10 Things Rich People do Differently that makes them Successful

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Being rich and being successful are NOT synonymous. The paths to moneymaking are diverse; there is no one common solution for everybody to take. Yes, it requires commitment, hard-work and dedication, but it also requires a certain amount of (dare I say luck?) “being in the right place at the right time”.

There is no one exclusive, singular protocol to follow to generate moneybags. if that were the case, wouldn’t google have yielded us the answer with all of us earning in heaps? What is success? Does it pertain exclusively to making the money you desire to earn or does it have to do more with overall satisfaction?

The feeling of security from paying off your debt or seeing your family thrive in a safe, happy environment with a use of the best resources possible? There’s no denying from an emotional and a materialistic point of view that having a decent salary will keep you at least reasonably secure and keep your financial problems at bay.

We skim through Forbes and Businessinsider and see several thought evoking, inspirational quotes by men and women that make made it big through their own merit (and not hefty insurance). What makes them tick? Here’s a little guesswork that pulls together the rich and what makes them successful:

#10: They’ve mastered goal-orientation

It’s not like they don’t have other priorities to tend to. They may have families to take care of, children to spend time with, parents to visit occasionally, friends to see, exercise to do but that doesn’t deter or blur their focus from their priority. Their priority is climbing the ladder at their workforce and they will sacrifice any amount of their comfort to get there.

It wasn’t easy for them. They put their blood, sweat and tears into devoting their time and effort to master goal-orientation. They quite possibly even failed a few times if they appear to have “mastered” it.

The hard-workers know what it’s like to emerge victorious in the end and have all the nights slogging pay off. There’s no discouraging them.

#9: They’ve maintained social contacts successfully¬†

If they’ve gotten to the position and stature they are at, it’s very likely they’re smooth talkers as well. If they’re inspirational, charismatic and have the gift of the gab, you can be sure they can ease their way into success by taking the shortcut route of charm.

Even though they’re goal-oriented, they don’t forget that for the whole package, there needs to be a reasonable amount of networking skills asserted into it.

They understand that an evening of wine with old friends or smoking an occasional cigarette with their work colleagues go a long way in proving themselves as being thought of as reliable, trustworthy people. What do they earn in return? A whole lot of moral support.

#8: Time-management is second skin to them

They have calculative minds literally always working on a routined, disciplined schedule. They may have a dozen things to do everyday but they don’t falter.

They think like winners and end up categorizing every event of every day in order of importance. It’s very likely they’re also incessant planners naturally and have a calendar full of scribbles on them.

If you fit into their rigid schedules, feel fortunate. That being said:

#7: They’re not afraid to bend the rules once in a while

Because what’s the purpose of living if you don’t take a risk every once in a while? Risks in stock markets have been known to result in fortunate and pleasant surprises. Risks in business partnerships too.

Of course, it could always turn around the other way but their intuition is usually spot on because they’ve been at the game so long. They might be planners by nature but they have an adventurous streak to them; which is what sets them apart from hard-workers. They’re bold.

#6: They’re multi-dimensional

When has a successful businessman ever only had his finger in one pie? No, he has his finger in several.

Go through successful people’s resumes, and you’ll be shocked at the diversity and variation of activities they’ve participated in. They’ve done it all, from pie-eating contests to run track for high school, to being the lead star in Othello and working as a curator part-time in a museum.

They don’t limit themselves to one activity. They know variation is key in this competitive world.

#5: They live by setting trends, not following them

Which is why many of them are eccentric. Like them, hate them, you can’t ignore them. They simply refuse to be one of the crowd, they are the leaders.

The spotlight is on them for the very reason that from the beginning, they’ve experimented and done what’s comfortable and convenient to them, and not what people expect from them.

#4: They are humble

However rich a man or woman may be, they aren’t seen as truly successful in other people’s eyes until they’ve had their fair share of helping other people grapple with their problems.

If they started out simple and modest, they’re going to (even at the high position they’ve acquired today) realize that it’s not in everybody’s fortune to be where they are. They don’t look back on their past with contempt or regret. They started out small and they appreciate what they are given within limits.

Therefore, they don’t hesitate to help others in their time of need.

#3: They don’t break promises

They certainly don’t break promises to themselves. They don’t procrastinate. They also don’t throw around empty words without fulfilling them to their best potential.

They know it takes a lifetime to build trust and only a moment to break it so they won’t risk not keeping their word. They are people of action, not diplomacy and words that floor people.

#2: They are reflective

They look to their future with positivity by evaluating their past. Where had they gone wrong? What could they do to make it better? What would be their plan of action to assert that improvement?

They are constantly analyzing, and recognize that they are not perfect. They are self-critical, which helps them correct their flaws to make themselves better people every single day.

#1: They recognize failure as being an essential component in their journeys to success

They have learned with several ups and downs that failure isn’t pulling them down, it’s giving them a reality check every now and then. They are proud of gracefully emerging from their times of difficulty, with optimism and resilience.

They understand that failure only makes success sweeter.


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