10 Reasons Why I Love Gardening

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Life gets busier and busier and it is harder than ever to fit in all the things you have to do let alone what you would like to do. It isn’t just working people and parents of young children who are short of time, people are retiring younger and keeping fitter and they soon find their new found freedom swallowed up by a host of tasks social events and leisure activities. In such a fast moving life it’s imperative that we nurture hobbies which soothe our nerves and calm us down. Gardening for many has provided such a recluse from busy lives that they lead. Gardening has many acclaimed benefits to its bag, besides being just a hobby it’s used as therapy for many disorders. Such is the magic of gardening that a separate branch of therapy called the horticulture therapy has been established to help people with anxiety disorders and many other psychological and physiological disorders. Here are ten reasons you should take to the shovel and get started on your backyard.

10. Nurture a gift.

This might seem unusual but recently gifting a plant has become a trend amongst a lot of people. Attracting environment lovers, and all those who are otherwise too busy to bother about the ecosystem or the aesthetics. Gifting a plant means much more than just the act of gifting. And especially if you have grown and nurtured it yourself it can make for a very personal enriching experience to whoever you are gifting it to.

9. Organic food: Kitchen garden

The rising problem with the population and cities is the supply of food which is not grown through chemical processes. Almost 80% of the food items we consume undergo some or the other chemical process from the plating of the seeds which are obtained by chemical parthenogenesis to plants sprayed with insecticide and pesticides. There’s no other escape from this circle but to grow your own kitchen garden and make sure that instead of the chemicals you utilize manure prepared from the leftover fruits and vegetables at your house, that way it’s a constant recycling of nutrients as well. And you get fresh organic chemical free fruits and vegetables for consumption, which are rich in minerals and vitamins. Gardeners as opposed to normal people are supposed to be in a habit of eating fruits which provides them important anti-oxidants.

8. Ecosystem nourishment

We talk a lot about giving back to nature. How the governments across the world aren’t doing their bit in maintaining the crucial balance between nature and us. Well, Instead of the entire cribbing one can just as easily do their own bit. Instead of hoards of shrubberies you can plant trees which hold the soil and provide a home to a variety of animals and birds. Just the existence of this little ecosystem in your own backyard can change the way you look at things, provide for a cool shade in the sun and a sense of responsibilities being fulfilled.

7. Mental health

Gardening has been hailed as one of the primary activities for mental well-being. People who have been suffering from depression or anxiety disorders are asked to devote some time in the community gardens. There is no better therapy then being close to nature and watching  your seeds germinate and blossom into flowers. The sense of life and all the wonderful things that come with it is instantly instilled within anyone who has tried gardening even for few days.

6. Aesthetic and scenic beauty

We all love seeing beautiful things around us. In a spring evening sitting in your garden and relaxing with the splash of blues whites and greens is a blissful and quite pleasurable experience. Moreover gardens add a soothing touch to any house. Amongst the daily angst of the modern life where a patch of greenery is hard to find to have a garden flourishing in your backyard or front porch can be very relaxing.

5. Physical well being

Gardening is not as easy as it seems, from looking after the saplings to watering the plants to pruning the bushes; a lot of physical work goes into maintaining a garden. With each season bringing something you working in your garden for one-two hours is same as exercising. Taking care of the plants also makes you realize how you should take care of your own health. Unless you nourish yourself and look after all the bodily needs, like the plants have theirs, you cannot except to live a healthy life. Moreover it has been proved that gardening reduces risks of diabetes and many lifestyle related disorders.

4. Activity

Gardening is a very fun activity. Asking someone why you garden is like asking an animal lover why you play with animals. It’s allegorical. Instead of sitting in front of the television and turning into couch potato working in a garden can be much more enriching. You won’t even notice how soon the time flies while gardening. Therefore gardening is one of the most enjoyable ways of not being useless and getting some work done.

3. Lessons in life

Gardening teaches much needed lessons in life. Patience being one of the foremost, plating a seed and waiting for it to grow is not easy task. To know that even after applying a lot of effort the result won’t be instant requires a lot of patience and calm. When someone gardens they completely zone out, it’s the best activity to both enjoy as a group and to cherish the pleasures being with your own self. It also teaches control, control over anxiety and emotions. No matter how much you take to dividing perennials, trimming shrubs, planting pots, digging out weeds. Plants take their own special time to blossom and grow. Some even call gardens a perfect metaphor for human lives. They need right amount of emotions and things in certain proportions to make something wonderful, nothing more nothing less. Gardens also teach us to love life better, to value every day spent living.

2. Instant stress buster

After a long day at work or at school or college, sitting in the garden and enjoying the scenery or just working in the garden creating and protecting beautiful things can soothe our nerves and souls. A certain calm dawns upon the person gardening the minute they see the fruits of their hard work and nature’s beauty. Telling us how man and nature should go side by side. Gardening is said to release endorphins which are the feel good hormones responsible for the instant kick of happiness in a stressful condition. Thus people with high blood pressure and hypertension are often advised to take to gardening as a hobby. Gardens also make for excellent places to contemplate mediate and relax putting your guard down and just breathing in the fresh air.

1. Connect with nature

It’s often said that gardeners live longer than average people. And this is just because they are much closer to nature. Just getting out in the sunlight helps lifting the mood, gardens will certainly make you get out more often thus filling your bodily needs of vital vitamin D. A research has shown that being in touch with the earth with the ground, literally, has a much deeper scientific connotation. It’s said that because we are around electrical items all the time, the Wi-Fi, cellphones, laptops etc. makes us develops develop positive charge if we are not in touch with the ground once in few days. And this can lead to inflammation and diseases. Being a gardener you are always in “touch” with the soil. A similar theory says that as opposed to most people shunning of dust, soil, as bad. It actually is very vital for the proper growth of the immune system. And exposure to the soil exposes us to many useful microorganisms and bacteria( and some amount of harmful too) but this leads to build up of an efficient immune system.


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