10 Simple Ways to Impress your GirlFriend

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You know one thing! She is your girlfriend means she is already impressed by you. Else you would had been in the long list of guys waiting for a mere chance. But there are times when love starts to fall apart and the initial sparks of dates and umpteen messages seem so unlively. She doesn’t complain but deep down you know there is something missing which can be reignited.If you become the same guy next door trying to impress her, you can make her swoon heads over heels for you. It’s not that uphill task especially for you. There are some petty stuffs you can do to impress her again:

10. Hide love notes everywhere:

Girls love being showered with love that too in a surprising way when they least expect them. You can try some hand written notes like you love her like crazy or ask for a date in a note hidden in her favorite novel. She will be intrigued to find your note and more than happy to read them. Some love notes and you know she will be there with a yes making your day longer.

9. Say no to cell phones in a date with her:

The one thing that pisses the hell out a girl is her boyfriend out on a virtual date with his gadgets accompanying her. You might try to boast about how much work you are doing and you might be the most important person in your office. But never ever mingle personal life with business, especially with her time. It takes a gentleman to switch off his workaholic facet during his time with his lady love.

8. Go on a shopping spree with her:

No girl can resist a chance to go on shopping spree irrespective of how bad her moods are. And the added bonus of you being her company for the next few hours. It might be annoying to see the time she spends in grooming herself in the mirror but all that is worth a smile of hers. Isn’t it?

7. Say it with flowers:

Flowers!! Who on earth doesn’t love them? Especially, when flowers are the messengers of love! These pretty messengers are always the life saviors. They have the magic to make everything perfect and colorful. And when they are being gifted to a girl, she will blush like the prettiest flower. Send a bouquet at her doorstep or present her a rose when you meet, she is bound to be enchanted by you.

6. Compliment her:

She walks down the aisle and you wonder how pretty she could look. Well don’t be shy to become chivalrous. Gulp down some tips from friend or internet and compliment her in the best way. But beware; don’t be too filmy else she might not take it too well thinking it to be fake ones. Just a mere “you look pretty” would do.

5. Be yourself:

You must remember one thing- she loves you because of who you are. Sometimes, you lost yourself entangled in the web of work, money and fame. You might think this is the thing that will make your love life smooth sailing. But in reality, she loves you not your worthy assets and expensive gifts. Don’t lose yourself; let her encounter with the old you when you were dating her in the initial years.

4. Work out your equations with her siblings and parents:

Most guys tremble at the mere thought of commitment. But if you really are to walk down the whole life with her, you have to face the truth. Take the plunge and try to spend time with her siblings, go to her house and have coffee with her parents. She will be amazed to see a responsible one not worrying about the future with you.

3. Give her time:

Try to remember the last time you spend the whole day with her holding hands and engrossed in each other’s eyes. It might be a year back or even more. She really yearns for you and your quality time. Give her the time she deserves of, the shoulder to rely upon when she needs you, the advice or entire craziness she need to share out to some one really close. Time is precious, so is your girl.

2. Appreciate her decisions:

There will always be the time when you will find her foolish enough to trust someone or make a decision out of your wits. But she expects you to hold her hands in every path she chooses. You might advice her, help her but don’t always poke your nose in her says. You cannot be always true and she will have more confidence on you in her matters.

1. Love her:

All she ever wanted from you in the first place is love, ton and tons of love showered on her. You had been busy with your work or in party with friends and you forgot to call or message her. She will be the one waiting the night through just to hear your voice. So, don’t forget her amidst all the worldly stuff and dare forget saying those three magical words. And life will all be smileys!


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