10 Things We Do, Which could Hurt our Parents

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“The most beautiful thing in life is to see your parents smiling, and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile.”  Parents are the most precious gift from God to us. Why we are and who we are, is because of them. We cannot imagine what our lives would be like, without them! No one cares for us and loves us as much as they do! They have loved you even before you were born, from the time when you were just a cell. This kind of love is extremely pure, selfless and unconditional. They are ready to sacrifice anything, to make us happy. They try to make the ends meet, just to satisfy our needs. They teach us life’s skills, values and morals. We make them worry all the time! Yet, they relentlessly strive to make our lives better and more comfortable. When parents are by our side, we have nothing to worry about!

But many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we hurt them. As children, our innocent pranks may give them a lot of trouble. But that we do unintentionally and out of curiosity. Our pranks amuse them, in fact. As we grow older, and especially in teenage, a lot of clashes may arise between us and our parents. Our minds and bodies are subjected to many changes, which makes us very confused and indecisive. We will be put through mind boggling situations that may make us irritable. We tend to get annoyed at the smallest of things. Amidst all this, we vent it all out on our parents. It’s not their fault at all and yet, they end up getting yelled at. Ironically, they try to help us and it seems to us as if they are interfering with our lives. We should really go easy on them. Such things can really hurt them and leave a scar in our relationship with them.  We should make compromises and keep them happy. After all, let’s not forget that they have sacrificed a lot for us. They didn’t get annoyed with us when we were kids, so why must we be annoyed with them when we grow up?

This is some serious food for thought! We see so many parents being abused by their own kids. They complain that they don’t take care of them when they are old! It is a pathetic state of affairs! We ought to take good care of them and love them. Who else will? This article tells you ten things you do that could hurt your parents. Read up!

10. When we lie to them


To be honest, almost every one of us has lied to parents some time or another and continues to. They will be hurt if they discover that we have lied to them. It’s not that hard to spot a lie! It gives them a feeling that we don’t trust them enough, which is why we lie to them. It’s as if they have failed in their parenting. They want us to confide in them and share everything with them. It’s not too much to ask for! So, let’s not lie, alright?

9. When we talk back to them


This is not uncommon too. We just snap back at them when we cannot defend ourselves! It is very rude to answer back or to talk back. It’s as if we don’t care for their opinion at all! It shows that we don’t care enough for their feelings. We are too self-obsessed to take their words into account. Be polite with your parents. Inculcate this habit.

8. When we don’t do our best


It hurts for a parent to his/her child wasting his/her precious time, money and interest on frivolous things, rather than on the things that matter.  So many times, we get distracted and don’t perform our best, whether in acads or anything else. Reason could be anything : lack of interest, laziness, procrastination etc. It’s for our own good that they worry about our performance. We should give it our best, lest we should regret later on.

7. When we go astray


When we go astray, we bring a bad name to our parents. The society will blame our parents about our upbringing. This is not something that our parents deserve, after all the efforts they have put in for our betterment. Peer pressure may make us traverse the wrong path. But remember that parents are more important than any kind of compulsion to do wrong things!

6. When we go against them


There may be situations where our parents’ and our interests clash. We may want something and they want something diagonally opposite! Before going out there and doing what you want, give a thought about your parents. It may be a career choice or the choice of a spouse or anything else. Parents do not intend to come in or way and spoil our happiness. They are afraid that out of naivety we may make a wrong move. Convince them and try to sort out differences amicably.

5. When we blame them


It hurts parents when we blame them for our failure. We alone are responsible for our failure, not them! We cannot blame them for our shortcomings, after all their help and guidance. Just because things didn’t work out, they should not become our enemies! They help us with all their heart and in the end we blame them! We complain that they have not given us enough! But the fact is, they have given us much more than what they can, for which we should be grateful.

4. When we don’t spend enough time with them


We get so busy in our lives that we don’t have time for our parents. When was he last time you took them out to dinner? When was the last time you spoke to them for longer than an hour? Long enough that you cannot remember?

“We are so busy growing up that we forget that our parents are growing old” This phrase should give you the motivation to spend enough time with your parents!

3. When we don’t respect them

talk back

How can we not respect our own parents? How can we belittle them? How can we have complete disregard for their feelings? We mean the world to them and we don’t even respect them! So many times, our words and actions indicate that we don’t respect them! It is very bad when we let them down in front of other people. They feel ashamed. Of all the people, we should look up to them and respect them the most.

2. When we don’t care for them


What is the sole purpose of our parents’ life? It’s us. They invest all their time and money for us. Their pursuit is our happiness. How can we not be grateful to them? Nowadays we hear that many people send their parents to old age homes because they find it ‘hard’ to take care of their parents! Did your parents complain of such things while bringing you up? No! Then how can you? They feel so defeated when their own kids find them a burden! All they expect is for you to reciprocate he love and concern they showed you. It’s because of them that you are healthy and lead a decent life. Never forget what your parents did for you. Show them a lot of genuine care and love.

1. Physical abuse – the biggest culprit!


It is a sin to physically abuse your parents. Showing them you are physically stronger through violence, is barbaric! They brought you up with a lot of love and sensitivity and is this how you treat them? Do not vent your frustration and anger over your parents. Along with the physical bruises, their minds and hearts will be deeply wounded and they will feel very insecure that they cannot be safe with their own kids! Let’s stop all these things and change ourselves, to serve our parents. They are like God to us. They are divine.

“We will never know our parents’ love for us, until we become one”


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