist child gets an egotist teacher. They often get into a conflict which turns out to an argument and at the end, being younger and less powerful child is dominated by teacher which is enough to trigger agitation within him.


1. The Restriction Imposed!

Teachers Keep Warning children with do’s and Don’ts. They give home work and ask children to complete them on time; they put a check on their behaviour, and appearances too. Children even need to ask if they want to drink water or even go to pee. There are so many restrictions imposed on children while they are under vigilance of their teacher. This often freaks them out and they start hating their teacher for practically no reason!


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