10 Simple Tips to Make more Friends

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There are many people out there who find it a difficult task to make new friends. Friends are very important to everyone and without friends we can’t enjoy many things in life. If you are among those people who are shy and introvert and finds it difficult to make friends then read this article which will help you to make new friends.


When you find it difficult to make friends and if you are on a task to make some new friends then it is advisable to start with people you already know. If you try to make friends with people you do not know at all it will be a difficult task for you to make friends with them. If you are shy to talk to new people start small first. If there are any friends you have lost your contact in time send a friendly note to them and plan for a meeting. It is easy to make friends with your friend’s friend. Ask your friend to introduce to you to their friends and it can be easy for you to reach out new people.


It becomes difficult for us to make friends if we start judging people. It is important for us to have an open mind when we meet new people. We all have some notions as to what our kind of qualities our friends must possess. When we do not find those qualities in the people we meet, we decide not to make them our friends. If you want to make new friends then don’t judge people and let your friendship blossom. You must learn that people are different and you must respect the differences.


You must be wondering why I am saying this. We have a tendency to change our self in order to make people like us and become friends with us. Remember you do not want such links which are based on a lie. Remember the facade will fall one day. I say if we don’t change the way we are, the friends we make will be true. It is important to make true friends; fake friends are worse than enemies.


It is just not only important to make friends but it is also important to keep those friends. What you need to do is make efforts so that our friendship lasts for life time. If you are looking for a long lasting friendship and not hi- bye kind of friendship you need to stay in touch with your friends. Meet your friends according to the bonding of the relationship you people share. No one here is asking to meet your friends daily because no one is free to spend time with their friends daily, but meeting them once in a week and on occasions will make them feel you will be when they will need you.


You must have something different in you so that people notice you. Utilize you r free time in learning something that interests you and make you stand out in the crowd. If you do not have a personality trait that makes you stand out in a crowd then a new hobby can surely help you here.


How can you think of making friends when you are not confident in talking to people? The biggest problem why some people find it hard to make friends is that they are not confident enough to talk to people. A reason behind this is that people worry what other people will think about them if they initiate the talk and how will they react. You should not worry about what other think about you and learn to approach people with confidence.


One of the easiest ways to make friends is to join a group where you can find people with similar interests like you. It becomes easy to talk to people who have same hobby as you. If you do not find any group of similar interest then pursue a new hobby which will help you join a new group. The advantage of joining such groups is that you can make friends with many people at a time.


A smile is an easy way to make more friends. Smiles can bring people near. It has been proved through studies that when you talk to people and smile during you conversation it is more likely that you will be perceived friendly. It is seen that people who are not in a habit to smile often have a problem in keeping up their relationships.


Friendship requires that you listen to your friend when she wants to talk to you and not just keep blabbering about yourself. You will find it hard to keep friends if you are not in a habit to listen. It is very much necessary to listen to what others have to say. Listening is much more important then just hearing. Respond to what your friends are talking so that they know you are interested in what they have to say.


Being social is an easy way to meet new people and make them friends. With many social networking sites, it has become an easy task to know new people. Other way to be social is to work in college activities in group or volunteer for office meetings. Plan parties and invite people to them and soon you will be able to make new friends.


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