10 Reasons why Test Match is ‘the’ Real Cricket

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Cricket, do not need any prior description, the name itself is sung in each corner of India. Not just India, it is the most popular game even across the globe. Of all the  forms, test cricket is the most traditional forms of cricket.  Though other format have now become quite common but the test matches continues to be the real form of the cricket. It basically comprises of four innings, each of teams gets to play two innings each and for unlimited overs provided they don’t get bowled out by the opponents. So you can gauge the quality of match from the incessant efforts from both the sides for five days. Let us list down some of the points to justifies our claim.

10. Tests the Patience of Cricketer

Test cricket tests the patience of a player to adjust with the situation. A player requires  not to panic or get frustrated in such conditions and throw his wicket. The greatness of a cricketer is on taking the responsibility on his own shoulders and win the game for his team.

9. Opportunities of Comeback

In a five day game, even if you don’t start well or you have a bad first day, there are still high chances that you can make a comeback in the game. For example, one of the memorable victories in India happened in Kolkata  against Australia in 2001 when India played follow-on in second inning and still went on to win the game because of magnificent performance of V.V.S Laxman and his partnership with Rahul Dravid. Hence, a test cricket can be considered as one such game in which a team needs to keep his spirit high for all five days.

8. Requires High Concentration Level

Test cricket demands higher concentration level than T-20s or ODI . This form requires heavy focus on game and a player requires staying on crease for a longer period of time and concentrating on every ball. A players has to come out of his comfort zone and focus on the game according to the given conditions.

 7. Fitness level

In this form of cricket, a player needs to be both physically and mentally fit and that too for long five days period. A player needs to concentrate on field and maintain his fitness level throughout the game. A cricketer with low fitness level cannot exist for longer in this format.

6. Priority is Learning and not Money

Cricket is one such game whose beauty exists in developing the skill of a cricketer rather than dreaming of fatter purse. Newer T-20 formats like IPL is destroying the essence of cricket as players are auctioned and then selected by their owners. Money becomes the priority for most of players in this form. However, test cricket ensures that a player’s first priority should be his loyalty towards the game rather than exorbitant price they are paid during auction.

5.Teaches the Art of Learning Cricket

Test cricket is one such platform in which a player can explore all his talent and skill and would still get to learn more and more from this form. It is one such format where you never stop learning and you go on grasping more and more. A t-20 or an ODI might be a source of entertainment but when it comes to learning the art of cricket then test cricket is definitely a more superior form.

4. Provides Arena for Experiment

Test cricket provides arena for players to add variations in their game. For example, a spin-bowler can make different variations in his bowling like “doosra” or “googli” to trouble the batsmen. In a T-20 or ODI, a player prefers to keep it simple and not experiment much because of restrictions on time. But in this form, a player can experiment by adding variety in his cricket.

3. Game Plan

Test cricket requires pragmatic and tactical thinking. It is just like a game of chess where a player needs to makes a game plan and try to confuse the opposition team by implementing it in a positive way. A player needs to keep his focus on field throughout the game without losing concentration for hours.

2. Real Skill and Talent of a Cricketer is tested

Test cricket by no means can be considered as a cup of tea. A player real skill and ability to handle pressure for long time is tested in this form. Even the legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar complies with the same. The test match enhances the talent of a cricketer and increases his range of cricket.

1.Cleanest form of Cricket

Now, the most important reason on our countdown is that controversies and scandals happening in cricket matches. The other formats are no more pure because of rampant match fixing and bidding. However, the speculations of outcomes by the bookies are minimal in case of test matches. Thus we can say that the test matches is the cleanest form.



















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