10 Sin Cities in the World

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The seven deadly sins of the world are what we haves been told to stay away.  But the forbidden fruit was the doom of mankind. We tend to follow our history and magnify the acts which fall in grey area. This ‘area ‘are most visited most loved and most frowned upon by all. The stress level has risen and so has the need of stress busters. As the saying goes, once we have broken the egg best thing to do is get a mighty good omelet out of it. We dance at the edge knowing we can fall off but the joy of this dance is inexplicable. One place we think of in this scenario is Vegas but the world has changed and we have many more dance floors today. Man has built beauty entwined in vice and these places have made life lot more bearable. The break taken to this land takes you out of the mundane routines. The never-land for grown-ups is cropping up all over the world. The let’s hop into the best sin-lands of the world.

10 Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

  With the first Institute for sexual studies in the world established in in mid-1900s, the legalization of prostitutes and sheer possibility of all sleazy dreams of the world this city makes it to our list easy-peasy. With the open attitude towards sex, the cabaret and burlesque shows have come up everywhere. The easy availability of cocaine vials, the KitKat clubs have made this a true blue sin city. The frowned upon movies are available in a volume which will put any hidden stash of teenager to shame. This is one place where your dark dreams are welcomed and put to reality if you are ready to loosen the strings of your wallet. It’s called ‘the most Fetish-free city of the World’ for a reason. So while planning a trip with buddies, keep Berlin in mind.

9 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One reason that makes the Netherlands famous is this tailor made sin city. Let’s take a look at it. How about a morning cup of tea with a generous hash? Marijuana Cakes and brownies to go with it? Well you can enjoy this all legally euphoria inducing breakfast in the cafes of the city. When you have reached your high, step out for some window shopping. This is no carry the bags get bored shopping; it’s literally prostitutes on sale. The choice is window shopping or take away with bargaining and haggling. This Sin city also offers all kinds of shows for you to enjoy. The other famed attraction is the red-light districts where the lights are literally put to red to show that the show is all set to begin. What a wonderful way to say that it’s all legal isn’t it?

8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Jenerio Brazil

For a moment,Think about Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima  The grace of Brazil is vouched by these exotic beauties. The Brazilian women are known to have magical effect which makes man swoon. Add to the list the topless beaches of Copacabana and Panama  and you have the perfect destinations that define sin. Think this is pretty good but not enough to make it to this list then add the legal brothels with just as exotic menu as the ladies. This place has been the infamous for its nights and days. The weeklong feast is the culminating point of the life here for the masks and parades and costumes brings the wildness to its pinnacle. The perfect week for perfect fun. If you do it right, you won’t remember the half of it.

7. Moscow, Russia.

Moscow Russia

Tochkas! The one word that puts Moscow into this list. The open market for prostitutes. The clinch here is that this is illegal here but the Rubles go a long way. The coveted land Russian Vodka ensures enough fuel for the party. The clubs and pubs are extravagant and give a feel of recently unchained wildness. This sin land has proposition to get tie you in holy matrimony as well.  Visit one of the many places to find your better half.  It carters to women’s needs as well and is a perfect sin land.

6 New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans louisiana

If dancing, feasting on one best French cuisine, drinking is on your list this is the place. It has been so for over 100 years today. The famous city is the North Americans go to land for the Mardi gras. The history vouches for its sins. The past and present mix today for the experience which is the USP of this land. The prostitution is illegal here but the history begs to differ. With many shows to gratify the visitors this city is worthy of the 6th rank of this list.

5. Macau, China

Macau China

The Las Vegas attractions of The Venetian, Wynn and MGM with twice the gambling! This puts Macau in our top 5.  The Chinese and Portuguese cultures mix here to give the feeling of being out of the world. The unique festivals and events and free laws has made life at Macau picture perfect for the title of sin city. Women are available for various extracurricular activities with law forbidding the trade and legalizing the action. The revenue in gambling had out Vegas behind in the race, twice. The south Chinese destination has the largest casino of the world, The Venetian Macau. This is one rising Sin-city to keep a tab on, the offers are irresistible.

4. Tijuana, Mexico.


Cross one international Border from USA to Mexico and watch the wildness quotient multiple times infinity. The dollar is much more popular here for it can get you more for less. The lowering of drinking age to 18, legalizing of prostitution and free flowing cheaper than water alcohol makes it an easy on pockets larger than life holiday destination. Similar to the Amsterdam’s Modius-operendi, the Mexican version is ‘la Cauhuil’. This is one hot spot for the earl 20s for it has all the ingredients of sin.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las-Vegas, Nevada

If this were a list for the top 10 Sin cities of United States, Vegas would defiantly win it hands down. The city is built on sins and for sins. The fun begins right from the airports where you can start gambling right away. The shows, the massages, the alcohol on streets and ‘Escort Services’ are all the vices of Vegas. The best part is the 24/7 gambling. Enjoy the night life in day and win or lose your dime, you will have the time of your life. The city prides itself on being a reputable destination for tourists. No raised eye brows on this particular land. It is the true Never-land.

2. Manama, Bahrain

2. Manama, Bahrain

The 33% of European population mixed in the Middle-Eastern region this is the only one country in the world which allows alcohol openly. The European influence on the region has led to relaxed atmosphere here. The kick back from the stern Saudi laws is this wonderland where one can drink, gamble and easily mix with fairer sex.  The weekend here is jammed with the Saudi Males looking to blow of some steam.  The sin city has brought some relief to the strict region as due to the European presence women experience freedom more than the surrounding areas. The sin has led to a virtue in Manama, Bahrain.

1. Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya Thailand

The winner of this list is Pattaya, whereas the above cities give you one or two of this list this is the whole package.  Here sin is equivalent breathing and this land is apt if you want to take in a sinful gulp of air. Here Sex is dubbed entertainment and is available as easily as water. The massages, the hourly hotels, the clubs the beach are all part of this entertainment legend. If you get bored of the women, the men can watch men beat each other to pulp in Thai boxing matches that are held at the outdoor bars. This land is paradise for the Guy community. This land boasts of easy access to all the sins and easily wins this list. Here we conclude the tour of the most sinful lands of the world. The amusement at humans going to lengths to satisfy the devil inside is valid. We fight for the virtues and gratify the struggles in these sin cities. The lights are mirage away from life and everyone who experiences this world wishes to go back just one more time.


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