10 Reasons why Village Life is Healthier Option

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It’s a saying that healthy lifestyle is the key to success and everyone wants to be successful. But it’s tough as people ignoring their health completely in their fast track life. The lifestyle they are having is really matter when it comes to health. People use to say that the early people or the old generation was much fitter and healthier than todays, but we still not looking at the reason behind it. The reason is nothing but their lifestyle which is still alive in our villages. Their free mind thinking, this was possible only because of the life style and the environment full of peace and silence.


There have been a study on this and according to that study the dressing style really have an effect on our health .Report says the low west jeans and tight clothes causes very harmful disease which may led to even paralyses and other bone and nervous system problems.  But at the same time if we take a look to villages the people used to wear comfortable dresses which is simple but yet attractive to all of us. The beauty in these clothes remains untouched and it gives you a vibrant and healthy lifestyle which led to a healthier you. The young generation is much attracted by the western culture and they are just wanting to look attractive but it’s not needed that you compromise your health. It’s just that wear only clothes and dresses that comforts you. Indian dresses can be a good option by this point of view.


The people living in villages have a very well scheduled life as they maintain their regularity and punctuality to their work .If we have a look to metros the people used to have late night parties and then they have to go on for their offices and the result is a stressful and  a lazy day . They keep their self so busy that they don’t get time for themselves or their health. While on the other hand in villages people follow the proverb “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” as they wake up very early enjoy the morning and it’s a fact that best part of day is morning which is health giving as it’s provide the newness and energy. They got all that because they have a time-table in their life which provide them stability in life. Even in cities people go for morning walk because somewhere they realize the importance of health and nature.


In villages people use natural resources and fresh food which help in good health gaining. They always lie on their own cultivated crops which are free from harmful bacteria and at the same time they keep themselves away from packed food. In villages people do farming and they grow their food by themselves and of best quality which is a very good health providing option .


As we are saying attachment to motherland I mean that they are so down to earth and straight forward that they don’t feel stressed. They know about the nature and which make them much closer to their motherland and of course it led to more plantation and cropping which is a good option of healthy environment  that provide health directly or indirectly.


The generation today we are having, always prefer adventures but best adventure is in village lifestyle as they use technology as less as possible. They always do every routine work by their own way by their own hand which really much better than workout in gyms. Instead of using electronics in daily working life it’s much better to work by own hand or by ourselves and it’s also healthier option.


When we say bad health it is completely means the bad effect of environment and atmosphere around them that cause this bad health. The petrol, diesel and other carbonic fuels are causing the pollution. When we look at the village lifestyle instead of using car or other vehicles they prefer walking and cycling which is much health providing and keep us much active.


In villages everything is pure as in pure air pure water pure atmosphere pure thought and this purity is in food and life style as well. This purity led to a healthier life style as purity make you divine and pure .This purity led to calmness which is just vanished from today lifestyle.


By this we mean that you can feel like how could be village life so interesting but it’s really true you feel connected to nature and all that you experience makes you thrilled because is so vibrant and lovely views are here and village life style makes you able to see the beautiful views like sun set ,sun rise ,beautiful shining night full of star which makes you feel mentally healthy and much relaxed than the artificial view from your laptop or smart-phone or may be TV.A person feel happy and healthy when it got beautiful and pleasant memories from around them and I think if we talk about the cities then this pleasant flew away because everywhere is noise and pollution in this condition we can’t expect the pleasure and it only will give us pressure and a bad health.


Now a day people are so much lazy that they just don’t care about their health. If they are hungry they just order a pizza or other junk food. But by various studies it is proven that the biggest enemy of health is junk food because junk food causes many of disease like fat, food poisoning and other disease which can spoil the health completely. In villages it’s completely true that they only take natural food items. They don’t take packaged food and they support only eating fresh and healthy. In other words a healthy life is depending on healthy eating habits. Villagers really care about what they are having and what they are letting their children to have which means a healthier lifestyle.


In villages there exists a close bound among people. Best part of village lifestyle is that people are so interconnected and attached .In the village there exists chaupals that is really entertaining as the old age person share their experiences of life which is really stress buster and motivating. One more interesting thing is that people are understanding and if any dispute arises among them they solve it by talking to each other in panchayats and they ignore going to police and court which is again lessen the stress which is again health providing since stress is the biggest enemy of health . if a person is stressed he will completely lost his health because it make your mind disturbed as a result your concentration is completely finished and you will be ignoring your food and daily routine. So if there is no stress then there will be good health and it is just because of the village lifestyle.


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