10 things girls do that guys just don’t get

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When God made this world, he thought of some wonder creatures who can keep guys on toes irrespective of their external strength and power. Then he made girls adding a pinch of intrigue so as to keep guys wide agape. There would be no guy born on earth who would not ask for a girl’s Wikipedia as to understand every mood of her. There are infinite questions hovering around every guy’s mind. So here I unleash some answers to your queries of their mysterious nature:

10.Shopping freak:

So here you are the victim of extreme torture and embarrassment of carrying all her commands and mending through her tantrums. But girls are born shopaholic. Whether it is during the sales or a mere house warming party, we needs to have a variety of options open to her when we open our secret closet. Be it our heels or her bracelet, we prefers to be in trend.

9.Wearing heels and then getting crabby about it:

Heels are an extra persona to our lives. Every girl would swear by her heels despite the fact that it can give back ache and lots of pain. They have the magic to make our legs look longer and the walk more or less like a diva on stage. So is there any vital reason not to wear these heels?

8.Expects you to read her mind:

You are always on her mind irrespective of how daunting task we may be doing. Of course there is a little expectation from her side to get missed. So whenever she asks you questions pertaining to that fact, answer her that you also missed her like insane. Better be prepared with this answer than to face her fury. It is highly dangerous for you to miss the hint to go down her lane of thoughts.

7.Taking endless time to get ready:

Getting ready in 5 minutes of a girl is equivalent to guy’s reaching there in 2 minutes. Before venturing out, there are lots of attentions at stake. No girl would ever want to go out with a withering face and a worn out dress. For starters there are hair straightening to moisturizing and for main course there are perfect dress to choose that has not been worn out, not being out of fashion and not been so simple.

6.How can we talk endlessly?

Girls are a powerhouse of gossiping. We need to be well aware of her surroundings where we exist. So, don’t get surprised if we have more information about a subject than you who mastered it. May be it the office chores or the friends we met while being on a holiday. Girls generally try to keep in touch with old friends than guys. Obviously there would be a huge contact list and umpteen messages piled up in her cell phone.

5.Wardrobe full of clothes still has nothing to put on:

Last time you saw her wardrobe, your face drooped with shame with possessing a bunch of t shirts and pair of jeans. Still the last time you went out with her, she whined about having nothing to wear. Actually girls need everything to their changing moods, changing fashion and trends. We like to keep updated in her wardrobe for every occasion.

4.Being a cry baby:

When you brought her a ring and proposed, she cried…

When she saw a sad movie, she cried…
When she was scolded by you, she cried…
Who does like to cry all the time? Do you?
Actually girls don’t cry, but are emotional set of humans that get touched by petty things and tears drops get heavy. It might be daunting of a task to do that. Our hormones are different from yours, so don’t expect us to be as insensitive to some situations like you.

3.Speaks different from what we actually meant:

Ok!! This thing has no explanations even from the God. Although we are guilty here but there are sometimes we need to evaluate other’s point of view in that way. You always deny a gift on your birthday, but don’t we all like to open birthday presents? Sometimes it gets messy with our words and actions but it is a way to get things straight from your mouth.

2.Yearns for prince charming but falls for the bad guy:

When we were a child, there were umpteen cartoons which portray that every girl will have her prince charming coming to take her in fairy land. As we grow up, things get decimated by the harsh reality that prince charming never exists. Bad guys have the credit of being intriguing along with living life on the edge respite of all doldrums. There is an added charm that never ceases to excite us, so is the reason for choosing bad guys.


They ask you for your opinion but do exactly opposite to that.

Once we yearned for that dress now doesn’t suit her tastes.
We vowed never to show up at your messy room again but out of blue she appears in front of you.
After your heavy dose of match at your friend’s house, you expect her to be insanely mad at you, but she doesn’t even speak a word about last night.
These are the things you will never get about us. We will always have some surprise or shock awaiting you. Better get used to it!!


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