10 Things College Students should not Do

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We wait all our school lives for college; we can’t wait for it to get over. College signifies a life of freedom, no rules, having fun, doing what we want. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a great college life? I know I was one. We’ve all thought that college means no studying, no waking up early at the crack of dawn to catch the school bus, no uniforms, and no heavy school bags. It is all true and most of us enjoy our college lives making new friends, having that feeling of being a grown up but a lot of us also fail to do so.  Lot of us get distracted by so many other things. Most of us are apprehensive about certain things before entering college and being nervous is a good sign, it shows we’re ready to do something. But college life can also be ruined, when we choose to focus on other things that aren’t necessarily good. These might have a long term impact on our lives and a lot of us regret the stupid decisions we take during our college years. But these are certainly avoidable. As  a newcomer  everyone is clueless  about what they’re going to do and face, So I’ve compiled a list of things that that college students shouldn’t do or stay away from.

10. Don’t waste Money

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Don’t waste your money; instead choose to spend it wisely. College students tend to get extravagant and end up spending loads of money on worthless things. Better save up your money now than regretting it later. Get an account and put your money away safely. You’ll find numerous uses for your money. A lot of us think going to college means throwing unnecessary parties which may be fine for a few times but throwing your money away like that is not wise. Remember it’s your parent’s hard earned money. If you’re short on cash, get a part time job. Start putting your cash away for emergency; you’ll be able to help out a friend. Don’t ever be out of cash, make sure you have at least 500-1000/-Rs with you always; you might need it to take a cab or go home or even get some grub. Be careful with your money as there are hundreds of schemes out there to take it away.

9. No excessive parties

No excessive parties

College life means throwing and going to parties. That is all well for a while and you’ll be surprised to find a party every day of the week but that doesn’t mean you have to attend every single one of them. So you find this cool party and you’re sure you’ll be home by 8 pm for that test tomorrow. Don’t do it. You’ll never be able to make it on home in time. You’ll always be tempted for one more drink and you’ll just end up drunk. How many stories have you heard of people waking up the next morning in someone else’s vomit and not being able to remember anything? Parties are unnecessary, extravagant and needless. If you think you might meet a few decent people, forget it. You’ll end up meeting some loud, rowdy frat boys. If you want to meet girls, go out on Saturdays or the weekend. For the rest of the week keep yourself sober and stay focused.

8. Your Professors are not your enemies

Your Professors are not your enemies

Talk to your professors, introduce yourself to them. I know a lot of us resent our professors but befriending them might prove to be helpful for you in the long run. You can visit them during office hours and make sure they know your name. Be sincere with them and don’t lie. If you haven’t been able to complete a project on time, be truthful. Don’t make excuses, your professors have gone to colleges so they‘re familiar with every excuse out there. Being honest about your mistakes is always the best option and if you haven’t been able to complete a paper or any other project you can always ask for a one or two day extension. By your efforts your professors will see that you are trying and they will definitely go out of their way to help you and they can also be a great help during your exams.

7. Don’t be careless about your Safety

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Always make sure that you are carrying some form of self-defense with you like a pepper spray to protect yourself. A lot of creeps roam around college campuses because they know that college students are more oblivious to their surroundings. You don’t have to be a girl to carry a pepper spray. Be careful about your college surroundings and if you notice anything suspicious, notify the college authorities. Girls, specially, there are always a lot of suspicious people loitering around so make sure you’re safe. Move around in groups and always keep a friend with you. If you’re around your college campus at night, don’t roam around alone and keep your cell phone handy.

6. Don’t be awkward

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It can be awkward for the first few days, even for the whole semester for some people. It’s only natural that we’re nervous and awkward in the beginning but make sure to make friends, introduce yourself among your classmates. Don’t feel shy, after all everyone is attending college for the first time. It can be nerve wracking for some students, because everything is different, the environment and the college atmosphere. But don’t fear. Be prepared to be a social butterfly. Try to find people, who think like you, have the same tastes as you. If you see someone being awkward or having difficulty in being open with others, introduce yourself to them, start new conversations and be prepared with some conversation starters. Being awkward for the whole year or semester will only mean you being lonely and feeling left out.

5. Don’t Slack

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Study hard. When you’re in college, no one is going to push you to work harder. That was only in school when our teachers as well as parents kept pushing us to get good grades, but college is different. Your professors won’t nag you to concentrate or put in more effort. If you fail, you’ll either have to drop out or pay more money to give your exams. If you fail a semester, you’ll have to pay extra money to do it again. This simply means wastage of money. So study hard. You’ll be responsible for your studies, exams and internals. You should always be able to find an hour or even half an hour to go through your text books every day. Always expect to graduate on time. There’s nothing more embarrassing than seeing your friends all working and established and you still repeating your college courses.

4. Don’t miss your classes

Dont miss your classes.jpg

Seriously don’t! It’s the only way to get a degree. Most of the people who have flunked their colleges have missed most of their classes. Have a time table. Classes are important. You can afford to miss to miss a few classes if you’re sick but not more than a few. It’ll only mean you not being able to grasp anything and don’t expect any of your friends to help you out during your exams. They all have their own studies. Learn how to wake up at 7 am to attend a class or going for lectures at 8 pm or even studying all night. If you have a part time job, make sure to keep some time for revising, rest as well as relaxation. Attending regular classes will also help you get to know your class mates better and you can make more friends.

3. Don’t waste your time

Dont waste your time.jpg

Get a part time job or an internship. Internships increase your hiring power. You can gain some extra experience. Don’t be idle. Participate in some voluntary or community activity, sports activities etc. This will occupy your time and also mean that you’re getting to meet more people. If your college has a festival participate in it. If you’re not interested in any of the festival activities you can contribute to other things, like making a banner, decorating, telling other students about the festival and collecting funds and donations. Internships are also useful in occupying your time. Job recruiters like practical experience and you’ll definitely be selected over other students who don’t have one. All of this ensures that even while being at college, you’re gaining an experience about the outside world and this will prepare you to face the challenges that come after graduation.

2. Don’t be late

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I mean, really! Don’t wake up 10 minutes before your class begins. If you come to class with bloodshot eyes and disheveled hair, your professors are sure to think that you’ve been smoking the dragon!! Your body needs rest. When you’re overloaded with all your college projects and papers, tests, internals then depriving your body of sleep is not a good idea. You’ll need at least 5-6 hours of sleep every day and if you’re super busy make sure to take a short nap for an hour or so during the day. Attend your classes on time and make an effort to wake up early. It’s not only good and refreshing but also healthy. You don’t want the person grading you to think that you aren’t taking your classes seriously, do you?

1. Don’t get involved in Illegal activities

Dont get involved in Illegal activities.jpg

Yes, this is the most important thing for college students to remember. This involves doing drugs, drinking too much and other criminal activities. Colleges are a hub for drug dealers and you’ll find a number of them offering you drugs at small prices. Stay away from them. Most of the times they’re undercover cops. College students should not dabble in illegal activities. There will always be a lot of people who’ll encourage you to participate in these criminal activities, so stay away from them. You might think doing all of this may seem to make you cool and trendy in front of others but you’ll only end up in jail.


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