10 Reasons why War’s are evil for Everyone

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We all have been taught that fighting is no good, be it one to one or in more number. Based on dictionary armed conflicts between nations or states or two different groups is called as war. But, its not just that, a war is a lot many things which sometimes has no meaning at all. Why do we fight? Has anyone got an answer to it? One might state different reasons, but to be reasonable none of the reasons are valid or carries any calm decision.

Raging war is not new and its been happening since 100’s of years ago. There were wars between two kingdoms of the kings and queens times as well. All the reasons circles to one reason of greediness, of being more powerful, having more success than others, and the need to rule. In simple it is all about power, glory, and territory gain. So probably its difficult to say which was the first war. Although based on historical findings, the first war ever recorded was occurred in c.2700 B.C. It was between Summer (modern Iraq) and Elam (part of now Iran). Since, there are many war fought and the worst happened in the world war I and II. Lot many places destroyed and millions of people died.

It is needless to say that war is evil for the entire living beings on this earth. Not only humans who suffer by it, but other living beings are also harmed and destroyed during a war.

Some of the reasons why war’s are evil for everyone are,

10. Loss of Economy


Everyone strive to be the best and have the best of the resources. Like how, every single layman struggle to develop in their lives, by trying to get better jobs, earn more money, similarly every individual country wants to be best and well developed. The economical development of any place or a country is the major reason for it to be the world’s best developed or not developed country.

After a war, most of the resources would be destroyed and the places need to re build their power, resource and economy, sometimes from scratch or sometimes with left outs. This causes the slow development, making the country to struggle, which is a reason never any good for anyone in a place which is affected by the war aftermaths. Decline in economy of a country or any place leads to many other internal problems such as poverty, illiteracy, high population, etc. Hence war is evil.

9. Destruction of societies


It is one thing to fight directly face to face and punching each other and totally another thing to use ammunition’s and destroy everything together. War, is one such thing which cannot be fought without using missiles and harmful objects which can destroy the entire place. The bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one example which was badly affected by war.

When a war is fought, places are destroyed and it takes a lot of resources and costs a lot more money to rebuild, and not to mention the time and energy of the people. The gain here is nothing for the normal people and their loss is more bigger, finding themselves in difficult situations such as loosing family members to death, loss of houses and employment, etc. Provided, if there are poor leadership in re-building, it leads to political fights and separation among people and societies. While its said, its always better to avoid war and the fight on other nations.

8. Pieces of Peace


I have never heard, a fight give you peace of mind, it might get you that materialist for which one might fight, but never the peace of mind. In most cases, war happens because of the greed of the authoritative nations or people. Greed and peace are two feelings which is always miles apart and never associates. A greedy person can never be happy and satisfied.

Hence when there happens a war, the peace of mind of every single citizen is destroyed and people are more troubled with many mental disorders. Many soldiers who fights in a war die, or get injured as bad that they might not be able to do anything with their remaining life. The problems created due to war makes people more vulnerable and the fear of being killed can cause post traumatic disorders, stress, mental illness etc. A war can make our peace of mind into pieces. Hence raging war to find solution for the problems between two or more groups, or nations is never a solution, instead it will only create more issues.

7. Increase in terrorism


What is terrorism? And why everyone are afraid of terrorism?. The act of violence causing harm and death within normal citizens by threatening and created fear among people in the name of religion, political goals or any other is called terrorism. Well, no doubt that it scares everyone of us. Sometimes there is a warning before an attack and sometimes there isn’t. Going on war to stop the act of terrorism is never a complete solution, because all it does is increase the rage and cause more problems and deaths among the citizens. Sometimes a war can also be a reason for the increase in the terrorism. The death of people, destruction of societies etc transforms into more rage making the defeated individual to strike back and it never ends. So war only increases the threat of terrorism and more death of common people who are the more sufferers.

6. Wastage of resources


Those extraordinary minds who discovered the power of nuclear reactors, bombs and other harmful and powerful ammunition, probably never knew what their inventions can lead to. Their intention might have been for good, because everything on this earth has its purpose, but the worst part of it is its been misused to satisfy the greed and gain of nations who wants to have a war. While human can create such extraordinary things, it is human who ends it all and destroys everything. War is nothing but wastage of a lot resources of a place or a country. The resources which we need more for the development are used for destruction purposes. Hence the reason, after a war most places find without any resource and its difficult to re-build. Again, the gain here is nothing and the loss is everything.

5. Exploitation among humans


Being powerful or in a higher class than the other gives way to exploitation of the one in the lower or the one in a more vulnerable state. So far we realized that a war has only a cause for more destruction than construction and it, leading to more poor conditions and development. This state of being poor and having less of resources can give way for others who won the war or who are more powerful to exploit the common people leading into slavery and other cruel acts of mankind. Also leading to exploiting each other to survive, for food, exploiting woman and children etc. There is absolutely no reason to say we need war to defend or solve something and there are plenty reasons a war is more evil.

4. Spread of deadly diseases


Death is inevitable and there are many reasons for a human to die. One might die with natural causes and some with accidental deaths while some die due to health issues. There are certain diseases which are so deadly that they might not have any cure and leading to the death of a person.

A war uses a lot of nuclear energies, chemicals etc to kill people in mass and these chemicals used are sometimes harmful even later once the war ended as it mixes with other substances in air, causing many health issues in human.

Famously known as the ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ caused by the Gulf War to many men who participated in the war directly or indirectly is one such example. There are also many undiagnosed diseases which people suffer after a war. Hence a war is as evil as it can be which causes more death.

3. Increases poverty


As discussed above, a war declines the economy of a nation, its a well known fact that low economy always leads to poverty. A war uses almost the entire resources, leading to the need of more in order to support the nation. It gets difficult for a nation to provide for its people when everything is destroyed and spent. Lack of food, money etc leads to poverty and which in turn leads to many other major issues such as the unemployment, child labor, illiteracy etc.

2. Builds more hate feelings


The gain of one person is a loss of another, and more reason for the later to not like the one who won. When in a war, two or more nations or groups fight and kill people, there are common people who are more troubled for loosing a family member. Many of those soldiers who fight for the nation are sometimes the only bread earner in the family, and his death can be a great loss for not having anyone else to provide for the daily basic needs. Well, no awards of bravery would bring back the person for the family members or it will provide for their entire life of all the people in the family. This kind of situations will only lead to hatred feelings towards the other nations among people leading into more enmity than growing a healthy friendship among nations. War sounds more evil to me now.

1. Ultimate destruction of humankind


So far we saw what a war can do, but we did not find a single reason to say its good for us, instead it is more evil to everyone. There is always a way to fight back but violence is never a reason or a way to fight back. There are many other non-violence methods to fight. A war leads to destruction of almost everything, ultimately leading to the destruction of the complete humankind. We have already seen World War I and II. We also know the problems and issues faced after these wars and even today many people are suffering from these wars. After knowing all the consequences of a war, it can be termed as mere foolishness to think of another war.

Every single individual forms a society, a society into a state, a state into a country. It is the duty of every citizen to understand the consequences of a war and try to stop fighting among nations.


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