10 Reasons Why Girls Should Propose a Guy

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Love is a pure and sacred feeling. It connects people with unbreakable threads. Being able to love someone and to be loved is a gift of god. Love being a symbol of purity can exist between any two people, be it a mother and a child, two friends or even a boy and a girl. It is a feeling which is voluntary therefore it cannot be imposed upon anyone. It happens on its own. Therefore when you love someone all you have to do is say it with an open heart and don’t fear the response. But what happens in today’s society is that boys are seen to take an initiative most of the time. And this often happens in the case of love that is when it comes to proposal. If you think hard over it doesn’t it seem to be a little unfair? Yes, it does because if you are in love with a guy you should express your feelings just at that moment rather than waiting for him to approach you. In spite of it girls usually keep mum and sit and wait for the other person to make the move. But for how long can you wait for him to pop the question. It is high time you take things in your hand and do it the right way. So here we come up with 10 reasons which tell us that why girls should be the first one to propose ?


Equality is a relevant issue in today’s world. Girls and guys are seen to be equal. Proposing a boy will let you know what he really feels about the equality issue by his reaction. According to his reaction the girl is free to decide their future. If he responds positively, the girl can think of some possibilities of being together in the future and if he question it then the girl are free to leave him to find someone who is not a sexist.


India being a male dominant country, boys have the thinking that it is their right to take an initiative in all the matters be it love. So girls should take a stand for themselves and be the ones to express their feelings initially. This will change the set pattern of the boys always proposing the girls. It will make them realize that things have changed compared to the olden times where girls were of a shy nature.


Girls are at a better mindset to propose as they are more concerned about the future. Being the mature ones they are sensible at handling a flow of emotions. They know how to make things go the right way. In case of rejection too girls know how to react. Whereas boys are not able to react to such situations and end up hurting themselves or the girl. They even become mentally unstable like going under depression spoiling their further future in academics too.


Girls are of the view that it is always the guys who propose so why should I? Now if the girls themselves think in such narrow minded terms then who else can change this thinking. Often a boy does not propose as a matter of being shy and fearing rejection. It is not always the girls who feel shy boys feel the same way too. Till how long can you keep sitting and waiting in spite of knowing your feelings for him are genuine. If even the girl hesitates in taking an initiative it comes to the end of a mere possibility of a future together. Why lose the chance of being with someone you like for the sake of ego clashes.


Mostly girls are seen to be surrounded by a group of boys flattering them and wanting to be friends with them. Therefore rather than being compelled to choose one out of them why not follow your heart and propose somebody you like. This will lead to a much happier end than expected. It is better to propose someone whom you want to be with rather than someone who wants to be with you. So take a chance and if you love someone just tell him.


The trend till now prevails to be such that guys propose the girls, if it is a yes then well and good or let it go. So why not go out of the league and start a new trend of approaching the guys yourselves. In fact leave the narrow minded people behind and make a change. Do not follow the crowd and start a way of your own which others follow too. This will change the thinking of the society.


Girls getting flattered by the guys is a common sight but the other way around is not a rare one. If you love someone make him feel special by telling him how you feel about him. Don’t think about what people may think just care for the person you love. When the guys propose you with all their love don’t you feel on top of the world then why not give them a chance to feel the same way too. It will come up as a matter of surprise for him and he will love it. Hence girls should pour their hearts out too to their lovers. This will just make your partner love you all the more. Here comes the turn of the boys of getting flattered.


Feminism asserts equality upon men and women. It teaches us to look at men and women as the equal gender. In the modern world all the females are in support of feminism in almost all the fields then why is love being made an exception to it? In fact being the more soft heart ones this is your stream where you can make a move. You are a strong girl you make good decisions in case of education and career then why not your private life too. You are a free thinking, open minded woman then behave like one. If you seek feminism in every point then be fair and just.


Just tickle your brain and think for once that when the girls in the 21st century are as vocal as guys about their feeling then why can’t they do the same with love too. Girls of today are given such a lot of freedom. Think of how many women just 50 years ago would have loved the opportunity to feel so liberated? All you have been wanting is liberalization or freedom to do whatever you want, now when it is there in your hands what are you waiting for. But what happens is that girls take a step back and are dependent upon the guys to come up to them. When you are given freedom you take advantage of it in every field. Proposing is just about walking up to that person and saying all that you feel. Being given an opportunity is a rare thing then why not grab it and spill the beans.




Guys now a days possess a flirtatious nature and therefore are not taken up in serious terms when it comes to love. The proposal of a boy is taken as a mere act of flirt. But girls attempting to propose a boy has more chances of a positive response. Only girls with a bold attitude have the guts to express their feelings openly. Being able to do that means keeping your ego aside and showing honesty towards your own self. Proposal by a girl is mostly out of sincerity and genuine feelings for someone and is accepted by the guys quite easily.


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