10 Tattoos You Should Never Get

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Tattoos are everywhere. From children to youngsters and even middle aged people, everyone seems to be sporting a tattoo nowadays. Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures, particularly in Asia, and spread throughout the world. Despite some taboos surrounding tattooing, the practice continues to be popular in many parts of the world. Tattoos are very personal so you should think about what you should get tattooed before taking the big step. Many people end up regretting their tattoos. However, if you’re getting a tattoo have you considered what kind of tattoo you want to get done? Remember that a tattoo is a permanent feature on your body and will stay for the longest time you can imagine. Therefore, you do not want to go wrong , do you? If you want a tattoo but you don’t know what tattoo to get, you’re in the same boat as many people who have thought about it for years, but never quite got one done.  Getting a tattoo is a big decision, not only because it’s permanent but also because it is painful and expensive.  Here is a list of 10 tattoos you definitely should avoid.

10. Gaming Junkie

Gaming Junkie

We’ve all loved gaming since we were kids, from super Mario to PAC man. This also includes hard core games like Call of duty or Counter strike. But no matter how big of a gamer you are of whichever game, it is not advisable to get a tattoo of a game console or a game itself. You have to live with that tattoo forever and pay a good amount of money for it. You can never be sure that you are going to love that game always; preferences over video games are bound to change. A tattoo like that would not only look extremely stupid but also show your crazy obsession towards a game, fictional one at that. If you like the game, play it. JUST play it. Don’t get a Tattoo. No game is worth running your body with a crazy tattoo.

9. Religious


Yes we all love our religion, we all love Jesus, the crucifix, rosary beads and all that sorts but getting a Jesus Tattoo is quite possibly the worst thing. First, you can never be sure if your tattoo artist is going to get it right, spot on. Faces are very difficult to tattoo so you might end up with something else and certainly not Jesus. Getting Jesus tattooed is not a good idea because even a little mistake can prove to be disastrous and having Jesus drawn in a way that might be offensive to many people. Such tattoos are far from being cool, not because they are religious but because they can go wrong from many perspectives. Even Jesus wouldn’t forgive a tattoo like that. Trust me!

8. Superhero Tattoos

Superhero Tattoos

We all love superheroes and we certainly cannot overlook superhero tattoos. The most famous ones being superman, batman, spiderman and so on.But getting a superhero tattoo always looks cheesy and makes you seem a wannabe superhero. Of course getting such a tattoo might show just how geeky or nerdy you are but in the end it won’t get you any female admirers. Superhero’s might be cool and awesome but such tattoos are not. So better yet get some other decent tattoo that doesn’t scream “poser” so blatantly.

7. Cartoon


Yes we’ve all loved cartoons as kids from Looney tunes to Winnie the pooh, from Scooby doo, tom n Jerry to powerpuff girls. Everyone loves cartoons, who can forget running home from school eagerly anticipating your favorite cartoon in the afternoon. They remind us of our childhood and innocence. Getting a tattoo of your favorite cartoon on your body might seem like inscribing your golden childhood but don’t you think they’re far better inscribed in your minds? These tattoos are disasters and may even serve to be childhood memory wreckers. Such tattoos are very commonly made mistakes and you avoid them at all costs.

6. Celebrities


Bob Dylan, Robert Downey Jr, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, they’re all legendary actors and actresses but getting them tattooed is creepy. Any celebrity, from sports, films or television can look like cartoons when inked on your body. The facial details of that person can get distorted and messed up and the celebrity might turn out looking like a caricature. If you ever happen to come across that particular celebrity who you have tattooed, that person is most likely to run away from you because if not anything, the celebrity will for sure be creeped out with such a gesture. Such tattoos are very detailed and can easily become a medium of embarrassment in a crowd. Think about it, if a random person decides to get your face tattooed on their body wouldn’t you be creeped out? Moreover such tattoos also show your incessant preoccupation with a celeb which might be unhealthy.

5. Facial Tattoos

Facial Tattoos

These tattoos also include Face x rays which are not only super creepy but also extremely dangerous. As kids we used to draw on each other’s face because it was fun and it could also be easily washed away because we used ball point pens or sketch pens but getting your face tattooed is bound to make you look stupid. Your ears, eyes, nose and lips are details enough and it’s never a good idea to ruin your face with some random drawings or tattoo. Such tattoos are extremely dangerous and they most probably never go right. If you get a face tattoo be prepared to be never taken seriously in your life or get a job. I’ve read numerous reports from people who complain they were turned away from a job interview because of a face tattoo. So there you have it.

4. Emotional Tattoos

Emotional Tattoos

Yes we love our mums and dads, our kids and babies but would you want their beautiful faces being ruined as tattoos? Yes babies are the most adorable things ever and loving them unconditionally is perfectly normal but getting their faces tattooed is a terrible mistake. Getting a tattoo for your mum or dad is really not the best way to say I LOVE YOU, is it? You can do tons of other things for them, instead of getting a tattoo. And having your baby’s innocent features ruined in a tattoo is not only cruel but also very immature. We have photographs, video’s to capture their faces so why ruin that and make a sentimental mistake? When you baby grows up, he/she is NOT going to be proud of his parents having his/her childhood face on their arm or back. It’s embarrassing for the child when he grows up and will be embarrassing for you when you grow old.

3. A pop-culture reference

A Pop culture reference

You cannot stop saying them, every time you talk to your friends you just seem to blurt them out so you might think, Hey a pop culture reference tattoo might look super cool but it doesn’t. More often than not, it ends up looking dumb.You might think that getting pop culture references like, LMFAO, I can Haz Cheeseburger, Don’t have a cow man!! tattooed might look awesome but most of these fade away and all you’ll be left with will be an embarrassment. Most of these references become outdated so its better not to get such a tattoo.

2. Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp

Yup, that’s what it’s being called nowadays so steer clear of such a tattoo. Usually this word means a homeless person or a vagabond, but these days the word tramp has developed a different meaning which describes a woman in a very vulgar manner. It is slang word to abuse a woman by calling her a prostitute. So, anybody would understand that “Tramp Stamp” is NOT a trendy tattoo and having it on your lower back is certainly not a good idea. It is vulgar, insulting and cheap. It shows you in a poor light and people might think that you wish to show yourself as a tramp.They also create very poor impressions. Unfortunately a lot of youngsters think such tattoos are trendy and hip and end up regretting them when they get older.Women with tattoos are considered “easy” so don’t get one.

1. Partner’s name

Partner's name

Ah! Love! We love our boyfriends or girlfriends. When we’re in a great, happy relationship, everything seems rosy and smooth and we get our partner’s names tattooed thinking it might last forever. Even if it does, it’s never a good idea to have someone’s name tattooed on your body. Once your relationship breaks down, you’ll probably want to tear down that tattoo that is a constant reminder of your ex-partner. This is by far the most commonly inked item and the most dangerous and stupid decision anybody can make. Almost everyone who gets such tattoos regrets them sooner or later. You can never be sure of what lies in the future and if you ever happen to break up with your partner, the tattoo will be a constant reminder of that person missing from your life or being betrayed or dumped by that person. You’ll not only have to go through emotional pain but also physical pain when you decide to get the tattoo removed.


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  1. Chris Mitchell

    August 9, 2013 2:22 pm

    I think to add to this list:

    11) Quotes/Text.

    You have at your disposal an artist who has mastered the canvas medium that is skin, are willing to pay them an large sum of money to create something meaningful and beautiful, and what do you do? YOU GET WRITING. Even writing inside of a piece is chiche’. If you need writing to convey the meaning, your idea was crap or the artist wasn’t skilled enough. More likely the former of the two. Don’t get writing. It looks unoriginal, uninspired, tacky, and will age horribly to boot.

    12) Improperly sized pieces:

    Mostly, the ladies are to blame, since “large” pieces are not considered “feminine”, but a lot of the time, getting the tattoo so small that is barely perceptible makes it a) hard for the artist to detail correctly, making it look plain and boring, b) look like you have a spot of skin cancer instead of a tattoo and c) often makes whatever you got turn into a smudge in a mater of a few years since the artist was forced to cram it all into such a tiny spot.. Bigger is not necessarily always better, but make sure you size it big enough to give the artist room to work and that is can still be touched up years later without it all bleeding together into a blob of ink.

    13) “Trendy” Tattoos:

    Unoriginal and everywhere. Tribal, stars, butterflies, candy skulls, feathers, flames, armbands, and those silly mustaches people get on their finger……just….please don’t. If you want to get a tattoo because you have seen other people with it and think it is cool, you are missing the point of getting a tattoo. They are supposed to be a reflection of self. There is nothing personal about ten thousand people with the same tattoo.

  2. Joe B.

    July 26, 2014 8:49 am

    Biggest mistake: going with a “flash” design randomly picked out of the flip-board on the wall. Your best bet is to get a pretty solid concept thought out, then go on the internet and find some tats with the style / vibe you want. (I’d take 6 months and really think it through.) FINALLY when your design idea is firming up, go to a shop and have a custom piece drawn out for the body part you’ve picked.

    If you follow these steps, the odds are you’ll love the tattoo and avoid any regrets.

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