10 Smartest Countries in the World

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We have heard about largest countries. We have heard about smallest countries. Likewise, largest populated countries and lowest literate countries, longest bordered country and shortest country (area wise) etc. But have you all ever heard about smartest countries? Which are the world’s smartest countries? Briefing on the smartest countries, the countries that are well educated and are effectively advanced in science and technology are considered as the smartest countries.

The known fact and thing is that most of the developed or developing countries come under this genre of  the smartest countries . Just to make  the life easier a lump sum amount of money is spent on developing technology and for scientific research. Remember! Technology and science make the country more developed and smart. Listed below are the world’s 10 smartest countries.

10) Luxembourg and Switzerland:


These places are not only known for the coolest places they are something special apart from what they are known to be. Both of them equally share 10th spot. In spite of having 1 university the country’s literacy rate is high.The people here are highly educated and smart enough to produce their own products and live independently. Switzerland consists of many important offices which includes the seats of  important international organization like the United Nations, World Health Organization and some Nuclear research organisations . This country is the most viewed tourist place and it is technically developed a lot to woo the world travelers. There is no doubt that this county is one among the top 10 which deserves to be in all ways.

9) Israel:


Surprisingly, Israel ranks into the top 10 list when it comes to smartest and educated countries. Israel is also known for its education system because of which right now there are so many Israelis in the different  parts of the world in varied fields and there is gradual increase in  percentage of education year by year. After the silicon valley they have the hi tech innovative developments and advanced movements and they are also be referred as the center for high technology. The latest and best example is that Google has just moved into Israel. There are 2 Google  headquarters  now both in America and Israel.

8) Canada:



Canada is known for highly developed education system which in turn related to technology . In mission of building stronger economy and providing jobs for the people Canada is investing heavily in science and technology. The people here are highly educated even the old people,  almost every 8 out of 11 are post graduated or diploma holders  in any branch. Hence education wise it has highest number of literates and it is the number one country according to some statistics and surveys. Many students from other courtiers go to Canada for further studies, especially for courses like MBBS, MBA etc.

7) United Kingdom:

Tower bridge in London at night

This is the country which ruled all over the world. It has so many inventions in its pocket. It claims so many credits when it comes to technology. The sad part is that the cost of living is very high. However it is still very well  known for its scientific inventions.

The discoveries like  hydrogen, invention of locomotive engine, jet engine, World Wide Web, incandescent light-bulb, world’s first working television, electric motor, and commercial electrical telegraph comes  under the  UK’s achievements  .British citizens always have super fast access technically. With immense faith and vision they use technology in day to day works  Even though they wont develop they make good use of it.

6) Finland:


This country holds a special position as it has developed a lot and gained a prestigious position in the field of technology. Take it in terms of health, economics  education, politics and even lifestyle. Finland holds top position according to the surveys conducted by several international news agencies. It is very well advanced for its projects which are highly technical and Finland also give sheer importance when it comes to health measures and facilities. The Finland’s per capital income is now equal to all other so called advanced countries

 5) Singapore:

Singapore Gardens By The Bay


Singapore is said to be one of the smallest countries in the world. It is the most developed country which attracts millions of tourist every year. Singapore is the smartest country which runs on a strategic Government. In spite of  its small  market at domestic level. It has taken one of the top most  position in the global marketplace. Singapore is known for open economy and it holds the 2nd position as it do not have any foreign debts. Even during the time of crisis Singapore remained as the most stable country . Its GDP was strong at all times irrespective of neighboring countries. According to the 2010 global statistics, Singapore has the fastest growing economy. The soul reason for all this is the it has very small land area. It  produces and exports electronics and machinery.Singapore is considered as the center for tourism . Many of the Hollywood and Indian films are shot here. Remarkably, the world’s largest cargo seaport is in Singapore

 4) Germany:


Germany ‘ s time and development started after the World War II. There  is this high technically developed Olympic Stadium in Berlin! It is huge and majestic and stays as an epic stadium in the history of sports and games.

Heavy machinery is provided from Germany for civil and mechanical works. The top new Car brands come from Germany. Germany has reached to the pinnacle in terms of automobile technology and industry.

3) USA:


As known to all. There is nothing that USA is still underdeveloped they are on the top in all the sectors and fields. They are considered as leaders for scientific research and technical innovations. A numerous number of inventions and discoveries are from USA.  The head office of NASA also situates here. It does has a great technically advanced military. The weapons manufactured here are high explosive and technically very advanced.  USA pioneered in many researches and technical innovations. It is also far ahead when it comes to space research, computing and bio technology. There are highest number of scientific research papers enrolled in USA and no wonder they are number 1 in this. The heart and soul of the World cinema is in USA “The Hollywood”

2) South Korea:

South Korea

South Korea shows its stamp of development in the  field of electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. Korea is exclusively known for Robotics. They have  a human robot called HUBO, which does work just like humans in fact given any task anytime  faster than humans. And now they are planing to go one step ahead and try out living with those robots. To achieve this they are trying to produce a robot for every home. This is just to see how humans and robots will co-operate and compliment each other .   One more thing is the Internet, every country is connected through this web world . But in Korea when it comes to the internet it has the fastest Wi-Fi and Internet speed in the world.  And 3 times faster  than the Internet pioneered countries UK and US. The product “Samsung” took birth in Korea which is hailing the world market with its fantasy galaxy tabs.

1) Japan:


Japan, The king of Technology, the strong competitor to all the so called western developed countries. Japan is the smartest country and considered as the king of technology. Japan is the country which has the perfect balance of technology, nature and culture. All the massive  companies like Dentsu (Top ad agency which advertises Facebook)  Toshiba, Nintendo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony, etc are from Japan. There are so many  more, too many to name in fact.

Japanese military are  making gundam-like units (a small mobile type) that hover in the air and shoot like the lasers. They are also advanced in space exploration. Even after the  Hiroshima Nagasaki incident ,  Japan has bounced back like anything and proved as the smartest and the strongest Nation in the world.  There is no country without Japan’s  technical products.

There are many more countries which are developing in technology. Countries like Australia and NZ are also highly developed just because they are considered as small countries area wise they are they are not mentioned in the list. Netherlands and Sweden are also highly developed in machinery, electronics etc. Same holds good to countries like Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. Hence every country is unique and smart in its way depending on the people’s  living style and custom out there. But these are the ones who are not only influencing themselves but  influencing and encouraging   many other small nations as well.



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