10 Reasons Why you Should become a Politician

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Let’s face it. We love to hate our politicians. They give us enough reasons to feel that way. You must have heard it innumerable times that politics is a dirty business. Politicians are corrupt and amoral. They give two hoots about public sentiments and so on and so forth. On the flip side, have you ever wondered about becoming one? It is easy to whine and complain. When it comes to taking responsibilities, most of us look in the opposite direction. If we think rationally then perhaps some our most revered icons have been politicians like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and John F. Kennedy. It is true that in recent times a few rotten apples have maligned the entire community. It is almost impossible to expect a politician to be devoid of materialistic aspirations. After all he/she too is a flesh and blood human being. At the same time, it is important for the person to ensure that his/her hunger for more does not hamper the future of those millions, whom he is supposed to represent. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – John F.Kennedy.

Fraudulent behaviour on the part of a politician is certainly not desirable but our dislike for politicians may have far more intricate reasons. It is inherent in basic human nature to envy a person in higher position and stature than himself/herself. We may detest seeing an “equal” mortal at an elevated position than ourselves. Now whether they are worth the power is a separate question. Politics is a gray-shaded zone and hence we can safely say fair is foul and foul is fair in the world of politics. So now it is time to give 10 reasons why you should be a politician. Read on and ponder over them.

 10. You cannot be fired

 do not get fired

Suppose your boss is unhappy with the way you are performing as an employee. He shoots a letter to a higher authority or sometimes even that is not needed. As a result of it, you are fired from your job. What follows are days of anxiety, high blood pressure and dejection. Now if you are a politician, you do not need to worry about getting fired because of your unimpressive performance. Your performance is put to test only during elections, which happen every 4-5 years, varying from country to country. Even if you lose a particular election, you can always find shelter under your political patronage, provided you are in their good books. You can always make a comeback in electoral politics whenever you wish to.

 9. Age no bar

 age no bar

In the Indian context, you cannot be a member of parliament till you are 25. That does not mean you cannot take part in local/college level politics while you are below 25. In fact the experience of leading and representing a group of people that you will gather during that time can be put to use later on. Student politics can be seen as a launch-pad or a grooming platform for something bigger. Now coming to those who have started sporting that speck of grey hair, you need not worry. In politics, age is truly a number and you are forever young. There is no age of retirement in politics. Savour the luxury till you die.  It is better than any life-insurance scheme.

 8. Climbing the social ladder

 climbing the social ladder

The best part about politics is that nobody bothers to see your graduation scores or even your high school mark-sheet. This is one aspect about politics though that has invited sharp criticism especially in a country like India. People moan over the fact that politicians, who have hardly passed their secondary exams, sit prettily in the parliament and frame important laws. The brighter side of this is that you can be in their position if you invest your resources in the right direction. Imagine the topper of your class, who has somehow become a top-notch industrialist of the country, coming to you for assistance and favour. That must be a heavenly feeling. As a politician, you get invited to the most prestigious parties and events and simultaneously your social quotient gets a boost.

 7. Freebies and privileges

 freebies and privileges

If you happen to get elected as a Member of Parliament, you will not be required to spend any money on any thing any more. Starting from cars to bungalows to educating your children to foreign trips, everything will come to you free of cost. On top of that, you will have an official government vehicle with hooter. When you and your vehicle hit the street, nobody can be more important than you. As a politician, you have access to party funds and if elected as a minister, you can visit foreign shores along with your family, thanks to diplomatic appointments. All this and more will come to you without shelling a single penny from your pocket.

 6. To learn new skills and remain updated

 to learn new skills

Now it is time to keep all those petty materialistic indulgences at bay and think about something nobler. Well now what is ‘noble’ and what is not is again a subjective matter. Being a politician can be equated to having done a multi-disciplinary course. You are expected to know about everything under the sun. Maybe this is one area where an ‘uneducated’ politician can score brownie points over his/her ‘educated’ counterparts. It is also possible that you have acquired a degree in political science and you have been asked to handle the finances of the country. That is when the minister in question needs to brush up his/her financial skills and venture out of their comfort zone. As a politician you are supposed to keep yourself updated about current affairs so that you have answers to every question posed by the media and fellow politicians. This will enrich you as an individual and make you a truly learned person.

 5. Popularity among masses


Who would not like to be the centre of attention among friends, colleagues and others? I am sure that most of us would jump at that opportunity. Hence, it will prove to be an icing on the cake if that popularity comes at a larger scale. Imagine yourself standing on a podium and delivering a lecture in front of a crowd of thousands and lakhs of people. People in your neighbourhood and even those in far away territories would know you and discuss you. Now whether the discussion will be about positives or negatives, the framework for it has to be laid by you.

 4. Mastering the art of oration

 mastering the art of oration

It is a reality that each and every person does not have it in them to amass a crowd. You have to make people listen to every word you utter. This can happen only if you speak eloquently and with confidence. Even if you are not great with oration skills, being a politician can help you in inculcating it and building up a confidence that will eventually make you a leader. It is surely a wonderful feeling when you can put across your views in its correct form to your audience. When they will praise and accept your views, it will give you a different high altogether. So if not for anything else, become a politician just to enhance your self-confidence and speaking skills.

 3. Making your voice count

 make your voice count

You have an idea. It maybe something that can bring about a positive change to society and to the future of humanity. If that is the case with you, go ahead and make a difference. It is not mandatory for you to join politics to make yourself heard. There are many different ways to do that but trust me, if you are a part of the influential political circle, you are bound to make a difference if you desire to. Keep your conscience clean and take stealthy steps towards your goal. That should be your mantra while you enter politics.

 2. To dismantle the non-performing politicians from power

 dismantle non-performing politicians

If you are tired and let down by the empty futile promises of certain existing politicians, the idea is not to sit back and whine about it but to take an initiative yourself. Change is the only thing that is constant. Every system needs a steady influx of new thoughts and ideas to keep it thriving for long. The same can be said about the political system of every country. There are only two ways to throw out an incompetent minister from his/her position. One is the easier and the most obvious option, that is, of exercising your right to vote. The other is the more effective option, that is, of entering politics and proving your worth which results in over-turning the power dynamics.

 1. To serve the people

 serve the public

No matter how much pessimism may shroud each of our thoughts about joining politics, the ultimate goal should be to serve our fellow-citizens. When a voter votes for a candidate on the ballot, he/she feels that the particular candidate is capable of fulfilling their needs. I reiterate what the movie franchise of Spider-man professed, that is, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ As elected representatives, you can work for public welfare and bring a new dawn into their lives. You can stand up to their expectations. As a result of it, you are bound to earn many a praise and blessing.

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