10 Reasons why War’s are evil for Everyone

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We have already read about that one thing which has consumed the whole nation or society- WAR. The atrocities that man causes is endless still it encourages its innermost demon to overwhelm his mind and a cause a greater rage called war. There were thousands of ruthless rulers who intruded other’s territory and cause mayhem causing battles and wars. Obviously war is never good; it has always been an evil for whole human kind and nature. I don’t think I need to enumerate the number of troubles it is for everyone:

10.It paves way for corruption:

Of course if there is a war going on in the place, there is a sudden dearth of requisite items, food and more important living life. But there is no dearth of people trying to take good advantage of the situation, they will hike every item’s price by like 100 times and the common man will be left at the perils of corruption and no place to hide or escape. The seeds of corruption are sowed in these times which can take infinite or eternity to be eradicated.

9.A useless way to divert all the rage:

Ok! You always thought wars are outcome of many problems and sufferings that people faced. But there are many cases in history which has shown wars are a mere source to attain power and revenge. Means how can it be satisfying to know that thousands were killed, death looming over innocent denizens, money was drained from the people’s taxes just for the sake of revenge?

The ruthless rulers were to blame for the disaster which could have been merely sorted out in peace.

8.Poverty rises above all:

There was a time when every single person of the place was leaving in harmony, but due to the war the life seem to be stalled and all people do only thing, that is, hid inside their house in fear. No work and huge consumption of nation’s economy will do no good but create hindrance for the common man and after war; there is no single penny in the treasure left or the happy fields to work upon.

7.Political chaos:

A war is something which can shatter some of the strongest dynasties and blow them in dust. People have no longer trust in the present political leader, they oppose them and the scenario completely changes. Some of the nations embrace dictatorship or communist government which generally is hostile towards other cultures. There is dissentment among the masses against the leader which can at any moment tumble down.

6.Loss of lives and endless shedding of tears:

Imagine a place full of bloodshed and people weeping loudly near the headless or the hand-less once human bodies. If the imagination is so gory, how can we heave a sigh even if our dear ones are safe? The neighbors once we used to play with have lost their parents or siblings to the war. They are in no peace until some hundred or two hundred years.

5.A burden left on the country’s economy:

Millions and billions of money had been drained from the country’s treasure in the name of ammunition and war expenditures. In the rage for power and revenge, the leader did not think even twice before closing his eyes for his people. After the war, people are left with no ray of hope from government. Price rise will be on its epitome, curfew hours summoned and last but not the least, no assistance from the neighboring hostile countries.

4.Sowing seeds for terrorism:

There can never be a happy ending for a war. Many groups are formed which claim to curb the evils of the Government and gives a shoulder for the dear ones of the deceased to take revenge. Terrorists are born out of this war who are eroded of any feelings for other and vengeance is the only thing in their mind.

3.An imminent danger lurking over:

As if the wealth drain, loss and despair were not enough, there is a fear lurking over. It is the fear of another war being evoked. After the Second World War, there were conflicts for armaments and race for possession of deadliest weapons which forced the world to tremble for a dark future, The Cold war. Although, there was no such war in future but the hostility continued and trust disappeared in thin air.

2.Outbreak of diseases and no cure:

The after effects of a war are indescribable. Is it hard to think thousands of wounded, dead people being stranded near the hospital which has no space for more patients? Death becomes inevitable in this situation for even a not so near fatal case. Thanks to nuclear weapons, it has the effect on the environment for ages. It has left many handicapped, many incurable diseases to its credit.

1.Hatred and resentment among all and sundry:

The ruler who started the war will spare no one who didn’t support him, fleeing many people for their lives. The new society created will have none other than hatred for the opposing religion or culture. The people who lived together, ate together are no longer pals. Slowly but definitely every single person will doubt the other’s integrity and honesty. In these cases, humanity will cease to exist.


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