10 Reasons why Love turns into Hate

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We all have been in love at one point or the other, it may be one sided or it might be a full fledged relationship. If you have had breakups in the past, this article will refresh your memories about how you can end up hating a person you love. For those lucky ones who are in a relationship, these might be some tips to keep in mind when you are in a relationship so that you don’t end up hating the person you love. If you keep these things in mind, there might be less chances of getting disappointed and your relationship might flourish.


10- Not giving enough time


Relationships solely depend on how much time you give to the other person. If you have lots of ideas planned in your mind for your partner but you do not have enough time to execute them, then that is a problem. Unless you give proper time to your partner things will not change. You might have a lot of important work, but learn to prioritize things. When you do not give the other person enough time, that’s when negative feelings start coming in. Take off a day from work, come home early one day and surprise your loved one. Learn to give time and things will get smooth eventually.




The point when a partner starts hiding things from the other one is the point where the strong connection of love can break easily. Lying to the other person basically shows that either you don’t trust your partner to support you in a particular thing or you are doing something which you are sure that the other person will not like. Lying when you are about to give a surprise or those few little things is okay, but when lying takes place on a very serious issue, things can get worse. The worst part is when the other person finds out about the lie. That is when your trust is broken and you no longer feel comfortable with the other person. That is where hating develops.


8- Trying to change your partner


Sometimes you think that just because your partner loves you, they would be willing to do anything for you and in fact change themselves completely for than manner. Changing little things and little habits is okay but when you try to change your partner just to suit your own needs, that’s when the problem starts arising. You basically don’t love that person for who they are, in fact you want to change that person completely and then love him. At a particular time, that person will lose his original identity and become your puppet. This is a reason why your partner can blame you for the changed person he has become.




Fights are the most natural thing in a relationship or any relationship for that matter. The important thing over here is the intensity and the frequency of the fight. Small fights sometime are perfectly fine and are easy to deal with, in fact fights are known to bring two people closer, but only if they are rare and for legitimate reasons. The day you start fighting for no reason is the warning day. Fights can turn from small to worse and one or the other fight becomes a reason for the end of the relation. Do not let that happen. Stop fighting uselessly.


6- Taking you for granted


When you do not become a priority which you used to be earlier for your partner, that’s when problems start arising. You are in love with someone but now the other person starts taking you for granted. They do not care for you the way they used to; they keep other things prior to you because they know that you are already there in their life and will not go anywhere. The day these feelings comes up, that is the day the person who is being took for granted will start having second thoughts about the relationship as well as the person involved. Do not let that happen.


5-Irritations which are sometimes hard to handle


Don’t we all hate something so much that we can’t bear it when the other person does that? Haven’t you ever yelled at boyfriend for leaving the toilet seat up? Have you ever felt irritated when your girlfriend cannot understand directions? We all have had that situation when we feel irritated by some action of our partner. Sometimes, these situations build up much frequently and this causes an irritation which you cannot handle. You feel like tearing everything apart. Such type of a situation should not happen. Just sit and talk, that’s it.


4- Lack of conversation


You must have often heard couples say that they no longer talk the way they used to; they also say that they no longer have that “vibe” between them. This usually happens due to lack of conversation and discussion. One of the most important factors in a relationship is having constant conversation and keeping yourself updated about what is going on in the other person’s life. Having a conversation can make or break your relation. One of the most common ways by which relationships break is due to communication gap. Try to keep the conversation going on between you two and there will be no problems. A discussion over tea does not take much effort and after that it will become a habit of yours to talk to your partner.


3-Lack of romance


When a relationship initially starts, the heat of romance is at its peak. You will take your partner for romantic candle light dinners, say “I love you” whenever you can. Basically you make that extra effort and walk that extra mile just to see your partner happy. But as and when you move forward in a relationship you realize that the romance and that charm is wearing off. You sit and just remember all the previous moments and wonder why things have changed so much now. You often ask your partner about the same too, but all they say is “we have grown up”. Do not let that growing up ever take place and always be a kid who is pure at heart when it comes to a relation. Being romantic will never hurt.


2- Over possessiveness


It is okay to feel a little jealous when you see your partner talking about someone else or praising them. It is also okay when you have cute little fights on being possessive but its gets bad when the possessiveness turns into “over possessiveness”. When you become over possessive, you start questioning your partner for each and every action of theirs. The cute little jealousy becomes negative and the whole point totally changes. You are scared in even talking to a person of the opposite sex because you think it will be the reason for a fight between you two. If the factor of over possessiveness comes in, it will not take long before you start hating the person you love.


1- Cheating


The worst part that could happen in a relationship is when your partner cheats on you. When your partner cheats on you, that’s the point where you eventually get hurt, but later start hating the person. You start hating each and every aspect of that person, even the thought of him makes your heart filled with hatred. That is because you could never imagine that person breaking your trust like this. The moments you had shared with that person are now being shared by someone else. Cheating is where you are constantly reminded of the sin whenever you see that person. Cheating is generally hard to forgive and it has become the top reason for relationships to break and for a person to hate the one they loved.


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  1. Brenda Renkema

    November 9, 2014 3:25 am

    Add in with getting strung along for years, lied to, having things hidden from you, getting called a friend but never supported like a friend should be even as you give tons of support, yeah that will do it alright. I never felt so FREE in years as I do today admitting I hate that man now have NO idea what I thought he was good? Becasue he sure as hell was not good to me or encouraging, ODD he could advance with other people – but never wanted me too? I really do hate him and Karma got him more than once too and Good!!

    • Cheryl L

      January 17, 2015 1:06 am

      In my experience men come in very few categories. The ones that make you hot are also making other women hot. The ones who don’t make you hot would still cheat on you if they thought they could.

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