10 Things Not to do When Drunk

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Getting drunk and sloshed out and coming up with the weirdest acts ever and next day listening to excerpts from the night and thinking, “Is that really me?” Sounds familiar? Well, you are at the right place. Getting drunk is a social responsibility now (just kidding). Every weekend we just HAVE to drink and lose our sanity. And that is when the night begins. Of course, it is fun. But next day, don’t you feel there were few things from the night you wish you could undo? Follow this list religiously and you’re never ever gonna have to say, “I wish”. Since I have been there, done that, I chalk out 10 don’ts after getting drunk from my own personal experiences. Have fun guys!

When you are drunk, you will not-

10. Drive

Health and safety are the top priorities any given day guys. Please adhere to it. I am sure you do not go drinking alone. You go in large groups with your friends or colleagues and in every group there has to be someone who does not drink or drinks responsibly. Remember, he/she has to be the driver for the night on the way back home. If that person cannot drive, take a cab and get back home. You are not going to touch that steering at any cost.

9. Attend Phone Call from Home

Guys, this has been the biggest mistake I have made. For those who have not yet experienced this danger zone, well and good. Do you guys even know what all you keep blabbering on when drunk? Imagine what’s going to happen when you utter that nonsense to your parents on phone. So never ever receive a phone call from home, ignore it. If it is that call you cannot miss, ask any of your friends to take it and tell your folks that you had a stomach upset and have been visiting the loo quite often. This little precaution will save you a lifetime of embarrassment.

8. Put on a Sad Song

As if your drunken self was not enough, you now start playing a sad sing from your playlist. It’s a big no-no! You are out with your friends, guys. Get drunk, click pictures, have fun. Putting on a sad song and letting your mood in sync with it is just not done. Trust me, you will be the subject of your friends’ jokes and taunts all your life.

7. Call up your Ex

This probably should feature at the top of every “What not to do when drunk” list. We can never really get out of a break up. We might get hitched to someone in future, but the series of past break ups never cease to haunt us. And drinking and intoxication just makes it worse. Getting drunk is like falling in a trap. The more you get drunk, the more logical sense you lose. So make sure when you are getting drunk, you leave your phone in custody of a trust worthy friend so that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself.

6. Make Promises

No matter when you are getting drunk, it’s always a Friendship day saga that follows. When you are high on alcohol, everybody around seems to be a friend. You openly declare your friendship and profess love to your friends and even the not-friends! But, make sure you do not make promises when you are drunk. Because those promises are anyway meant to be broken. “Guys, the treat is mine”, “Guys, I promise I will propose that girl/guy” always ends you up in danger.

5. Get Into a Fight

What is it with people who think they possess super powers after the first few shots? They get into a fight with anybody who they find irritating and the result, err, you all know. I am particularly in awe of people who get into fights with the boxers, probably double or triple their size. Guys, NO! You never know what the other person is capable of. He might have some weapon, or he might have super powers in real, not like the imaginary ones you develop after getting drunk, or he might even belong to some mighty family. So, have a control on your temper the next time you are drunk. Yes, I understand you want to smash that guy’s head after few shots, but alas! Have patience. Karma will do its own work.

4. Upload Pictures to Social Media Straightaway

Now this is a mistake almost all of us do. Uploading pictures of your party night is not wrong, I am not being conservative. But we all realize that there are many pictures which might be visually disturbing. We cannot let them on display for the world to see. So it is advised to upload pictures on social media only when the hangover is cured and you are perfectly sane. Anything else can be a threat to your privacy and also of all those who are present in those pictures with you.

3. Share Personal Information

It is okay to have friends and share secrets with them. But there are few facts which are very confidential and we do not want anybody to know them. When drunk, we become so generous and bitchy, that we at ties do not even spare ourselves from the wrath. So when you are drunk, make sure you are surrounded by very trustworthy people. If not, keep your mouth shut.

2. Take Anything from a Stranger

Nothing becomes before our safety and security. Drunk or not, always keep this in mind not to accept anything from a stranger anywhere. Yes, we know our friendliness reaches sky high limits when we are drunk. But please guys, keep your friendliness limited to your circle of friends. Don’t take pills or any other edible item from a stranger. Trust me, you are going to regret that all your life. Drink healthy, drink safe!

1. Go on Date with Random Strangers

Another guideline which should top the list and got the position it deserves. Dating is cool, hooking up, getting hitched- I get all of it. And dating is good for health, too. But not when you are drunk and you do not know the person at all. Anything bad might happen. Please take necessary precautions. Best, if you do not go out at all!


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