10 Reasons Why it is Better to be Single

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Is it that time of the year again? The season of love? Is Valentines’ Day just around the corner? You see couples everywhere. You see how happy they are in each others’ arms. See that girl there, resting her head on his shoulders, sharing her grief with him? Have you ever felt jealous when you see couples going out on dates or buying each other gifts, or when you see them messaging each other all day long? Have you ever felt like it’s about time you found someone to fall in love with, someone to share the rest of your life with? Hang in there! We have all been there, done that!

While it is all hunky-dory to be in a relationship, when it shows up its dark side, you will feel like throwing it all away in a jiff. You will feel like it was a big mistake and you were with the wrong person, when things don’t work out. Fighting over small issues, feeling misunderstood, crying over the fights, feeling not wanted are few things faced by people who have problems in their relationships. It is not easy to go through these. You feel like a part of you has been very deeply hurt.

While you are still too young, it is better to stay single, for it is quite improbable that you will find your soul mate in the first go itself. It is natural to like someone, but try not to fall in the relationship trap until you are good to go on your own. You don’t want to complicate your life, do you? This article gives you ten reasons why you should stay single. Go ahead and read it!

10. You manage your money better


When you are in a serious relationship, you have to spend a lot for your significant other, whether it is for expensive gifts or for the dates you go on, to high-end restaurants. While spending the money you have earnt, you have to always think of your partner before you make any decision. If you are single, you can handle your finances better and save a lot more. You are in full control of your money and you can spend it the way you want to, without having to explain or justify it.

9. You don’t have to put up with annoying habits


There may be many qualities and habits which you dislike in your partner. And even if you let them know about it, they may take it personally and it may lead to issues. Sometimes, they won’t change. They may not be willing to change. Why change, they may not be willing to try, even! Then you tend to get annoyed and your partner feels belittled. You don’t have to tolerate another person’s annoying habits if you are single. But if you are in a relationship, it becomes imperative that you do, or else how will the relationship sustain?

8. No worrying about how you look


If you have a date coming up, you start picking out the right outfit, doing your hair perfect, getting your face cleansed etc. You talk to your friends about it and ask them how you look. You start worrying if you have put on too much of weight. You look at yourself in the mirror, standing in every position possible, to make sure that you have pulled off that perfect look.  Why all this stress? Just for that one date? Is it really worth all your time and attention? If you are single, you don’t have to worry so much about your looks and you can be your flamboyant self. Being single is all about being carefree and natural!

7. No one to control you


When you are single, you are all by yourself. You will love the freedom. There is no one to control you, no one to tell what to do and when. Your nagging partner will not be present to be critical of you. You don’t have to please or impress anyone.  You are at your own free will to do anything that you may want to. Anything offbeat and conventional! You don’t have to explain to anyone as to what your activities will be.

6. Always ready to mingle!


If you are single, then you are most certainly ready to mingle! You can talk and be friendly with absolutely anyone, free of guilt. In a relationship, sometimes, your partner may be too possessive and may not like it if you talk and get friendly with other people. You will feel that your space is being restricted.  But if you are single, you can hang around with anyone you are comfortable with.  You will not feel the presence of someone watching over you. You meet more people and you come across newer experiences, which you otherwise won’t.

5. You spend more time with family and friends


Being single gives you more time for family and friends. You spend more quality time with them. But in a relationship, you spend most of your leisure time with your partner and your family feels neglected. You can go shopping with your close pals or you can spend time with old buddies and get the taste of the good, old times. Making time for family amidst your busy schedule is a must, and this you will be able to easily accomplish, if you are single.

4. No difference of opinion


All your decisions may not go down very well with your other half. Coming to a consensus can be so painstaking. For all your important decisions, you have to keep your partner in mind and consult him/her. You have to make decisions on behalf of your partner and this can be hard. You have to make so much room for another person in your life. If you are single, you are not answerable to anyone and you can pursue whatever you want because there is no one to disapprove of it.

3. More time for yourself


When you are single, you are all by your self and this has plenty of advantages. Your goals seem brighter than ever. You stay focused and full of zeal to achieve your ambitions. No one really comes in the way of your aspirations. You stay devoted to your duties unwaveringly. You have more time to treat yourself and pamper yourself. You can plan your life in a better way, for all your time is spent only for your self. You can concentrate on your shortcomings and overcome them because you have time to analyze yourself.

2. No fights and no heartbreaks


The saddest part of a relationship is the heartbreak that comes after it. Petty fights turn into major arguments and finally, it is time to call it off. No one likes to be criticized endlessly, right? There may be ego problems, trust problems or problems of any other kind. Some take too long to be fixed and some cannot be fixed. Life is much simpler and easier when you are single. No late night fights or no tears over a huge fight! You don’t have to seek your friend’s advice about what you should do with your partner. You don’t have to worry about how your relationship is turning out and whether your partner still loves you the way he or she used to. There is no problem at all!

1. You discover yourself!

self discovery

You give away a part of your heart, a part of yourself when you are committed to someone. And you will never get this part back. You will discover your true potential, the might of your abilities, your greatest strengths and your biggest weaknesses only when you are single. You face difficulties alone, but you also combat them alone, with your power alone. You are very independent and self-reliant. You have ample time to hone and pursue your passion. Being single is self-discovery at its best.




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