10 Reasons Why you should Learn to Cook today

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Love great food experiences yet unable to find relaxing indulgences? One fantastic way to indulge yourself in authentic delicacies and enjoy comforts at your couch while whiffs of freshly cooked food, heavily flavored treats you, is by engaging yourself with utensils and mere ingredients. If you are even slightly fond of good food and want to immerse into goodness of fresh desserts, now is the good time to start cooking.  Although, I do realize we do get caught up in our previous engagements in life and cooking here goes at the back of priority. But the thrill and pleasure of basking in culinary ventures, has to be put on bucket list and carried out immediately. Here’s listing you 10 reasons why you should learn to cook, today!

10.An Essential Human Skill

Early men cooking fish

Early men cooking fish

Of all the necessary skills we acquire in our work experience and the valued degrees and qualifications we receive, this one skill, often unappreciated is an imperative ability. It was a key player in our evolution. As our brains and our bodies continued to benefit from the ever increasing availability of food, providing for us more nutrition and calories, human life skill simultaneously increased. It’ a skill, men and women alike, should advance in. While our ancestors invented fire, from food as a mere survival necessity expanded to a source of pleasure. Even 12, 000 years ago, food was just not to kill, chop and eat, food preparation was an important way to judge your surviving skills. In the times ahead, I am predicting it may be put on the CV, along with ‘Languages known’!

 9.Gets You Organized and Resourceful

Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry

If there is one thing that most definitely happens, when you do enter your kitchen, is that you get organized. With so many spices with varying flavors and smells, being your accompaniments while cooking, you would want to have all them labeled or even merely kept similar products at particular places. This slashes your probability of turning a savory food into something sweet, by half.  This organizational skill soon passes over to your workplace. If being organized isn’t enough, then you do get resourceful- minimalist approach with ingredients while maximizing the quality of food. You learn to work out the effectiveness and usefulness of your kitchenware.  Using utensils that transmit heat with low gas levels or baking a cake in a pressure cooker, so to say.  Or even if it’s using your small scale/ extravagant garden as the immediate goods supply. You will emerge as a kitchen wizardly, one you didn’t imagine yourself to be. To add, with all the resource management you will be fringing as a responsible environmentalist.

8.  Hello Health and happiness

home cooked healthy food

Most restaurants, no matter how fancy they might be, end up using inferior quality products. Food is over sauced, over salted and even over-rich, for the only thing that concerns them is that food should taste great on the table, right then. If you are health conscious, you completely go unaware of your daily calorie intake, when eating out. Cooking at home, enables you to moderate how less or more spicy, salty or less salty, your dish is going to be. It helps you get to regulate your portion size, as you manage your light and heavy meals of the day and store away left over’s for midnight snacks. Cooking also makes you eat less. Being around food- the sights, the smells, tasting while cooking- all becomes part of being mindful of food and feeling satisfied. Getting an eyeful during the cooking process makes us less likely to overwhelm ourselves while we dish up.

7. Adds zeal and excitement to life

Happy woman cooking

Happy woman cooking

Gearing up for everyday recipes, if not new but just the same old childhood comfort food maneuvered to suite the then mood and comfort, adds a definite zeal to your life. Thinking about the flavor, herbs and extra spices, the texture and beauty of the plate while dishing up, brings out the best of creativity in you. Enjoying an admirable amount of freedom in food, your own work, like a piece of art adds to your confidence and the final upshot, leaves with you a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. Treating ones’ self with exotic self- made dishes, not only breeds happy rats in your stomach but a new enthusiasm to accomplish all that you are required to.  Bored With the late night studying or overworked with office pressure?  You just will not open the fridge just to look for food; you will flip the ingredients into a freshly cooked absolutely new dish.

6. Cooking is just another healthy exercise!


The irony of the situation of is that food being an exercise is that you might think, cooking leads to gaining of weight. Thinking of it, cooking is actually a good way of losing weight without having to do much and at the same time delighting yourself with delicacies, after you have met your desired exercise routine targets. With all the organizing, shopping for ingredients, pacing around serving food in real time, sweating, thinking and feeling more satisfied with less food along with choosing healthy procedures and ingredients for cooking, is most effective of when considering losing weight and staying fit.

5. Failure, Glory, Pride and Joy


At your kitchen, you are at your comfort to put out a few private grease fires. Compare your multiple failures and then laugh about them, when you finally accomplish a perfect dish. Tantalize your friends with your recently gathered culinary skills. Every dish, dishes out the theory of ‘keeping calm’. Food ventures is a great way to pat your own back, feel good about yourself after all the interesting explorations, Feel less burdened and breathe in the aroma of the fresh herbs and intoxicating spices. The heavy scent trails from your ingredients, is an unmatchable freshener for your room. With the mellow and fun atmosphere you create for yourself, you are left with a unique souvenir, which you can recreate and rediscover each time, you set yourself to it.

4. Bond with Family and Friends

Bonding with family and friends

Throw out dinner parties and impress your friends and family, as they see you recreate the big convivial meals of the great restaurants. Captivate your audience as you run the show playing with their taste buds and with narrations of vivid descriptive stories of cooking. Cooking supports work and balances your personal life. Gather your clan around the kitchen table, make it a family affair. Reconnect with your family and rejuvenate the lost love. If planning to impress your date, you should know the way to a ‘man’s (woman’s) heart is through the stomach. Self- made dinners also make for perfect proposal plans, so it’s high time you start brushing your culinary skills.

3. Relaxing while Innovating

Cooking and relaxing

Cooking after all the hustle in life is in fact very relaxing. Cooking helps in easing out frustration and brings back the peace and calm of mind. Food preparation offers an escape into a state of harmony of taste, aroma, texture and stillness. Good food leads to spiritual growth as the mind stays happier and healthier. So does our daily experience and approach to adversities, change. You are packed with positivity and mashes up of thoughts are smoothened into clear thoughts. With your kitchen as your new laboratory or maybe just a punching bag, negative energy is channeled into a space of constant creativity and experimentation. Learning to cook is a perfect combination of relaxing while being in a constant endeavor to innovating.

 2.  Self- sufficiency

Ordered chinese food

Ordering in food, eating out or just skipping meals, may not be a feasible idea all in all. You will eventually be bored of Maggi’s and Mac and Cheese or those ‘heat and eat’ packaged food. Learning to cook instills in you a sense of self-sufficiency. You have the option and the power to exercise a choice in indulging in good food, which is not only economical but all more healthy and comfortable. Just by learning few techniques and with your ability to improvise and adapt, you gift to yourself a parade of simple yet complicated delicacies.

1.Recession Dining

home cooked family dinner

Going out for dinner or even ordering in, has increasingly become expensive. Including the ever rising VAT taxes and service charges and tips, eating out is like burning hole in the pocket. Not only does it consume a lot of money but time as well. Driving, parking, queuing, waiting for service and even with all the beautifully and aesthetically designed places makes it like an event. Eating your own cooked food, sitting at your own couch and saving up for the next big thing, is one of the main reasons, you should learn how to cook, today.


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