10 Reasons Why Women are more Superior to Men

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From antiquity men have been considered the more powerful and dominant sex on earth. It is also conceivable that in the near future, the human race could be populated solely by men. Women being already in the red zone are threatened no less. It is high time for guys to get in our shoes and realize our superiority. Of course we do not support discrimination because we are on the receiving end. But at times it always feels better to be glorified for being the better half of the species. Here are 10 reasons to prove the aforementioned fact.

10. Recession- say what?


As per statistics, recession has affected 80 per cent of men as male dominated fields like manufacturing and finance have been hit the hardest. You have seen employers and employees crying their hearts out to lament the fall of their companies. Now we are not here to sympathize with their losses nor are we criticizing their sex. That will be detrimental from our career’s perspective but maybe it is time we feel happy about nursing and educating.

9. The heels


When it comes to balance, we have got it all. Be it ascending or descending the escalators cutting through the crowd, running around on slippery mall floors with big shopping bags, walking on a ramp or a pebbled street full of puddles, heels accompany a woman everywhere. Women have it in their nature and if not they can learn this art with minimal effort. This may sound as no big deal but it signifies superior balance and muscle coordination. And where do balance and coordination come from?  Need I say more?

8. Spic and span


No studies or statistics are required to signal the authenticity of the fact that we are cleaner and more organized than men. We love to live in clean environments. I am sure none of us have seen a man clean up his pet dog’s poop lying in the middle of his very living room. But when it comes to women, all of this is taken care of immediately. Our mothers might rant about keeping the rooms clean, dining on the table, using napkins etc. but it is for our own good hygiene. Women make the ambiance healthier. Accept it.

7. Come to the experts


To whom does Ted Mosby rush when he faces love problems. The popular sitcom “How I met your mother” shows Lily in good light of being a relationship expert. And if you guessed the answer to the above question, there are no points for you. When the problem is love, you are in the right hands if you are with a girl friend of yours. A guy will often advise you to leave it or grab it at a go. These are just one liner which may sound all cool and fancy but actually they are not. One will often end up having an argument and breaking up. A woman on the other hand will always analyse the situation and advise accordingly. Believe me, she can get a quick access in your head and map your relationship status. No wonder we are hospitable and critique at the same time.

6. Emotional quotient


Women know how to converse with people and convince them. They can talk to their friends, relatives, bus or auto drivers, pharmacists, random people in line at the MC Donald’s, the postman etc. There are many tests of emotional intelligence, and most seem to point that women have an edge over men when it narrows down to a happy and successful life. In today’s world, more companies are starting to recognize the advantages of high emotional quotient rather than considering just the intellectual level of an individual. They have become very specific about offering the jobs to people specially for positions like sales, teams and leadership where EQ plays a prudent role.

5. Better learners


We learn better. I don’t say this but the studies do. Scientists at the Georgia and Columbia University have researched that women tend to learn in a better and a faster way. Women are more attentive in classes and have a very flexible frame of mind. We can adjust to the changing curriculum and can also manage to shuffle between heaps of books. Lucid is the fact we are highly organized and detail-oriented. We can expand our minds in a better fashion and categorize the information in their respective stacks. So the next time you see yourself stuck in a management crisis, come to us because we might have already submitted our reviews.

4. No wars


Communication is important to civilization. Quoting a famous speaker, “The ability to communicate effectively through speaking as well as writing is highly valued and demanded in business.” Who will grasp this fact better than women? We often dwell on an argument rather fighting the matter out. Since time immemorial men are known for their feisty and aggressive nature. They want a quick solution to every problem. It is of least consideration the type of solution they seek for, be it verbal argument or a good thrashing. How many times have you seen a woman get on the road and start abusing the rickshaw vendor for asking a few more pennies? I am sure you might have never seen such a scenario anywhere. We communicate and argue our rights. We don’t thrust them down someone’s throat. So if women ruled the world, there would be fewer wars.

3. Multi-tasking


The Hindu goddess of “Shakti” or power is none other than goddess Durga who is depicted with her 10 hands intact and engaged. The reference made is for you to avow that women can multi-task. There is always too much on our plate but never is the situation “not my cup of tea”. We have been hogging the limelight for this contentious statement but it is true in Toto. Female brains are so developed to process different types of information all at once. And one does not have to go and raise a conundrum in the city. Simply observe your mother or wife. She can cook your dinner, help her child in her homework, catch a quick glimpse of her sitcom, answer the door, pay the bills and write out tomorrow’s shopping list in concert.

2. Better parent


There are definitely some good fathers out there in the world, but can you ever falsify the credibility of a mother. The modern society is moving towards women raising the children alone. There are a lot of reasons for this sudden shift, but in a nutshell they are emotion, patience and instinct. Women have the composure and emotional backbone to nurture their child. Parenting is considered to be the world’s most difficult job. But women are born nurturers and hence it is in their instinct. They possess the capacity to be emotionally attached and strict at the same time. A weeping baby might sound like any other nuisance baby, but a mother will always know his needs. A woman has her child figured out.

1. Tolerance for pain


This is possibly the most obvious way in which women are superior to men. But sometimes the most obvious reasons are the most important ones and go unnoticed. Mumble the words periods, cramps and men will distance themselves. Here is an interesting incident. Two men in some part of the world had volunteered to experience childbirth as they were skeptical about their wives exaggerating about the pain. They were attached to an artificial labor-pain simulator.  The result was sheer agonizing cries.  Women do not blow it out of proportions in the labor rooms. Also after the birth, a woman’s body is capable of providing food in the form of milk to the baby. Is not that a marvel? So guys and girls, women are the creators of the universe. Joys come in leaps and bounds when we are crowned so. This is said in absolute no discriminating sense but as a universal accomplishment.


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  1. Noah's Ark

    July 19, 2013 6:09 am

    And it was because of Eve and after her creation that Adam started to admire beauty and appreciated what was around him(Heaven). Even in my opinion women are superior to men. Keep up the good work.:))

  2. Jack Ester

    April 15, 2015 5:24 am

    If this article argued the opposite it would shortly be shot down as sexist. I am not arguing that it wouldn’t be sexist, but that this article is.

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