10 Things for which we should be Thankful to God

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God, The Almighty, The Supreme power on this earth holds the control of each and everything. Starting from the micro bacteria to the giant whale, existence of each living being on the earth is by the grace of God. There are countless number of things for which we should be thankful to God; in fact nothing happens against the wish of God. Though we cannot see him, but his presence is always felt in one or the other situation, especially, when we doubt his existence. There are certain instances the world has come across where atheists, those who do not believe in God, also developed faith in him. We always seek shelter in God’s lap during our hard times, when we are extremely distressed, or when something bad happens to us, that is to say, when we are left with no other option we go to him. But most of the times we forget to thank him at the time of our happiness, when we achieve something or when we are in ecstasy. It is to say that we should thank him for every asset of our life. The most important gifts we got from him are as follows, for which we mostly ignore to thank him.
10. Salvation and Forgiveness


One of the greatest acts of God’s love is to forgive. We commit so many mistakes, even blunders in our lives for which the law of mortals may even announce a death penalty, but a single act of realization and repentance, would free the person from his wrath. Also, God saves us from every evil spirit that may harm us. The most popular proof for his deed of salvation is the birth of Jesus Christ. The whole mankind was condemned to hell after the fall of Adam and Jesus took birth on this earth, He Himself experienced so much pain, just to save humans from hell, for which every human must be thankful to him.
9. God’s Guidance at every step of life


It is truly said that God is present everywhere because He resides in every person’s soul. He is always with us to guide us at every step of life. Humans are born with flaws and have the tendency to commit mistakes, and it is God who in one way or the other tells us what is right or not. Whenever we are about to do something wrong, our conscience restricts us from doing so. Thus, we should be thankful to God for being with us and guiding us.
8. Trials to Test us


Life tests before it teaches is a very popular saying which comes out to be true always. God has planned for us each and every happening of our lives and to test our strength, patience and our belief in him, He poses challenges in our lives. By these trials, we not only learn important lessons of life, but also gain experience. And this experience helps in gaining wisdom. In the hard phases of life we sometimes begin to curse it but we should feel blessed for going through trials as they are meant for polishing us.
7. Education


Education marks a very important aspect in a person’s life. Teachings of life we get involuntarily but to live in the world of mortals we also need to learn worldly lessons. There are so many people who do not get this opportunity of going schools and colleges and getting educated. Those who are blessed with this asset, they sometimes do not value it. It is our duty to thank God for what all He has given to us.
6. Being with companion


Nobody in this world likes to live alone. Companions are always needed at every step of life. Siblings and friends share an important space in our lives. They are the one with whom we can freely share our feelings. Friends are the boon of God, without them there are no colours in this world. As we proceed in life, we need a life partner who can be with us till the last breath. Thus, being in someone’s company affects our lives to a very great extent for which we ought to thank God.
5. A Healthy Body


‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ is a very popular saying. A diseased-free body is truly a blessing of God. In today’s modern world, when people are infected with one or the other disease, being healthy becomes a very big thing. Life taking diseases like cancer, AIDS etc have become so common these days that there is always a threat to come in contact with them. In that case, if a person is out of the reach of such diseases, he/she should be grateful to God. This is to say that, whatever happens, it does, with the wish of God. He is the one who decides our destiny and the path we are to follow.
4. Roof over the Head


Life becomes meaningless if one cannot afford the basic needs of life. A person should be thankful to God if he has a place to call his/her own. We see a number of people spending their lives at footpaths of roads where there is always a risk of losing life by vehicles moving on roads. Living in one’s own house gives a feeling of security as well and through which happiness finds its way to reach us. But, people born with this blessing given to them as a gift by God tend to take it as granted, and meanwhile they forget to thank him for this. It is to say that we should not leave a single chance of thanking him for his blessings.
3. Food to Eat


Food is as essential to life as fuel in a car. Without it we cannot further proceed in life just as the car stops as the fuel gets over. It is the most essential basic need in life which also we get by the grace of God. People who have their kitchens full of different food items sometimes ignore the fact that it is given by God, and they do not hesitate to waste it. But, they must once go and have a look over those who die of starvation, who have to struggle day and night just to earn two meals a day. Seeing their hard situation we realize, how precious is this gift of God and we should value it and also be grateful to him for fulfilling this need in life.
2. Parents


Parents are the biggest asset of one’s life. It is them, who become a medium to bring us on this earth. Parents are the one whom we first see in our lives and get inspired. They are our first teachers who teach us how to sit, walk, speak and play. They never leave our hand, no matter how difficult the situation is. Even at times, when the whole world is against us, they understand us and motivate us to move forward and face the situation with their support. They are like Gods on the earth, whom we can see and talk to. Parents are a blessing of God, the exalted, but their presence is often taken for granted but every person must realise their importance and thank God for blessing us with them.
1. The Gift called Life


Life is the most important gift of God. Wonder! If we wouldn’t have got this life, we would have not been able to see this wonderful world, nature’s beauty and other creations of God. It is said that the soul has to go through various stages for purgation and experiencing this phase of life is one of the steps in this process. Therefore, getting this very gift of life from God becomes a point of a great thankfulness to him.


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