10 Reasons Why the Society should Believe in God

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One of the biggest debates in the world, that we have come across is, “Does God exist? “. “Should we believe in God?” Well, there are two schools of thought that concern this:  One that believes in God affirmatively and one that doesn’t. We call the people who belong to the latter as ‘atheists’. They do not believe in the existence of deities. They are very skeptical about God’s existence. There is actually a third category, the ‘agnostics’. They are neither believers nor disbelievers. But they actively question the existence of God. They rely on empirical reasoning, rather than belief.  With the increase in the number of evil incidences and calamities all over the world, the number of atheists and agnostics has grown strong in number. When a person loses the most important things in life like loved ones etc. or a person is stripped of basic necessities and lives a life of abysmal conditions, that is when the disbelief in God begins. People begin to think that there is no Almighty to protect them and it is just blind faith that actually does not exist.

But actually, lack of belief in God is the cause of many evils. When one does not believe in God, feelings of mistrust, angst and insecurity creep up and in turn makes the person turn hostile. It would be good if the society as a whole believes in God. It helps the society become free of many social evils and be guided by the right values and virtues.

Well, what I would like to ask is, if we are not ready to believe the presence of God, then how can we feel his presence? It is about belief. If we believe, he will show up through his actions of helping and guiding us. If we do not believe, then we are not grateful for all the good things in our life. Whatever little things that give us happiness, is because of God. If we start thanking God for all the nice things, then surely, we can feel his presence.

This article gives ten reasons why the society should believe in God.


10. Origin of the universe


There has always been a conflict between Science and Religion. The origin of the universe was, as we all know, caused by the ‘Big Bang’. It was the sudden and massive explosion of energy and light. That is how the universe and everything we know came into existence. But what caused this explosion? How did everything stem out from nothing? Well, we can only perceive it as a supernatural phenomenon of grandeur and the credit goes to none other than God.

 9. How everything works – just as it should be


Science unravels the hidden truths of the universe and attributes rationale behind everything. But how orderly everything is, is just stunning! The planets, the galaxies and the stars! There is so much precision in everything. The seasons change every year, exactly how they should. How is it that there is so much mathematical accuracy? What causes this? The laws of nature obey whom? They obey God. When you see such splendid activities of a gigantic scale, you cannot help but think of God!


8. Peace and harmony


When it comes to world peace, the need of the hour is peace and harmony. It is only peace that can save this planet from the clutches and the wrath of war! The never ending fight for resources, money and power can be solved if everyone feels self-sufficient. As strange as it sounds, it is belief in God that brings about this peace! If we are immersed in prayer and feel blessed enough, the need for war does not arise! We may be divided in terms of religion, but we are all united by the Lord!


7. Nature’s bounty- just magnificent!


      Our beautiful nature is God’s creation.  We are all taken aback by the splendor of nature. Its pristine beauty is unparalleled.  Millions of species! There are things that are microscope and things that are way too gigantic! There is this great quote: “A thing of genuine beauty invokes in us, a sense of reverence for the divine.” True, there definitely is a creator’s hand, who made things so unimaginably impeccable. It is beyond imagination to think of the scale of nature.


6. Hope, faith and belief


          There are three words which add a lot of meaning to life. They are hope, faith and belief. When you have hope, you will not worry, for there is no room for insecurity. When you have faith in Almighty, your shoulders become light. You will not be misled by anyone or anything. And finally, when you have belief, you will be completely satisfied. Disbelief will only lead one down the path of disappointment. I believe this should come handy: “The longer your worry list, the smaller is your belief in God” When you cast your burden on God, he bears it for you!

5. Love and compassion


Love and compassion shine bright in God’s lexicon. And he wants us to follow him. When the society believes in God, we will follow the lessons and values taught by him. Love for God will bring about love for fellow humans and creatures. Humanitarian values like compassion are sadly underrated. There is no place for emotions and empathy. Everything is money, these days. When we believe in God and practice what he expects us to, the world will definitely be a warmer place to live in!

4. He’s always there!


God never lets us down, if we are genuine and honest. He’s always there! Think of all those desperate moments when you have prayed to the Lord, to save you. Has he ever let you down? Has he not rescued you exactly when you needed it? We should be grateful to God for all those times. God never lets his devotees down. He always walks by your side through the difficult times. Believe in destiny. Believe that God has made the best plan for you.

  3. Miracles – makes you wonder!


We cannot reason out few things. There are some things that are supernatural and paranormal. Elders call it superstition.  Do you believe in miracles? Have you experienced any? One may ponder when hearing about such experiences from others. But when we ourselves experience a miracle, only then will we learn its value. It is God who makes miracles happen! Miracles happen few times during one’s life and they may even change the course of life. Miracles are evidences that God exists!

2. You always need someone to protect you


God is the protector of all species. He guides us and helps us. He saves us from danger and guards us against all evils. Belief in God gives us strength to face the world and to overcome our fears. God wards off all perils that come our way. Life is not a bed of roses! God removes thorns from our paths when we seek his divine intervention. The same God who created us also works to protect us and comfort us. Our sincere prayers never go in vain. How God listens to the prayer of every one of us and hears us out is a miracle!  “Let God’s promises shine over your problems”

1. Self-discovery – the path of truth


“God is inexplicable and planted deep within our souls”. Have you heard people say, “I see God in everything. I see God in myself”? Well, such people are blessed, for they have uncovered the ultimate truth of life! When you believe and perceive God, you discover yourself, the true you! You follow the path of truth and self-righteousness. You will be answerable to your conscience. You will have clarity of thought. Your mind, body, heart and soul will be in perfect harmony. You will love life!

I would like to conclude with this quote: “Every happening, big or small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us and the art of life is to get the message”


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